Our Mick – Or-gasm-o-meter: Moonlight #8

This was not my favorite episode at all – maybe to little of Mick seen on the screen this time. Let’s see how satisfied Mick left us fangirls after this halfway episode……….

1. Letting the eye brow(s) do the work:


LurxGirlI see a bit of McG’s “constipated face” here. He is in full concentration. I wonder if I could sneak up on him without him noticing? 🙂 I’ll just sit back and stare at his beautiful blue eyes, soft lips, and his long strong nose…*sigh* 10

FOYeur: I do not like the squinting move – not my favourite eyebrow talk. The rest of the face is just gorgeous – perfect lips. But I will give the eyebrows an 8

Average score for category 1: 9

2. Teasing us with the ‘pink beast’  😛


LurxGirl: Good to know he’s a multi-tasker. 😛 Hands and tongue working together so skillfully. It’s not a toe curling lap of the tongue, but maybe he’s just warming up. I’ll give it a 10, because I’ve never know Mick/Alex to not give it his all.

FOYeur: The beast work so well with he face on this one – it looks like he wants to seduce the computer screen – I am sure that there were some little baby computers born, 9 months later – I give it a cyber sexting 10

Average score for category 2:  10

3. Haunting us with ‘Dat FACE’ :


LurxGirl: SIGH AND THUD! With a beautiful face like that, I’m sure he’s used to us falling at his feet. 10 for sure!

FOYeur: True perfection! Pure Mick! Pure Alex! – no words to describe it any better. 10

Average score for category 3: 10

4. Sniffing made into a form of art – nose p0rn


LurxGirlThe full orgasmic swipe of the nose…*shudder*
Imagining it brushing across my sensitive flesh. Feeling the air being drawn in and the warmth escape from his nostrils against my quivering inner thigh. 😛 10!

FOYeur: 😛 Inner thigh …… I’ve got nothing better 😀 I’ll just have to give it a 10 after that day-dream created by LG ………

Average score for category 4: 10

5. Doing the STRUT

(modeling those pants and wiggling that tushy 😛 ):

ml8-strut-2 ml8-strut-1

LurxGirl: Can’t keep my eyes off that shiny belt buckle. It’s like a shiny lure drawing us towards the bait. 😛 That is no skimpy little worm! 😆 His scrumptious thighs alone, get a 10!

FOYeur: I am sure he should play a cowboy next …….. 😛 10

Average score for category 5:  10

6. Kicking down doors (or people or some other bad@ss move – letting the inner animal out):

LurxGirl:  I will admit, I have only watched this episode in its entirety, twice. The first time was when I first watched the DVDs, then again, before I made my comments today. I watch the pretty parts now and then, but the episode gave me the creeps. I do have to give the badass, one handed, slicing off of the head a 10, even though it makes me cringe. *ICK*

FOYeur: Mick taking a swift swing to get rid of the baddie.  That sling of the sword after the kill, was as badass as it gets. Happy to see Mick’s inner animal getting rid of this creep so quickly – 10

Average score for category 6:  10

7. Mesmerizing us with that smile (sometimes even a laugh or just by being cute):


LurxGirl Oh, how I adore his one sided smile. *sigh* So sweet and comforting. She said Mick made her feel safe. He gives me the “warm and fuzzies” ALL OVER with this smile. UNF, I could just dive into that chin dimple! 10!

FOYeur: This is very much his sympathy smile. Comforting as LG said, but not my favourite, because I want much more than sympathy from him, if  we ever meet 😀 – 8

Average score for category 7: 9

8. Dishing out hugs (or other acts of kindness or affection):


LurxGirl:  “Okay, breathe, You ok?” Somehow I feel this will be me with Alex when I meet him. This is the PG scenario. We all know what would happen if my fantasies were to come true. :mrgreen: This is sweet, but I give it a 9.

FOYeur: Not very high on my hugs and kindness scale, but appropriate for the situation maybe. I give it a distant 7

Average score for category 8: 8

9. Titillating us with those perky pecs and/or nudging nipples:


LurxGirl:  I can’t decide if he looks more like he’s found my hiding place and is going to punish me, or if he’s sexing me with those eyes and is about to pounce on me. Either way, I win! 🙂 The henley is hugging in all the right places and I especially am loving the chest hair! Tongue twitching 10!

FOYeur: Definitely my view from down here on the floor, after I meet him. 😛 Pecs and nips, totally inviting as usual. Reaching up to touch them after such an invitation, will get me off the floor 😆 – 10

Average score for category 9: 10

10. Doing something hot that you won’t find in every episode:


LurxGirl*ICK!* This is one of those parts I don’t like to watch. I guess if I have to rate the ickiness, I give it a 10!

FOYeur: He looked so hot operating on himself – maybe that was the “audition” that got him the role as Dr Andy on Three Rivers 😀 10

Average score for category 10:  10

Adding up all the averages of each category, we give this episode  96 % on the Mick – Or-gasm-0-meter.

And of course Paula made us something extra to remember this episode by……… 😛




LurxGirl: These two gifs make me laugh. Him searching for his phone in his pants after he falls down the hill is yummy. Not sure how he could lose his phone when his pants are so tight? 😛 Not complaining.
So, it wasn’t my favorite episode, but I can always find something pretty to watch. The scene I remember most is the sunrise scene on the roof with Mick and Beth. He is breathtaking in the sunlight, and Beth’s sweet kiss on his cheek, while shielding the sun from his eyes, made my heart melt. His vulnerability is so freaking sexy!

FOYeur: Yes, although not my favourite episode, there are definitely a lot of nice stuff to take away from the episode that makes it worth while. 🙂

Please feel free to give us your opinion of where you feel we got it right or wrong! 😀

And always remember, this is just us, having some fun with our favorite “Guardian Angel”…….. 😛



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5 responses to “Our Mick – Or-gasm-o-meter: Moonlight #8

  1. ebbie1

    Quivering inner thighs?????? That just about sums up “The Alex Effect” perfectly.♥


  2. Mickkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk *sigh* My ‘K’ key got stuck but then I thought that sums up my feelings anyway really 😀 Lots of kisses and ♥ for Mick. Favourite parts would have to be the straining thighs in those pants and that delectable nose and how he makes even sniffing sensual


  3. Serai

    Okay, now THIS is the kind of discussion I can get behind, LOL.

    a) Tongues and vampires? Oy. Don’t know how I’d feel about him getting his mouth on me. On the one hand – GODDESS YES PLEASE. On the other – do I want to tempt him that way? After all, he has said he bites down when he… (Don’t get me started on THAT fantasy.)

    b) THUD? Ahaha! I haven’t hear that term since my days in…well, another fandom.

    c) What LurxGirl said about his nose? Is exactly how I feel about his hair. This is why I love long hair on men – because of all the maddening, secret things that can happen when a gorgeous head like that gets anywhere near an erogenous zone. Keep the short hair, thank you – a girl needs something hang onto!

    Also, the idea of vampires and inner thighs makes my brain go to a very strange place. Do vampires hunger after women during certain times of the lunar cycle? Does the blood have to flow from a vein? (These are the things that keep me awake at night now. I’ve become a lunatic. Yes, I have.)

    c) Oh, those henleys. I miss those things. Was any character ever so perfectly dressed? Not sure why they suit him so well, but oh, do they ever. And he’s got just the right amount of hair on his chest, for my money – enough so he doesn’t stick to you, but not so much that you expect fleas.

    d) He does strut beautifully. Sex on legs. I call men like Alex “proof of the Goddess”. Because a male god simply could NOT have invented him. Nope, sorry – this one came straight from Inanna’s hand, the randy b**ch.

    e) Yeah, that last scene on the balcony was so sweet. I love how Mick is so confident and bad-ass, but then when his heart is engaged, he turns into an adolescent, all shy and uncertain and afraid of getting hurt. Such a cliche, but such a lovely, sexy one.

    *sigh* Where WAS he when I was working? Oh, right – he was still a twitchy kid. Damn, whether it’s ten years too early or twenty years too late, I’m always being reminded that I was born at the wrong time. *wails*


  4. What’s great is that he has thighs…so much hollywood is into skinny guys (I know they wanna eat…some even said so during BTS)…so I’m soooo glad due has some…and great gifs…he needs to wear more of the liquid leather pants…very nice..and great buckle!


    • Serai

      YES. The whole skinny thing is really distasteful to me. As Mick, Alex was not only fit as hell, but also had that enticing, sensual layer of flesh *over* his muscles, so they weren’t overdefined. His body looked inviting, something warm and touchable and savory. Oh, my kinda man, absolutely. (The way his body looks now, I have a hard time seeing anything but the bruises I’d get on my thighs, lol.)


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