Alex O’Loughlin – You searched for him and got us……….Part #8

This post is long overdue! Finally “answering” the most fun search terms. This is serious stuff this time. You are warned. Without further ado, this is what got you here 😉

  • am i the only one who thinks alex olaughlin is hot

Nope! We are pretty much a puddle of goo on the floor, too 😀 shirtless-slide

I think he knows what´s coming. Be brave!


  • foreplay

Any pic of Alex lying down with a smile works for me 😀lying-down

  • alex o’loughlin bulge
  • nice crotch on alex a’laughlin
  • whats under his pants
  • alex o’loughlin porn
  • alex o’loughlin hung

Still making me giggle…you are a naughty bunch…Whip-2 120-db-tan-cargos

  • alex o’loughlin stud

The ride any of us would be willing to test. No fear here… t-shirt-ps

  • i am in love with alex oloughlin

You came to the right place! We feed the AOL addicts daily. Ps TY for the lovely search 🙂 awesome-t-dl

  • alex o’loughlin completely naked
  • loughlin nude naked

Nope! They lied to us.10353655_907362005944397_4538090034922992459_n

  • how to read cougars sexual tension

Alex knows us so well 😉smile-tvg-funny

  • alex o’loughlin nipple
  •  i am a sub female and love it to suck my masters nipple after sex

Well…I guess with the right O´master, we might do the same 😀nipple-beard

  • camping area at loughlin

If there was one, it would be fully booked. All. The. Time. aol-dl-sign

  •  A lovely one
  • best undies ever

He wouldn´t be smiling like this, if it wasn´t for his best undies ever 😉


  • explore your inner beast, seductively dark, erotic, pinterest

Wow, that´s a well described search. Were you looking for Mick? 🙂ml7-bw-face

  •  picture of alex oloughlin on ducati


  •  pics of men bitting nipples and sucking boobs during sex

If only such a scene with Alex was out there…


  •  how does alex loughlin look with no make up

Bloody amazing!


  • something to think about alex oloughlin
  • delicious alex o’loughlin

He is…a perfect nom-nom!


  • alex o’loughlin + idiot

Hmmm…who did they think it would be… 😉


That´s it for now. Thank you for continuously stumbling upon our blog




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29 responses to “Alex O’Loughlin – You searched for him and got us……….Part #8

  1. One of your naughtiest posts so far 🙂
    And I LOVE it!


  2. Sonja

    sooooo awesome!!!! I love it!!! 😀 thank you so much!!!!


  3. lindae5o

    These are just the best !!! TY. The added t-shirt captions are so perfect !!
    So disappointed that Alex wasn’t completely naked in the freezer though, but at least we have that photo. I love the kitties, too !! Thanks, FOYeur.


    • Hi Linda
      Thanks, but unfortunately I can take no created for anything in this post… I started it long ago by adding the searches (that is why my name is on top), but never got around to do anything with it. This is all Paula’s fun.
      I think she did a great job! 🙂


  4. karen1228

    I’m rolling! TY Ladies for this – great job! I needed a good laugh today! It’s a good thing this stuff is over the internet and not face-to-face because how could you keep a straight face while answering :-)!


  5. Colleen

    Wow you ladies are bad. Lol! I love it though. This is another great post. Thank you for ensuring I won’t be able to think straight for the rest of the day. 🙂


  6. The pics are Amazing. I love them.


  7. NINA

    ooh là là la traduction en français de cette phrase :” je suis une femme et sous l’adore sucer mon maîtres mamelon après un rapport sexuel” faites par google est très choquante ! 😦


  8. Had to look one more time before I left on my vacation. Eight days with no Alex. :/ I can do it! Glad I got my fix! I will never ever tire of looking at him in those yummy cargos! 😛


  9. I love these!!! 😀 OMG the man is just deliciously sweet! 😀


  10. omg sooo freaking awesomeee ❤


  11. BibiSainzMaza

    jajajajajajajaja OMG Cannot stop laughing with this post. You’ve made an amazing and great job! Thanks


  12. These pics are amazing. How do I save that 1st one on my computer I love how it changes and of course it is my favorite look. 😉 And the kitties, love it! Thanks guys! And nice to see you Foyeur!


  13. (((@-@))) <—-my eyes after seeing that Mick was wearing nude-colored underpants inside his coffin! How did you find a picture from that angle? I'm amazed!!!! TY TY TY TY!!!!


  14. Sylvie

    Love that post. Thanks FOYeur


  15. Is so funny! I still can’t believe some searches that people do, but in the end we didn’t had this post.


  16. ROTFLMAO All through this adorable and so sexy post and yes Alex and a little Pussy do go together quite well. {SORRY AND BLUSH}


  17. Sharon Stone

    Lmao! A hilarious way to start the week! Thanks!!


  18. Kelbelle

    OMG, loooove this. Thanks ladies what a fantastic recap. Best fun all day. Pretty sure I made a similar search, not telling which one tho!


  19. Douglas Godfrey

    I simply love Alex O Loughlin, he is the Hottest Manchester alive & I love watching him on Hawaii Five O he is so Sexy & has a huge Bulge I just want to hug his Beautiful Body. I Love Him he would be the Ultimate Lover.❤❤❤❤


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