#AlexOLoughlin’s Guide to Moonlight, Episode 7

 Moonlight Episode 7

– The Ringer –

Written by: Josh Pate

Directed by: Chris Fisher

(9 Nov 2007)

Mick is convinced that his vampire wife Coraline is back from the dead, but all indications are that she is someone completely different and that the woman (identifying herself as Morgan) is not a vampire. He seems to be bordering on madness in his efforts to prove his theory to Beth.


“This is where it starts to get interesting,” notes O’Loughlin. “Chris Fisher directed this episode and he created the time for me that I otherwise wouldn’t have had with other directors. He prioritizes around getting the best out of the actors, not about his shots, the lighting or other things. I really like this one from beginning to end. I like the intensity. It’s the introduction of the next step of Moonlight, of the next big dramatic storyline shift. And we start to see the cracks in Mick St. John’s veneer. We start to see where his pain lies. Coraline’s the big love of his life. It’s different to Beth. Coraline’s the tempest, the tumultuous relationship. That’s the pain and the love all mashed into one. It hasn’t left him. He’s carried it for 60 years and it runs pretty deeply.”

The Faces of Mick:




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6 responses to “#AlexOLoughlin’s Guide to Moonlight, Episode 7

  1. gracenotpark

    Finally have the time to read theses and comment! I remember when these came out and it was so exciting! To get to read Alex’s POV for ML was just awesome. If you think 5-0 has a divided fandom, OMG! People fought over their interpretations of Mick, his loves, his future prospects, why it was cancelled, and Alex’s remaining with CBS so violently that fan boards were broken apart, friendships were made and lost, and folks outside the fandom knew the “rabid” ML fans were at war internally. In the midst of all this, these commentaries, Alex’s voice inserted into the tumult. While it didn’t quell the general “enthusiasm” of the factions, it did add a layer of intelligent discussion for most of us. Plus…squeeeee! Alex’s view of the episodes! What could ever be cooler than that!?

    And his commentaries really do show him for an intelligent thinker, an actor who feels his material but who likes it to make sense too, and someone who really cares about the final product. Plus I agreed with most of what he said, so :D.

    Thanks for resurrecting these! Awesome, aren’t they?


  2. karen

    Being a staunch MickBeth shipper makes these epis a little harder to watch, but makes it really interesting too. Poor Mick is so torn. And Beth and Cora are such opposites.


  3. lindae5o

    The slo-mo images of Mick in his long-legged glory, reacting to the fire, and his astonishment at seeing Coraline, are some of the best ever of Alex. Somehow, that long coat didn’t take away from it. Alex was just plain riveting !!


  4. I love Mick?Coraline together. I think he was INSANELY {in the true meaning of that word} in love with his Dark Lady and she with him. She should have asked him FIRST before she turned him but obviously wanted this BEAUTIFUL YOUNG lover to be hers forever. I think Alex summed up the relationship between the two gorgeous vampires perfectly. Beth is a little girl compared to the woman that is Coraline


  5. Serai

    I loved this episode. Coraline was obviously embedded in Mick’s heart in a way that Beth never would be, and his seeming insanity was perfectly understandable, I thought. There’s one shot from an earlier episode that really cemented it for me: during the sequence (repeated many times over the series) of flashbacks of Mick rescuing Beth as a child, there was one shot during the big fiery struggle where they’re at each other’s throats, and Coraline brings her mouth to his and they get into this yes-no-kiss-kill do-me-right-NOW thing that’s brief but unbelievably hot. Said it ALL – I love you, I hate you, I want you, go away, don’t go, your love keeps me alive, you’re going to kill me if I don’t kill you first. How a quick moment can say so much! Just amazing. (Also interesting that that one shot was never used again even though the scene itself showed up so many times. Maybe it revealed too much?)


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