#AlexOLoughlin ’s Guide to Moonlight – Episode 16

Moonlight Episode 16

– Sonata –

Written by: Ethan Erwin

Directed by: Fred Toye

(16 May 2007)

In the series finale, an exploration of the vampire culture and vampire justice is explored when a female vampire threatens to expose every vampire in Los Angeles.

Towards the end, Beth wants to call the relationship off with Mick, but he declares his love for her and the two of them kiss passionately as they embrace the future.


“It felt like we did some pretty cool stuff in this one,” says O’Loughlin. It was great seeing the different vampires together and have us out on this mission. Some very nice performances in it.”

The standout moment for him, naturally, is the climax when Beth says they can’t be together – largely because of the codes governing the vampires — but he nonetheless comes back into her apartment and the two begin to kiss.

“He’s trying to keep the boundary there and the reality is that he can’t allow, despite what his heart says, this human girl to dictate the moral code of something that’s been around for thousands and thousands of years.

So he will always have boundaries there; he is a vampire. But then there’s the thing that he’ll always love her, too. That’s always been the great quandary of that character.

Then he leaves and what followed just came out of the moment. I was walking away from the apartment and I stopped outside the door and stood against the wall for a moment before going back inside. I wanted to continue that thread in the series, that feeling, that there is a wall between them that will always be there no matter what.

But in that moment he decides he’s still gonna have a go at it. The love is too strong, he’s not going to walk away and he’s still going to try and make it work.”

The Faces of Mick:

My thoughts:

The one thing we are always sure of when it comes to Moonlight ….. we know it ends, when it ends and how it ends. There is some real sadness in it, but also some good in knowing that, and that there was at least a declaration of love and the intend to make the seemingly impossible work. Because of love and of living in the moment, they will hold on to one another ………. forever

Thank you for taking this tour with us while we posted Alex’s thoughts about each Moonlight episode and with us trying to capture the beauty that was Mick …….

Thank you Paula for finding these gems and letting me do my part, in helping to capture some special moments of Mick again. It was great fun….! 🙂

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21 responses to “#AlexOLoughlin ’s Guide to Moonlight – Episode 16

  1. dina

    So sad moonlight finished alter 16 episodes. So much to hope. Thanks for your recap. Great job.


  2. Reblogged this on alixia94's Blog and commented:
    On ne s’en lasse jamais !


    Thank you much for the recaps. they were brillianty.


  4. FarkSpark

    Do you think that somewhere, in a CBS vault is an outline of season two? Even if they wrote no scripts, there will be an episode synopsis…gah, I would love to get my mitts on that! Thanks for bring AOL perspective to Moonlight, this is dang well going to make me watch it again lol! The other thing I really really would love to see is the gag reel I reckon that would be gold!


    • I would love to see the ML bloopers! Some fan should really get a job at CBS archives and start digging. How hard can it be? 😉


      • Totally! There would be some great material! They sold Mick’s car a few years back…and someone has Alex’s vampire tooth mold which is such a weird piece of memorabilia! Wonder if AOL kept the necklace and ring as souvenirs?


        • gracenotpark

          He did not. They didn’t let him keep any of the jewelry. I think he said all he got was a pair of the teeth. 😦


  5. Ps you need a countdown to Sunset on the Beach confirmed as 13th September too!


  6. karen

    Really? And I’ll be there to see whatever that will be. Can’t wait. Thanks so much for the Moonlight memories. I’ll always love it.


  7. drbell

    Yes,yes thanks so very much, but now it’s ending…please keep moonlight alive…..


  8. drbell

    Ummm..i did not receive AOL guide to moonlight episode #3…. Please repost… Thnx


  9. Kimba

    If someone needs it, years ago i translated the guide to german.


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