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The Steve McGarrett Story – No #3 (Epi 1:03)

Our story from here, continues

Steve and his new-found family spend some leisure time together at a football game, but even that turns out to be a day at the office. They get involved with a gang shooting.

The whole team is there and they all meet Gracie for the first time before the shootout happens.

Meeting Gracie

Steve is in the car with Danny and he can hear the conversation between Danny and the attorney handling Rachel’s affairs. The attorney tells Danny that Rachel wants to revise his visitation rights, because she thinks it is to dangerous for Grace to be around Danny.

Rachel withdraws her case against Danny for visitation and he realises that Steve might have had something to do with the Governor persuading Rachel to withdraw. The Governor had some negotiation leverage with an approval Rachel’s new husband (Step-Stan) needed from the government for one of his projects.

Danno & Grace

Steve: Maybe you’re not as alone around here as you think, Danno.

After the team completed yet another succesful mission, they relax by watching some of Steve’s old football games. Steve of course being the quarterback, wearing a football jersey with the number 50 on it.

Danny: Just got one question, “What’s a quarterback doing with the number fifty (50)?”

Steve: No, it’s Five-O

Danny: Yeah.

Steve: No, it’s not Fifty, it’s Five-O. It’s what my dad used to call our family, because we weren’t native Hawaiians. So he nicknamed us Five-O’s, after of the 50th state in the union. I don’t know. it was his way of making us feel like we belong someplace. I guess

Kono: Hmmm, I like that. FIVE-O.


And so Five-0 was born ……..

– Hawaii Five-0: Episode 1:03 –

Malama Ka ʻAina (Respect the Land)

Written by: Carol Barbee & Kyle Harimoto

Director: Paul Edwards

(4 October 2010)

To be continued here



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