The Steve McGarrett Story – No #4 (Epi 1:04)

We continue our story from here

We meet the two most important women in Steve’s life in one day. First Mary McGarrett in the airport holding room, being there for committing the federal offence of smoking on a  plane. She is Steve’s younger sister, who missed their dad’s funeral.

Just an observation from me: Although I can’t even imagine not seeing my siblings for more than a few months, much less 18 years – I would imagine we might at least hug, but most probably kiss when we greet for the first time. I know he was a bit cross with Mary, but what is up with Steve and Mary not even touching each other after more than 18 years?

Steve and Mary greet

It looks like Mary is the loose cannon in the family. The two of them last saw each other at their mother’s funeral more than 18 years ago in 1992. What a terrible way for a family to have lived for so many years.

Mary: I mean we were invisible to that man. I would have taken anything from him, even disappointment. Because at least  it would have been something.

Steve: Listen, Mary. I know this is very hard for you to accept, okay. But Dad loved us. He just didn’t know how to show it, I guess.

Mary & Steve

(Sorry, but if he was my brother and looked at me that way, I might just forget we are related! 😛 )

While in pursuit of a killer, the team needs some outside help to track his vehicle. Steve calls a friend in the Navy  – Cath. Steve and Cath know each other well. They have been lovers for a number of years already.


Steve reveals some more of his abilities when they need to chase the suspect to one of the other islands. They borrow a helicopter and he flies himself and Chin to Molokai, in pursuit of the killer and some hostages.

McG 14

After saving the victims from the killer, these words from the woman whose life he saved, seems to affect Steve: “Everybody deserves a little forgiveness.”

Steve realises that he needs to give his sister some leeway and forgiveness. She needs to work through the devastation of the loss of the man, who out of fear, abandoned them as children. She is the product of the sad years since they lost their mother. Steve at least found a family and structure in the military, whereas she grew up alone with their father’s sister, aunt Deb.

Steve & Mary

And that was Steve’s Story for:

Hawaii Five-0: Episode 1:04

Lanakila (Victory)

Written by: Peter M. Lenkov & Alex Kurtzman & Roberto Orci

Director: Alex Zakrzewski

(11 October 2011)

To be continued here.



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10 responses to “The Steve McGarrett Story – No #4 (Epi 1:04)

  1. vanduyn

    So glad to know I’m not the only one that thought the way he looked at Mary when she was fixing his shirt was less than brotherly. I guess it’s just Alex, he can’t help but exude SEX at all times 😛


  2. Love this series not a cat fan but keep this going we need more about steve and his family


  3. Great pics. I love that they are explaining things about Steve’s life but can’t wait to find out why Doris is so protective of Wo Fat!


  4. gracenotpark

    Such a cool series of posts! Stuff has changed or been added since S1 and your bringing it all together is just terrific. 🙂


  5. Poor Mary she was probably aching for a cuddle from her big bro, He’s just like his Dad and doesn’t know how to show love either, probably because he hasn’t had an example of how too. Maybe that’s why he said that to Mary, so she would get he meant himself as well as their old man.


  6. This is so amazing… I’ve got no words! Terrific job!
    And 96 Steve McGarrett storys later we’ve reached #100? WOW.
    You take a look at the smaller details, small – but so important! Like looks, faces, touches… Steves background, where he is coming from… So so good!
    I can’t even think about what a lot of work it is to not only recap but take a deeper look inside Steve through the episodes. Chapeau!


  7. I am enjoying these posts SO much/ Thank You


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