S4- Steve in bits and pieces

A mixed selection of McFeast 🙂

Anyone wish S5 would start already?!


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11 responses to “S4- Steve in bits and pieces

  1. vanduyn

    God bless you woman!! These are so good! Beginning with my fav gif ever!!!! 😀


  2. alexnymph

    YES YES YES Please start, PLEASE!!!

    Love the nips & P-ces 🙂

    But 4-11 (last one) is so cute! Alex seems so much more relaxed this year (private life humming along nicely) that I can’t wait to see what he brings to Steve.


  3. Can’t wait for Season 5! ❤ ❤


  4. Sylvie

    I would want!!!
    Nice post, love the last 2 ones.THX Paula


  5. Nice pieces and VERY nice “Bits”Thank you Paula


  6. Le strut, le hit, le kick, le hitch, le lean, le smile, le clench – le everything!
    Thank you… I can’t get over gif #5 (guns), they way he carefully uses one finger to open the door… that does something to me…


  7. karen1228

    Nips, pecs, the lean, the strut and dat ass! Enuf!


  8. gracenotpark

    LOL! This whole post made me giggle. Thanks for the mid-Summer cheer! 😆


  9. *swoon* You wont believe how long I stared at that first gif for! and that strut,is mesmerising! Bring it on Season 5, Bring it on!


  10. I wouldn’t mind to nibble some of his bits and pieces, you know?


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