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SYTYCD – #AlexOLoughlin’s guilty pleasure

“So You Think You Can Dance”…….I love it so much, I love it so much. I can’t ….. I dream about it.

Listen I don’t care if the world knows, this is the thing. I DVR it, if I don’t get to watch it within 72 hours of the DVR’ing, I get extremely grumpy. I get short with the kids, I get short with people at work.

I have to watch it and I get very emotional when it’s on, when my people gets cut I sometimes get a little,….. I get a little upset. I have been known to get a bit misty.

– Alex O’Loughlin (answering fan questions in 2013)

I vote for more solo numbers of Alex dancing. They are the winners!

Keep on dancing Alex, you´ve got the moves 😀


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#AlexOLoughlin with Franck Ragaine from TéléStar – January 2014

This interview was recorded in November 2013, at the press day in LA


Franck: Since the beginning of the season Kono and Adam are hiding. How does it affect the relation between the whole team?

Alex: I think the team, it’s interesting,  it’s just sort of been the boys, you know. It’s been Chin and Steve and Danny, and Kono we’ve been checking in with constantly. She’s actually about to come back. But I don’t know, it’s sort of,  it’s been weird not having Kono around, but it’s felt like she’s there anyway.

It sort of just works anyway. The structure of the team works. We have been checking in with her on video calls and stuff. I don’t know. I guess a little bit, maybe it’s a bit of a boys club at the moment but it hasn’t felt that fractured

Franck: So Steve’s mom keep tricking him. How much compassion should and will he have with her?

Alex: This is an interesting question because. I don’t know what they have planned. I haven’t seen any scripts that reflect it, but when they do write something, I am gonna have a part to do with it, because this is an extremely painful topic for this man, or for anyone.

You can’t write something that dramatic, like a woman who faked her own death for 20 years and then coming back and then leave again. You can’t write it haphazardly. You have to be very careful when you write that because….. I know it is like a cop show and stuff, but if we are talking about things that would affect a human on an emotional level, it could potentially kind of destroy someone’s trust with women forever.

So it’s a tough one. It is something that is just pushed down for now.

Franck: You just shot a Pearl Harbor episode?

Alex: Yeah, it is a beautiful episode.

Alex, Michelle and guest actor & director of Epi 410, Larry Teng

Franck: How important was it to pay homage to Hawaii? Because that is where you guys are shooting.

Alex: It is incredibly important. When you see the episode, it’s not just about Hawaii, in fact more so about the Japanese population of Hawaii. And it’s about the Japanese people and the families who were in Hawaii in the 40’s.

What happened to them after the segregation that went up with the camps and what happened. All the stuff that I didn’t know about. I didn’t know there was internment camps in Hawaii. I didn’t know so ignorant about the way it went down. It is an important episode. It airs on December the 6th, on the eve of the anniversary of Pearl Harbor.

And there is a really nice twist with the McGarrett family and the case that actually goes down. And then we had some incredible actors. I might actually watch that one.

Franck: You do not watch them all?


Alex: No I don’t watch them all. It’s not beneficial for me to watch myself.

Franck: So talking about actors, there is a lot of quest stars this year, Melanie Griffith is part of them?

Alex: Melanie Griffith

Franck: Jorge Garcia, is that how you pronounce it?

Alex: Yeah, and Carol Burnett.

Franck: And Carol Burnett as your aunt, that is something?!


Alex: And Nick Jonas. Yeh, Carol Burnett, that was, oh man I mean. It was kind of like a dream for me. She’s a generation ahead I didn’t grow up with her show, but of course I seen it. I’ve seen so much of her work over the years.

Working with an icon like that is …. It really makes you sort of feel so humble. It brings you back to your own size. I had to do one scene with her, that was an emotional scene for McGarrett, and it’s funny. She’s like, when you have to do a scene that is emotional and heavy, a lot of it’s about the actor you are working with, whether or not you can trust them.

I was 100% save and 100% of the time with her. So I think that scene is going to be good. But she is incredible, man.

Franck: Talking about actors. How well do you get along with you fellow actors from Australia, Simon Baker Hugh Jackman? You guys have some relation together?  Are you like a bond?


Alex: For sure, it is a small community, so a lot of us know each other. I actually don’t know Hugh. I’d love to get to know Hugh. I know Simon, I know a lot of the other guys. A lot of us worked together back in Australia too.

There is not that much happening over there. It is not like here. It’s great and the community from when I first came out here in ’97, the community is so much broader. So many more Australians here now. It’s nice, a lot of expats

Franck: You have a son. How is it to raise him in Hawaii? He was born just a year ago?

Alex: Yeah, my youngest son, he’s the best. He was a year old last week. He’s great. He loves it, he’s got no worries. He is just up and around walking and doing what one year olds do. Trying to touch all the dangerous stuff. Trying to break things. Trying to ride the dog. He’s having a good time.


Franck: Last question. How do you wish to see, not right now, but when the show end – What you wish is for Steve, for the last episode for Steve, to go, to be, to do?

Alex: Wow, I never thought. I hope that that’s a long time away, but ……. oh man.


Franck: Like something peaceful or something dramatic? Knowing the character?

Alex: No, I think that it would have to be that he find some sort of peace, with everything – his dad, his mom, with everything the way it’s all gone down. He’s had a lot of loss that guy. He’s lost a lot of family, so I think it have to be him coming to a place of resolution and peace, a place where he can live forever, calm.

You can watch the video here


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Paradise found – #AlexOLoughlin finds peace in his off-screen role (2012)

“Five-0” star Alex O’Loughlin finds peace in his off-screen role as a handyman and dad

By Mike Gordon | Honolulu Star-Advertiser

23 September 2012

The most striking thing about actor Alex O’Loughlin, as he drops into a plush chair on the set of “Hawaii Five-0,” is the serenity on his face. He is healthy and happy. A whole man.

O’Loughlin, the star of “Five-0,” has been hard at work since July on the third season of the popular CBS television drama, which debuts tonight with a special Sunset on the Beach screening in Waikiki and Monday for the rest of the country. But the real work took place long before the cameras started rolling on the new season.

In March an aura of calm seemed a distant, unlikely prospect after O’Loughlin required a hiatus from the show so he could receive help getting off the prescription pain medication prescribed for a nagging shoulder injury.

The actor says that leaving, even briefly, was difficult because he loves “Five-0″ and is lucky to be a part of it.

The experience changed the 36-year-old Australian, who delighted fans in August with news that he and his girlfriend, model/surfer Malia Jones, are expecting a baby. It’s the second child for both, who have offspring from previous relationships.

O’Loughlin’s smile is broad and his laughter a rolling acknowledgement when he notes his “new status.”

“It’s a wonderful stage,” he says. “I’m having the best time of my life.”

That much is obvious.


During a conversation in the make-believe office of his character, Navy SEAL-turned-lawman Steve McGarrett, the actor talked about new plot twists in the show, an “epiphany” regarding his role as a key member of the “Five-0″ cast, and the joys of raising a family in Hawaii.

Question: How much input do you have when it comes to the story arc of “Five-0″?

Alex: I’m less involved in the creative side of things as far as story line and stuff like that. I pitch things to (executive producer) Peter (Lenkov) for week-to-week stuff … but really I kind of leave it up to those guys.

If something that I am passionate about comes up, I give it to them, but I am certainly not going to take credit for any sort of big story points. From week to week I get the scripts, and I am as surprised as you guys are when you see the show.

It’s terrific when the new script comes out. I am always eager to read it and see what’s happening and see what sort of new information is going to come up and what I am going to get to play with.

Question: That story line left everyone surprised at the end of the Season 2 finale.

Alex: Yeah. His mother has shown up again, and for the last 20 years he’s thought she was dead. Not only that, but essentially the brutal killing of his father was directly related to his mother faking her own death, because his father was in active pursuit after all those years, constantly, for her killers. The whole family has been looking for answers. …

It’s just a whole other level of confusion and mistrust and questions. And also regret and resentment toward his mom. I think he definitely has mixed feelings toward her.

Question: Well, he was certainly surprised in the final moments of Season 2.


Alex: Absolutely. And how do you process that information? Of course in the first episode we explain what happened to her and why she did what she did. And of course it was well-intentioned, but it’s still family.

Family is such a tricky thing for all of us. I don’t know one person who doesn’t have some sort of something with their parents or siblings or something.

You can chose your friends but you can’t chose your family … and as the story progresses, what becomes really clear quite quickly is Steve’s mistrust of his mother, and that’s a really difficult place to be, to not trust the one you should trust more than anyone.

Question: When “Hawaii Five-0″ first started shooting episodes in 2010, you said it was a stunt-filled, physical show that made a lot of demands on your body.

In Season 2, that took a toll on your shoulder and prompted a brief hiatus for you. Are you approaching the demands of your role any differently this season in order to remain healthy?

Alex: Everyone knows how rough it got for me. Look, that stuff happens to professional athletes all the time. I’m not claiming to be a professional athlete, but I am very athletic and I do a lot of physical stuff, a lot of stunts.

I came back into Season 3, and I realized that … I am having a baby and I have my 15-year-old at home as well who lives with me and I have a lot of responsibilities.

But more than that, I have a responsibility to myself, and that’s something that I think I neglected a little bit. Not in a careless way, but this is the first show that I have had that has succeeded. I think I felt like it was really on my shoulders, and I had some sort of Superman complex — I’m going to be all right; you can’t hurt me. But you can. I’m just like everyone else. Bang me around enough, eventually something’s going to break.

It’s actually really peaceful in my life now with this epiphany that I’ve had. And I still get into it and do some action stuff. I love all that stuff, but I don’t take the risks I was taking before. And it is not just so I don’t get hurt; it’s honestly because I don’t want to.

Question: How important is your fitness routine to your health?

Alex: I do all sorts of training. … I bike. I run. But I go through phases where I use weights more. Lately, for the last six months, my primary focus has been jiujitsu. It seems to be a terrific sort of all-arounder for me.

I do other bits and pieces here and there, but I do that about two or three times a week. It’s great for tendon strength, which is one of my big problems: the tendinitis in the shoulder and stuff like that.

But it’s like you were saying: I’m not 25, I’m 36, but I’m going to be 50, God willing, at some stage, and I want to still be in the game. I want to be active with my kids.

I’m an active guy. I can’t just sit around. (Exercise is) a real important part of the balance in my life. I don’t want to get to a stage at a young age — and I consider 50 a young age — where I can’t do what I want to do. I’m playing it smart.

Question: At a panel discussion in February 2011, you told the audience that Hawaii had become your home, that your heart was here now and that you wanted to raise your family in the islands. It would seem to be as good as it gets right now.

Alex: Family is my first priority. I hate to tell the producers of this show that, but that’s my first priority. … The show is my second priority. The show is extremely important, and you see how much I put into the show, so you can only imagine how much I put into my family. Every spare minute I get, I am at home. I’m with the kids, I am with Malia.

I’ve lived a lot of life, I think, for my age, and I’ve done a lot of the stuff that I’ve wanted to do, and there is plenty more for me that I am going to do. But at this stage the contentment that I get from just hanging out with the kids and at home, and my house is so beautiful. I bought this fixer-upper that was built in ’52 and things are forever falling apart and not working. I forever have little things to do. I work on it myself and get help working on it as well. I can do some things. That’s the stuff that I really get off on. I love it more than anything.

So I don’t feel like I am missing out on not going to clubs. That stuff went away for me a long time ago. But sometimes, like any parent will tell you, you can get fed up, and I wish, ‘Geez, I just wish I had a second to myself to just be selfish.’

But the great thing about parenting is you don’t have to think about yourself anymore because you are so busy thinking about some small people.

Question: Children grow up too fast, though, and then you have an empty nest.

Alex: I think I have a really fantastic balance being the lead of a big show and being a family man. I balance it really, really well. But is there more that I would like to do on the family side? Of course there is. But it’s funny about what you’re saying.

Sometimes I look around the house and say, ‘Geez, who has drawn on the wall? Why can’t you guys put your toys away? What is happening here? Who spilled something on the couch and didn’t tell anyone?’ But then I picture myself in 20 years’ time and the kids are all gone and there are no toys and it’s quiet and I’m like, I don’t know, man, that’s what gets me through the mania of those moments.

Question: Is it true you pushed hard over the summer for a third Sunset on the Beach premiere?

Alex: Yes, it’s true. I don’t want to take credit for Sunset on the Beach, and I don’t know if anyone was listening to me pushing. But when I heard they were not sure, I was disconcerted but also concerned and a little annoyed. And they may have been planning to do it all along. I’m sure they probably were.

But it is so important, man. It’s so important for the people of Hawaii. It is not about me walking down a red carpet and cameras. It’s about people who want to come and rejoice in a show that has come back and is doing really well for the islands.

It’s about the people; it’s not about us. That’s why I pushed for that.

Magazine scan


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#AlexOLoughlin doing a Live Chat for CBS and Three Rivers – 1 October 2009

Alex at Live Chat Oct 2009

11:57 Alex O’Loughlin: Hi gang

11:57 Alex O’Loughlin: this is fun isn’t it?

11:59 Alex O’Loughlin: This might get a little crazy so let me just say in advance thank you all very much for hanging with me today.

11:59 [Comment From Pam] Do you have any specific story ideas you would like to see written for “Three Rivers?

12:00 Alex O’Loughlin: I’m working on a couple at the moment. All which inspired by true stories

12:00 [Comment From Hilary Elizabeth] alexxxxxx i love youuuuu

12:00 Alex O’Loughlin: thank you Hilary

12:00 [Comment From Jamie] With the shakeup of episodes are you nervous that CBS is sabotaging this show like they did with Moonlight?

12:00 Alex O’Loughlin: No CBS cares deeply for this show..
12:00 Alex O’Loughlin: well….they better

12:00 [Comment From Chelsea] What inspired you to be an actor?

12:01 Alex O’Loughlin: Chelsea the persistence of human spirit

12:01 [Comment From Bianca33] If you were not an actor, what would you like to do?

12:01 Alex O’Loughlin: Bianca – I don’t know what I’d do

12:02 [Comment From Guest] Would you ever consider becoming a US citizen, or do you see yourself living in Australia at some point in the future.

12:02 Alex O’Loughlin: I would absolutely consider becoming a US citizen. it would be an honor and I would also keep Australian citizenship

12:02 [Comment From Melly] how hard is it for you to do an American accent? You’re great at it.

12:03 Alex O’Loughlin: Melly – Not hard for some reason it comes naturally. That being said I have worked on it for over 10 years.

12:03 [Comment From Jane (Belgium)]  Did you meet a lot of real transplant patients going into this?

12:03 Alex O’Loughlin: Jane – Yes, it’s been inspirational.

12:04 [Comment From Marion (aka captainknuff)] Who is your inspiration? Any heroes? I was wondering if you could come to Austria for a visit?! =) You’re the greatest! Thank you for everything you do!!!

12:05 Alex O’Loughlin: Marion – You’re welcome! And Thank you for a lovely message. I have many inspirations. One of which being Dr. Gonzo Gonzalez-Stawinski. People who care about people inspire me.

The Dr's set

12:05 [Comment From Violett] Hello from Russia, Alex!

12:05 Alex O’Loughlin: Hello Russia

12:05 [Comment From Olivia] Have any of the transplant patients you’ve met really touched your heart?

12:06 Alex O’Loughlin: Olivia – Yes all of them of course. This is the most incredible topic matter and the closer I get to it the more I realize how important it is that we carry these stories as honestly as we possibly can.

12:06 Alex O’Loughlin: Hello Planet Earth

12:06 [Comment From Pam] Are you becoming more comfortable with your sex symbol image yet?

12:07 Alex O’Loughlin: Pam – No never

12:07 [Comment From Melinda] “Mary Bryant” was a great film. Do you like history, and do you have a favorite period or time?

12:09 Alex O’Loughlin: Melinda – Thank you very much. That mini series was an important step in my career and earned me an AFI nomination back home. I love history.

12:09 [Comment From Jamie] I can’t wait to see Three Rivers! Have you and the cast clicked well together?

12:10 Alex O’Loughlin: Jamie – Clicked famously. I love them all. They’re amazing!

12:10 [Comment From GinaUK] Hi Alex. How did you get interested in motorbikes? My dad got me into them! 🙂 Thanks Gina

Alex - 2009

12:11 Alex O’Loughlin: Gina – I loved them since I was a kid. For as long as I can remember I’ve always had a deep fascination with engines and a longing for danger.

12:10 [Comment From ladarkfemme] Spain loves you, you´re amazing!

12:11 Alex O’Loughlin: Hello Spain

12:11 [Comment From Allegrita] Alex, you’ve said before that you enjoy doing different roles. Would you consider yourself a “method” actor? You seem to immerse yourself in your character.

12:13 Alex O’Loughlin: Allegrita – I suppose you can consider the way I work or elements of the way I work and approach character as method. I absolutely throw myself into every role and try to live and breathe each character I play. I am also and have always been an inquiring mind.

12:12 [Comment From sarah] Hello Alex I woke up at 5am for this

12:13 Alex O’Loughlin: Sarah – Me too. Thanks for coming

12:13 [Comment From Kristy723] Hey Alex! Is the show going to address the problem of people not getting organs because of their insurance and or financial status?

12:14 Alex O’Loughlin: Kristy – Yes the show is going to address just about every question you can think of when it comes to organ donation. This is one of our most important issues we deal with.

12:14 [Comment From Olivia] You are a wonderful actor

12:14 Alex O’Loughlin: Thank you very much Olivia

12:14 [Comment From Brandy (Las Vegas)] I am a huge fan Alex and am really looking forward to Three Rivers. Tell us what being the Ambassador for Donate Life America involves. Was this an area of interest of yours before the taping of the show or had this developed as being a part of Three Rivers?

Acceptance speech - Donate Life Person of the Year 2010

12:16 Alex O’Loughlin: Brandy – It certainly developed more as a part of Three Rivers. I was always an organ donor, but to be honest I didn’t really know exactly what that meant. Now that I’ve learnt and become intimate with this cause it’s been with great pleasure that I have become a spokesperson, and now an official ambassador for Donate Life

12:17 [Comment From Melinda] We hear that you love practical jokes. Have you played any pranks on the 3R cast and crew?

12:17 Alex O’Loughlin: Melinda – Not really, I don’t have any time LOL! But they’ve got it coming.

12:17 [Comment From petralisa from germany] Hello Alex, what would you say people who are afraid to register as organ donors.

12:20 Alex O’Loughlin: Petralisa – Don’t be afraid. Never be afraid. You will not be treated any differently in any hospital or under any circumstance and will always be given every last chance of survival. It is only well and truly after brain death, signed off by at least 2 doctors that any action is taken for organ recovery. You have the chance to save up to 8 lives and enhance up to 50 lives.

How incredible is that??!! To find out more go to

Please don’t be afraid!

12:20 [Comment From Patty(Minnesota)] Alex, any upcoming guest actors that you are excited to work with in “Three Rivers”?

12:21 Alex O’Loughlin: Patty – They don’t tell me who is coming on but the guests we’ve already had, have all been awesome

12:21 [Comment From Jacky] I was wondering how you deal with those medical words? do you get them right away or do you need some practice sometimes lol

12:22 Alex O’Loughlin: Jacky – I need lots of practice. And I do lots of studying.

12:22 [Comment From Melly] a show like this, while very important, can get depressing. Are there any light-hearted episodes or moments to break up the tension?

12:23 Alex O’Loughlin: Melly – Absolutely. The way these people survive in a job like this is by finding the light hearted moments in between.

12:23 Alex O’Loughlin: Hi Isabellita Kiss

12:23 [Comment From Isabellita] wooo hoo!

12:23 [Comment From Diana] Alex what do you do in your Spare Time when you’re not working?

12:24 Alex O’Loughlin: Diana – I have no spare time LOL but I love music

12:24 [Comment From pinkie] Is it true that they have you singing on the show? Please let it be true!!

12:24 Alex O’Loughlin: Pinkie – I hope not.

12:24 [Comment From Olivia] Will Dr. Yablonski have any romances on the show?

12:25 Alex O’Loughlin: Olivia – I’m sure they will find someone for Andy.

12:25 [Comment From michele aka Candomom99] Are you planning on getting behind the camera and into the writing process at all?

12:25 Alex O’Loughlin: MicheleI’m not really a writer but I would love to get into direction at some stage.

12:25 [Comment From rijane] What’s the craziest fan experience you’ve had so far?

12:26 Alex O’Loughlin: Rijane – Probably getting naked photos with phone numbers and addresses.

12:26 [Comment From Lady D] Hi! Did you get to shadow the guy they’ve based your character on? I cannot recall his name, but he’s supposed to be quite a character.

12:27 Alex O’Loughlin: Lady D – Yes I did shadow Dr. Gonzo Gonzalez-Stawinski. He has become a dear friend and a source of great inspiration.

Alex & Dr Gonzo

12:27 [Comment From Uliana] You’re the best actor in the world! Russia says hello, Alex!!

12:28 Alex O’Loughlin: Uliana – That’s a great compliment. Thank you very much.

12:27 [Comment From Anju] Actually you have a huge fanbase all over the world…. So do you sometimes google for your own name or visit your fansites???

12:28 Alex O’Loughlin: AnjuI don’t google myself. It’s awful. I’m sure you understand.

12:29 [Comment From Maria from Holland] do you still keep in touch with your former Moonlight colleagues?

12:29 Alex O’Loughlin: Maria – On occasion. We are all very busy but they are great friends and I love them.

12:30 [Comment From Anna (Sweden)] ok, I just love your tattoos and was wondering do they have a meaning behind them?

12:31 Alex O’Loughlin: Hi Anna – thank you. They all have meaning…but we all need secrets.

12:31 [Comment From Lori] I know you are on MySpace. Are you on Twitter or Facebook at all?

12:32 Alex O’Loughlin: Lori – No. CBS has begged for both but I’m thinking about creating my own … it’s going to be called TWITFACE

12:32 [Comment From Andy (Denmark)] Your devilish good looks…good genes or hard work?

12:32 Alex O’Loughlin: Andy – It’s a bit of both I suppose

12:32 [Comment From Lucky] Did you enjoy throwing out the pitch at the ball game the other day?


12:33 Alex O’Loughlin: Lucky – Loved it so much! I will never forget it.

12:33 [Comment From Anju] From vampire to doctor… what you wanted to become when you were a child?

12:34 Alex O’Loughlin: Anju – I wanted to become a jet fighter pilot, but my 1st grade teacher told me I would never be able to because I have asthma. Always teach children to reach for the stars

12:34 [Comment From Sabine Atkins] Are you aware of the fan-based organ donation campaigns going on in your honor?

12:34 Alex O’Loughlin: Sabine – I heard rumors but would love to know more.

12:35 [Comment From Nadia] Hey Alex With such a busy life, do you ever have time to watch other TV shows?

12:35 Alex O’Loughlin: Nadia – Not much it is very unfortunate. But I never miss Family Guy

12:36 [Comment From Miriam A. Wellons] Is it possible that some of your old co-stars from Moonlight could be guests on Three Rivers; especially Sophia Miles. Great Chemistry you two had!

12:36 Alex O’Loughlin: Miriam – It’s entirely up to casting but not a bad idea.

12:36 [Comment From Patty(Minnesota)] Hey Alex, how about a guest spot on “Dexter”. You would be awesome!

12:36 Alex O’Loughlin: Patty – OMG I would love that

12:36 [Comment From rijane] What’s on your bookshelf? What stories speak to you?

12:37 Alex O’Loughlin: Rijane – Lots of stories inspire me especially stories about real people

12:38 [Comment From Lucky] If you could play any character from fiction or history, who would it be?

12:39 Alex O’Loughlin: Lucky – I don’t know yet. There are so many stories that inspire me. I would have to sit down and have a good long think about it.

12:38 [Comment From vera] loved your guest spot on Criminal Minds, you were awesome as Vincent!

12:39 Alex O’Loughlin: Thanks Vera

12:39 [Comment From Carla] The holidays are coming up, do you plan on spending them here (US) or going home to Australia?

12:39 Alex O’Loughlin: CarlaOz as we Aussies call home

12:39 [Comment From donna] do you think Moonlight would have done better on HBO or Showtime, maybe survived?

12:40 Alex O’Loughlin: Donna – I am currently sitting in the CBS offices at gunpoint so I can not answer that question and feel confident about my safety. hahaha

12:40 Alex O’Loughlin: What’s up Ireland!!!

12:40 [Comment From courtney] Where do you prefer? the US or Aus?

12:41 Alex O’Loughlin: Courtney – I love them both.
12:41 Alex O’Loughlin: PS. Home is where the heart is

12:41 [Comment From Angelina – San Francisco] Have you ever thought of starting your own line of clothing? My son loves everything that you wear!

12:41 Alex O’Loughlin: Angelina – That’s very sweet. I’ve never thought of that, but it’s not a bad idea.
12:41 Alex O’Loughlin: Angelina – Tell your son he’s a style master!!!

12:41 [Comment From FrenchGaelle] What is your favourite moment of a day?

12:42 Alex O’Loughlin: French – When the sun breaks the horizon and the air is still clean.

12:42 [Comment From MariaMoonlight] Does any lady have your heart at this time?

12:42 Alex O’Loughlin: MariaMoonlight – My mum

12:43 Alex O’Loughlin: Hi GemmaI’m typing like you

12:43 [Comment From MC2B] Alex what is your favorite movie of all time?

12:44 Alex O’Loughlin: MC2B – That is an unanswerable question. There are so many incredible films but some of the films in my top 10 are IN THE NAME OF THE FATHER, GODFATHER II, WITH NAIL & I, ON THE WATERFRONT.

12:44 [Comment From Miriam A. Wellons] Thanks for being so kind to your fan base and I really enjoy your sense of humor and the way you are so real. Hope you have continued success with Three Rivers.

12:44 Alex O’Loughlin: Thank you so much Miriam

12:44 [Comment From Kathi] How did you celebrate your birthday??

12:44 Alex O’Loughlin: Kathi – With people I love, good food, good music and plenty of relaxation.

12:45 [Comment From BaltimoreJaxs] boxers or briefs?

12:46 Alex O’Loughlin: JaxsNeither…Just Joking.

Briefs at the moment but it always changes.

12:46 [Comment From Hunnybee] Do you prefer doing comedy or drama more?

12:46 Alex O’Loughlin: Hunnybee – I’m an actor. I’ll do whatever I can.

12:46 [Comment From Courtney] I’m trying to get EVERYONE I know to watch the premiere!!!

12:47 Alex O’Loughlin: Thank you Courtney! Tell the world!

12:48 Alex O’Loughlin: MzwaspAfter a hard day, I stop and meditate which shakes the day off and then I shower and read. I usually don’t get too far into the book before I’m out.

12:48 [Comment From Sue] You talked about being sick in South America on Craig Ferguson’s show – are you completely recovered?

12:49 Alex O’Loughlin: Sue – I’m completely recovered. Thank you for asking.

12:49 [Comment From Eliana74] What do you think, is your most worst habit?

12:49 Alex O’Loughlin: Eliana74 – My most worst habit is cursing.

12:49 [Comment From silvy220] Hi Alex!! Good luck with TR!!

12:49 Alex O’Loughlin: Thanks Silvy!

12:49 [Comment From Vivian] we would all love to meet you, of course, but who would you like to meet someday?

12:51 Alex O’Loughlin: Vivian – Great question. Al Gore, Chris Cornell, Billy Connelly, and this one might be a little more difficult…Jimi Hendrix

12:50 [Comment From Ursi (Switzerland)] Thank you so much for having done this chat. It’s just incredible to be able to talk to you! You’re one incredibly decent person. And I love all your work. I also love your fascinating humour, it’s just so funny. I wish you all the very best for your career, but also for your private life. xoxo

12:51 Alex O’Loughlin: Ursi – Thank you so much. You’re very kind.

12:51 [Comment From Arualy] What’s the meaning of the golden signet ring you’re often wearing on your pinkie?

TCA - July 2007

12:52 Alex O’Loughlin: ArualyMy pinkie ring is my family crest. Aside the watches I wear it’s really my only piece of jewelry. It was a gift and holds great significance.

12:51 [Comment From KarenJ] Alex, you ROCK

12:52 Alex O’Loughlin: Karen J – Thank You

12:51 [Comment From Anne-Lise] I really hope a Norwegian network will air the show.!

12:52 Alex O’Loughlin: Anne-Lise – Me too

12:53 [Comment From Connie] You were amazing on CRIMINAL MINDS playing a serial killer. Which is more enjoyable for you as an actor? Good guy or villain?

12:53 Alex O’Loughlin: Connie – villains are easier for me to play for some reason.

12:53 [Comment From Jeanne] Hi Alex, what intrigued you about this show?

12:54 Alex O’Loughlin: Jeanne – It’s a show about real people in real situations and a show that deals with issues going on around us all right now that we should know more about, but we don’t. The characters are full and the writing is great.

12:54 [Comment From Barb A.] Beer or wine?

12:55 Alex O’Loughlin: Barb A – Beer

12:54 [Comment From lynnrxgal] Question for Alex: Do you have a memorable “Ah Ha” moment that you would like to share with us? You know, one of those times in life that you are smacked in the you-know-what and the proverbial light bulb goes off?

12:56 Alex O’Loughlin: lynnrxgal – I have a lot of those. The most recent was the first time I saw an open heart surgery. It opened up a lot of philosophical questions for me.

12:55 [Comment From Amanda] Good Luck on Three Rivers. I hope it lasts for several seasons!!!!

12:56 Alex O’Loughlin: Thanks Amanda!

12:56 [Comment From Deni] Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

12:56 Alex O’Loughlin: Deni – Alive I hope. LOL
12:57 Alex O’Loughlin: Deni…. and perhaps living in the Italian country side.

12:59 Alex O’Loughlin: Thanks everybody for coming online to chat with me today.
I’m so sorry that the time has run out but I have to go back to work. You guys are awesome and I’ve had loads of fun.
All my love,
Alex xox

 My Thoughts:

  • Once again I think it was a wonderful opportunity for fans from all over the world to interact with Alex.
  • It is still sad to me that Three Rivers did not get a proper chance to succeed….. 😦
  • Alex answered a few people, but I can’t find their questions. 😕
  • I edited the conversation to reflect only the questions and comments directly above the answers and responses they got from Alex. There were a few questions that he did not answer, mostly because he ran out of time – I did not include them here.
  • I did not include all the comments of everybody sending greeting from everywhere, or any of those that did not get an answer from Alex.
  • I also edited some spelling mistakes and typos, to make it easier for the fans who use translation to read and follow the post better.
  • We have studied picture of many events after this chat, but we can’t find any of Alex wearing the pinky ring anymore. The last public events we could find him wearing it, was the Whiteout Premiere, on 9 September 2009 and then at the Emmy gift Lounge on 19 September 2009)

Whiteout (Sept 2009)


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Hawaii Walk to Defeat ALS

Last week The ALS Association Golden West Chapter  announced that Alex joined the fight against ALS and  joined the #Walktodefeatals.


Alex is taking part in the Walk to defeat ALS on September 6th. One of the H50 crew members who take part in a number of charity walks, formed a team to represent the Hawaii Five-0 Ohana and support Alex. We are asking that you support Eric Uyeda *Pirate (@MrEricPiRaTe on twitter) who is walking with Alex and hoping to reach 50.00,00$.

On Twitter Eric Uyeda  said that when he’ll reach 1000$ of his target, he’ll take a pic of himself and Alex to celebrate! We are, of course,  hoping for lots more pics from the walk too 😀

Eric Twitter

To make a donation visit this page and click next to Eric´s name on “donate now”. You can choose the amount yourself and even do it anonymously. Please remember, that even smallest donations make a difference, with enough people helping out.

If you do not know what this disease is:
Often referred to as Lou Gehrig’s Disease, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) is a progressive, fatal neuromuscular disease that slowly robs the body of its ability to walk, speak, swallow and breathe. The life expectancy of an ALS patient averages 2 to 5 years from the time of diagnosis.

Get more details about the event by clicking on the pic below.



Some of you may know that Alex´s wife, Malia, lost her mother to this disease in 2011. How wonderful of Alex to show his support to her in this way. He is an awesome man, in more ways than one. Some of the Jones family also formed a team and you can even show your support by sponsoring them.

We have the link for donating on our sidebar too, for easier and faster access. Let us see what the Hawaii Five-0 and Alex fans can do to show support for this cause!

On twitter you can also use this #H50AlsWarriors tag to keep you up to date.


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