Alex O’Loughlin’s Guide to Moonlight, Episode 9

Moonlight episode 9

– Fleur De Lis-

Written by: Gabrielle Stanton & Harry Werksman

Directed by: James Whitmore, Jr.

(23 Nov 2007)

Mick ends up working with Morgan, the photographer who looks like Coraline, on a case, and as the two are drawn closer together he discovers that she is indeed his former love, somehow rendered human – a point made when, Beth, having discovered the truth on her own, shows up at Mick’s place and stakes her – unaware that the woman is no longer a vampire.
O’Loughlin admits that when he initially read the script he was a little skeptical over the fact that Mick apparently was accepting the fact that Morgan wasn’t Coraline.


“I tried to find as many moments in the script where we can see he still believes she’s Coraline; that something wasn’t right,” he says. “I liked that tension that was all the way through the story. I like that it’s hardcore.
“And Beth staking Coraline! Incredible. There’s also a moment when Mick is looking at Coraline, and you can tell he’s feeling big love. He hates to admit it, but he wants her back so bad and, ding-dong, Beth is at the door and, oh my God, what a shit fight! She sticks that chair leg straight into that kid’s chest. It’s a pretty radical ending. The last 10 minutes of this episode are incredible, and where we leave it – Coraline in Mick’s arms and him screaming to Beth, ‘You idiot, she’s not a vampire!”

The Faces of Mick




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6 responses to “Alex O’Loughlin’s Guide to Moonlight, Episode 9

  1. Ontlls

    Oh my.. I am home from work. Waiting for the “Blessing Ceremony” to start and you ladies are doing this to me.. “Moonlight” episodes one at a time!! OH MY!! Will I make it to the last episode 16, I don’t know.. But as I wait for Alex to show up on Hawaii News Now!! 🙂 time to start at episode one! Just have to tell myself to remember to Breathe!! 😉


  2. I love that he loves it hardcore. When someone truly has a passion for something it shines through in whatever they do, you can see how much Alex loved this role.


  3. My favorite episode and i love that Alex liked it too. I am a big MICK/Coraline “Shipper. Thank You Paula


  4. gracenotpark

    I loved the love triangle. Rattled Mick was so fascinating. And we really get how he was lured by this woman into the vamp life. That look he gives her in the shower! Oy vey! Sexiest scene in the series… Whew!


  5. karen

    Not good for a MickBeth shipper! No, not good. LOL


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