Fresh goofy Alex!

I think our new bff will be Enson Inoue (brother of Egan Inoue). I think he has posted the funniest Alex from the set of H50 🙂


Even Dusty got a turn to goof around 🙂

I just loved this!

For some reason doubt wp is playing this sound file so using soundcloud link just incase.




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17 responses to “Fresh goofy Alex!

  1. Our goofy boy is back! TY for sharing these moments.


  2. Dina

    So wonderful to see him again :-). He seems happy so I’m happy too


  3. karen1228

    It was a very long break w/few pictures. I’m so happy the drought is over! I’m loving the monsoon of pics and vids! Thanks for all your hard work ladies!!


  4. I can’t stop watching this. I love it so much and I love that his is such a nut.


    • I watched it many times too, and had to make the sound clip 😀
      I do wish more moments like these would come our way this season, they are such a joy!


  5. Ontlls

    I like the little smile at the end of the first gif!! After he pulls in his tongue!


  6. Wow I hope Enson is around a lot and not just in this episode! Maybe he is a body guard?? or Dusty’s keeper when she is on set?? What ever I hope he keeps up the great work and thank you for posting for us to all share the fun! (Dusty might just be that friendly a dog, but sure seems to know Enson)


  7. Our sexy goofball is back 🙂
    Thank you Enson, we love you already!


  8. I’m thinking about what that tongue can do mmm 😉


  9. Reblogged this on alixia94's Blog and commented:
    Je le préfère sans barbe, beaucoup plus beau


  10. Just so gorgeous, adorable and cute THANK YOU


  11. buttercup4u

    When the child appears in a man (a saying in german), it’s always so adorable. Then we know, why we still love them 😆 althought they leave their socks everywhere!


  12. I’m so drawn to all these new pics, it would be a little bit embarrassing – if it weren’t 😉
    The dry spell is over, hallelujah!
    Thanks for the hilarious gif and the soundfile! Makes me smile forever!


  13. Alex is so adorable! 😀 Love the wee smile at the end of his tongue pulling pic 😉 Nice that Enson was on set, he’s been away in Japan and travelling for months 🙂


  14. I’ll pick fresh & goofy any day over spoilsport & uber!seeeeerious


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