S4 Kevlar covered Steve

Continuing with my last season´s recaps, this time concentrating on our hunk with extra protection. A man in a vest is very nice, a vest of kevlar is just heavenly. All those pockets for chocolate bars, yummy! 😉

And there will be kevlar starting season 5!s5-bts-kevlar


Filed under Hawaii Five-0, Steve McGarrett

6 responses to “S4 Kevlar covered Steve

  1. Awesome post!!! Thanks so much 😀


  2. *swoon* gotta love me some kevlar! ♥


  3. Okay going back up for more! (or is it down??)


  4. He’s going to need more Kevlar if he ever figures out what the FUCUPs want to do to him! *VBEG*


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