#AlexOLoughlin and Jason Dohring Interview for ‘Moonlight’ – 2008

I have to think that they’ll pick us up,

otherwise I’ll just give up.”

– Alex

Alex at Comic Con

When devoted fans get a chance to interview two vampires, be sure to bring earplugs. Moonlight hasn’t been renewed for a second season yet, but stars Alex O’Loughlin and Jason Dohring got a thunderous welcome at New York Comic Con.

After a Q&A with the rowdy crowd, they talked to AOL TV about the show’s future, a bloody fan campaign and vampire therapy.

24 April 2008

by Kelly Woo

Alex & Jason - NY Comic Con

1. Has it been difficult to wait for word on the show’s renewal?

Alex: It’s really hard, but that’s my life, you know? You may or may not get fired. You kind of get used to it. I think that they will [renew]. I have to think that they’ll pick us up, otherwise I’ll just give up.

Jason: We were always on the bubble for [‘Veronica Mars’]. I’m a pro at being worried.

2. What’s your reaction to fans donating blood to save the show?

Alex: They came to me and [said], “We can make it happen if you can come on board.” I was like, “Hell yeah! Absolutely!” S

o we shot a couple of [PSAs] on set. I’m really excited and really honored to be a part of it.

Alex & a blood donor

Jason: I heard that 4,000 people already signed up for it. If I can man up, I’ll make it 4,001. Talk about a useful gift. It’s not like signing a poster — it’s like, “Here, you want some life?”

3. At NY Comic Con, a clip revealed Josef turns Mick back into a vampire. What happens?

Alex: Josef turns Mick back because Beth is in danger. As the result of that decision, he realizes that being a vampire isn’t so bad.

Jason: It’s a very emotional scene. We’ve hired a 30-piece orchestra to do the music. I was stirred up for an hour or two after I saw it and I’m not really that kind of person.


4. Was it weird to shoot such an intimate scene?

Alex: It was intense. You’ve got to get over weird, when you shoot a show like this. As an actor, you have to get over yourself … so you don’t judge the characters you play or the scenarios you find yourself in. I’m forever finding my mouth on men’s necks or wrists, and yes, it is bizarre, but I am used to it.

5. What else can we expect from the rest of the season?

Jason: In Episode 16, the vampires are all going to meet, from different walks of life — a vampire conference. We all get together and talk about how were going to deal with this and in what way each of us can deal with it through our position on the social spectrum.

6. Where is Mick and Beth’s relationship going?

Alex: They are ready to get it on. They’ve been dating long enough to get it on. It’s about time, I think.

Mick & Beth

7. When is Josef going to kick some butt?

Jason: Next episode. We go off and kick some a** together. It’s like ‘Butch Cassidy and Sundance Kid,’ where we break through doors. There are some stunts in this one that are just awesome. There’s this one thing that is ‘Matrix’-inspired where there are two wires up to the top where my character and another guy meet up and cross together and come down. It’s like really bada**.

8. Will we ever see Josef’sSleeping Beauty,’ Sarah, again?

Jason: In Episode 16, you’ll see a memorial being built for her and then there’s possibly more love interest stuff that comes out with Josef. And [he and Mick] share emotional troubles so I guess it’s like ‘Oprah’ but with ‘Moonlight’ Vampire therapy.

9. What would you like the show to explore in the second season?

Alex: I would really like to explore the blood lines and the royalty, the mythology of where [the vampires] actually come from. It’s really fascinating and we have a lot more of that coming.

10. There have been so many behind-the-scenes changes. Is the show finally on steady ground?

Alex: We changed show runners again, and we survived again. It’s a testament to the show and [to] how much of an entity unto itself it is. We’re knocking it out of the park. We’ve got full great scripts and a whole second season pitched, so it’s good.

11. What does the blood taste like? And do you ever just do a shot of it?

Alex: It tastes like a gauva and pomegranate. If you drink too much, you get a really bad stomachache and it makes you fart. A farty vampire. It’s an interesting set.




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11 responses to “#AlexOLoughlin and Jason Dohring Interview for ‘Moonlight’ – 2008

  1. I think season 2 would have been really interesting, pity it didn’t happen.
    but selfishly speaking, without Five-0 i wouldn’t have gotten to know Alex, so in balance….


    • There was actually enough time for 3 seasons of ML, before H50 started. Alex thought only a few seasons of it would work in any case. But that is all just sad water under the bridge.


  2. I wish we could have seen season 2. I The more I re-watch season 1 the more I love it and want answers. And I am really digging Josef now too. The 1st go around I don’t think I really got him. Oh well, not to be.

    Looking forward to season 5 of 50 but I think that Moonlight is the reason I get so disappointed in the writing for Steve because we know what Alex can do and the other actors as well and they just leave too much unanswered, I am hoping for resolution this season.


  3. http://www.smh.com.au/entertainment/movies/short-cuts-australian-film-news-20140723-zvxpt.html did you guys pick up this snippet that Alex might be in a film? Hope the filmmaker is not just name dropping lol!


    • Yes, thank you FS
      I did see people posting the news before.
      To be honest I am not holding my breath at all for anything special. Unless they will film only next year in hiatus or maybe already filmed it during the past hiatus, I do not see Alex doing something more than a small, short appearance in he movie. 😦


  4. karen

    He DID go on though, didn’t he? I still watch the episodes frequently. I will never tire of them.


  5. HEHEHE I love this interview, Never seen it before. ummm… “I’m forever finding my mouth on men’s necks or wrists, and yes, it is bizarre, but I am used to it.” Dam he needs to be doing that on Five-O 😉 and lol at the farty vampire, he doesnt hold back does he? 😀


    • veniascott

      yes I agree when i read that line when he said ” i’m forever finding my mouth on men necks wrists ” I was like , What!”, but it’s all in good fun


  6. Suzie

    In their wisdom(?), the network canceled the show just as the Twilight movie was about to explode in the theaters. Had Moonlight been renewed another season, the TV Vamps would have had skyrocketed. Stupid, stupid decision, especially since the show had just won The People’s Choice award! The network joins the Firefly hall of shame!


  7. veniascott

    I to was sad that the show never got pick up for another season . I would have love a second season of mick st. john. I love steve , but to this day, Mick is still my favorite character to play from alex. The cancellation of moonlight is one reason I don’t get into tv to much because good shows get cancelled and this one was a good one, with so much to grown on.


  8. veniascott

    Ok I will go on record and confress that josef bitting mick on the neck and turning him back into a vampire was sexy as hell. Yes I will omit it. I mean when josef put him on that table and drank from him, I fell to the floor with a thud! I have no shame saying that , thank you all.


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