Alex O’Loughlin’s Guide to Moonlight, Episode 11

Moonlight Episode 11

– Love Lasts Forever –

Written by: Josh Pate

Directed by: Paul Holahan

(11 Jan 2008)

Josh asks Mick to protect Beth as he wages legal war against a powerful gang, which goes disastrously wrong as Josh is shot, dying in Beth’s arms and Mick refuses to save him by turning him into a vampire, fully aware that there are some things worse than death.


“This is a tough episode,” states the actor. “Wherever it comes from, he has affection for Joss. Mick sees death all the time. In fact, Mick participates in death often, but this death, when it’s as wrong as this is, does something to him. I mean, it’s the whole build up to everything that’s going on, when he’s had his hands in the stomach of this guy, trying to keep him alive.

The aroma of blood, the need to feed breathing down on him, this wrongful death and loss of innocence. At the end of the episode, he weeps for the loss of innocence in this room, and essentially what he’s crying for is the loss of his own innocence, because he truly is a victim of circumstance. He doesn’t have a victim mentality, but he is a victim. I think it’s a metaphorical episode and the fact that we lost one of our leads was hard-hitting.”

The Faces of Mick:




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8 responses to “Alex O’Loughlin’s Guide to Moonlight, Episode 11

  1. Reblogged this on alixia94's Blog and commented:
    Moonlight faces, irrésistible Mick


  2. So sad and so beautifully acted by all the leads


  3. karen

    The final scene was just……poor Mick.


  4. buttercup4u

    This ep really did me in! I wish he would have just taken her into his arms while she was in this chair! I knew she told him to go away, but he should have just taken her against his will, with some struggling, and her finally breaking, and them confessing their love! We would have at least have some hot steamy love stuff ;-(


  5. Once again Alex takes it to another level. I never considered that scene to be about Micks loss of innocence on the loss of Josh’s life and Beths loss. I absolutely love that he can describe this indepth character analysis 🙂


  6. vanduyn

    I can’t even express how sexy that was to me when he went after Tejada! Mostly because I’m not even sure why :/ Love this episode and Alex narrative 😀


  7. Serai

    All that blood – yeah, I wondered about that. How hard it must have been to keep working to save Josh when all Mick’s senses were telling him to kill him. This kind of complexity of ideas is what made this series so compelling. (Secondarily, of course. The first reason is beyond obvious.) It’s a pity the actual dialogue was often so under-par and unable to get across the depth of what was going on. But that’s what good actors are for!

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