Countdown to #H50 Season 5 Blessing – #2 – This is home now.

Three more days to go, till the start of the filming Hawaii Five-0, Season 5. For the 2nd day of our countdown, we take a look at the Season 2 Blessing ceremony held at the soundstage, the then, new headquarters for Hawaii Five-0, on Kapiolani Boulevard .


All these questions came to mind as I had the opportunity to speak with Kahu Curtis Pa’alua Kwai Fong Kekuna of Kawaiaha’o Church (known as the Westminster Abbey of Hawaii) in Honolulu, who pronounced such a blessing on the cast and crew of the hit CBS series Hawaii Five-0 as it began its first day of shooting for season two.

Read the answers to these questions that Cheryl asked in the article from

Cheryl Hollar, from MyTake on…

Season 2 Blessing:

– 11 July 2011 –

Live interview with Alex on Hawaii News Network, with Tannya Joaquin, after the blessing and after the first scenes were already shot, on 11 July 2011.


Tannya: Hi, we are live, and look who I got. The man who I’ve been dying to meet all morning long, Alex O’Loughlin. You shot your first scene, so how did that go?

Alex: Really good. Who are you talking to?

Tannya: My producer. You want to say hi?

Alex: Hi, how are you? I can’t hear anything.

Tannya: You just made their day. What’s it like to be on this monster hit, since you have been on TV shows in the past, but this one there is a lot of buzz for?

Alex: It’s amazing. I feel really, I feel blessed to be here and love .… You know, this is my home now. It feels like, it feels different, like I bought a house now, and I’m all moved in and my dog’s here and I’m like, huh, I’m coming to work now. It’s kind of really dropped in now.

Tannya: Dog’s a man’s best friend, but all the viewers on Facebook, they want to know, is the another significant other in your life? What’s your type?

Alex: No. there’s no one. It’s sort of just me and my dog Dusty at the moment. But what’s my type? I don’t know, I don’t really have a type.

She needs to have teeth. That’s a good start. And I don’t know, my demographic is probably like, I don’t know, eighteen (18) to sixty ……. five (65).


Tannya: You’re going to have a lot ……. I know you’re not on Facebook, if you did, you would be in trouble.
We’re worried about the end of the Season 1. You been charged with murder, so where do we go to from here? Where do we pick up?

Alex: It’s outrages. Can I tell you that? I don’t know what I can tell you. Where do we pick up?

We find McGarrett and he is in Halawa. He’s doing some time.

Tannya: He’s doing time.

Alex: He’s doing some hard time with some of the boys he put in there. So he is relatively unscathed when we meet him. He’s been sort of just …. They’ve been keeping him in protective custody. Of course keeping him isolated from everybody else, so that he doesn’t get shived immediately.

He’s kind of been training and lying low and wait to see what happens. That’s where we pick up. We pick up literally a week after we left off.

Tannya: Now we know the Governor had your back in Season 1, but we know what happen with her at the end there. Will there be new dynamics with the new Governor? A new nemesis perhaps with Tom Sizemore coming in?

Alex: Yeah, I haven’t met the new Governor yet, but you know there’s …… Is Tom Sizemore playing the Governor? I don’t think Tom’sTom’s not playing the Governor.

But I can’t wait to work with Tom. He’s such a fantastic actor.

Yeah, there’s going to be a bunch of stuff going on. And the questions that we’ve got are …… I mean, did she have my back? I mean who’s got who’s back? That’s the thing. We try to mix it up.

But I don’t know what’s happening, script to script. Which is really exciting. You know we get the scripts and I read them and I’m like “oh my god”.


Tannya: Exiting, exciting stuff and a lot to live up to. Just one more question, for all the fans who is out there following this, who are so excited for the big Waikiki premiere and the local fans. What message do you have for them?

Alex: You know, look …. Mahalo nui loa, for all your support. For everything. For having us for another year. See you there.

Tannya: Alright, such a pleasure. Like I said, I’ve been waiting for this all morning. Can I have a hug?

Alex: Of course, you can.

Tannya: Ah, thank you.

Alex: See you.

Tannya: Now I might really go into labour. Thank you so much Alex.

 Link to interview with Tannya  – here



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5 responses to “Countdown to #H50 Season 5 Blessing – #2 – This is home now.

  1. Episode 2.01 is my favourite out of the four seasons so far 🙂
    This interview with Tannya was the very first one I saw of Alex when I became obsessed with him so it has a special place in my heart.
    I was hooked then and still am!


  2. lindae5o

    Thank you for this !! Alex is simply stunning in these photos. Perfect lighting to emphasize that gorgeous face (just the right amount of scruff), soulful eyes and beautiful chest.


  3. That interview made me giggle as I imagine at the time when Alex was describing his type that every woman in the world was yelling at the screen ‘ooh thats soo me!’ Cause I know I was LOL Teamed with those photos – totally *swoon* worthy ♥


  4. gracenotpark

    Best. Pics. Ever! 🙂
    Thanks so much for this lovely revisit.

    And I LOVE how he had the habit of claiming he had no GFs, when in fact he did. He hid his relationship with Amber Clayton for awhile too. And I even remember an interview early after ML premiered where he stated he had no GF, tho he’d been with Holly for some time. Hee! He loves his privacy, but I think it’s also his way of protecting the privacy of his significant others. 🙂


  5. buttercup4u

    He really looked sexy and stunning in this scenes! I remember, it hurt to look into his eyes when he talked to that old japaneese guy in the house, so much beauty, hard to bear! And the chest, mmmh, and the hair, and mmmmh, the plaid!


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