Pic for the day – Looks nothing like #AlexOLoughlin or Mick?

O’Loughlin is refreshingly irreverent about his new status as a heartthrob as well.

Despite those ubiquitous billboards, he is convinced he is safely hidden behind Mick St John.

“It doesn’t look like me!” he laughs.

“It doesn’t even look like Mick! Between the wind machine blowing my hair around and the retouching, it looks nothing like me.”

– Alex O’Loughlin, Watch Magazine, April 2008



Filed under Alex O´Loughlin, Beauty perfected, Mick wants to kiss you gently with his fangs.

11 responses to “Pic for the day – Looks nothing like #AlexOLoughlin or Mick?

  1. I think it looks just like Alex. Love it


  2. The best of Alex and Mick! Love it!


  3. This man is mesmerising!!


  4. MMMmmmick! I am under his spell. *SIGH *


  5. lindae5o

    That IS Alex and Mick. Nothing but beautiful !!!


  6. alexnymph

    I think this photo looks like Mick and Alex. I think the one he is referring to (in the quote) is the billboard photo–same one on ML’s DVD cover. They airbrushed everything in that photo, even his gorgeous jaw it seems. The gods must have been jealous.


  7. karen

    Thanks. Mick will always be the one!


  8. Mick St John-Angelic Alex Vampire/ like nothing before or since IMHO


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