Countdown to #H50 Season 5 Blessing – #1 – The Beginning

Four more days to go until shooting of Season 5 of Hawaii Five-0 starts. According to information from Tannya Boyd Joaquin (from Hawaii News Now (HNN) ) on her Facebook page, the blessing ceremony will start at 6am Hawaiian time on the 8th of July (although we know from past experience, that it normally takes about an  hour or 2 for the actual proceedings to begin).

In the past, she was able to do some interviews with the cast (especially Alex, of course) and they also usually broadcast the proceedings via live stream to the viewers – Let’s hope we will be able to see it that way again.

As a countdown leading up to Tuesday at 6 am, we will start with a look back at the Season 1 Blessing. It was held at the Hilton Hawaiian Village Lagoon and done by Kahu Kelekona Bishaw of Bishop Memorial Chapel at Kamehameha Schools.

The 4 main cast members Alex O’Loughlin, Scott Caan, Daniel Dae Kim and Grace Park, were joined by Executive Producer Peter Lenkov for the event.

Season 1 Blessing:

(15 July 2010)

Alex: We just had a blessing ceremony. A traditional Hawaiian Blessing ceremony to start the rebirth of Hawaii Five-0, that we are about to start shooting today actually.

It was amazing, wasn’t it?

We were given these traditional lei’s and we had a High-Priest come in and do the ceremony. And he had Holy water and he said a bunch of prayers. It was beautiful.

I feel so lucky to be part of this. It’s incredible. I’m learning. It’s amazing!

Alex at Season 1 Blessing
Grace Park: It seemed obviously that it was special and it was something rather unique. And it was spiritual and there was like a sense of history and tradition to it.

I did not understand everything he was saying, it was actually in Hawaiian. But you could tell the spirit of what he was saying generally. And of course he was translating as well. But even as he was speaking, it seemed like a very beautiful blessing.

I was really happy I got up at 5 to get here for it.

Daniel Dae Kim: I can’t think of a better way to start off, Hawaii Five-0. It means a lot to the people of Hawaii. And so, that we were blessed by someone who kind of bridges both cultures. It’s really important.

Link to the interviews

Side notes:

  • This was of course when they started filming Episode 1:03, because the Pilot was already shot in March 2010 and Episode 1:02 and Episode 1:03 were shot out of sequence.
  • Lots of water under the bridge since that day 4 years ago ……


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11 responses to “Countdown to #H50 Season 5 Blessing – #1 – The Beginning

  1. I love the blessing ceremony 🙂
    So touching and emotional.
    And i think that over the years Alex has gotten more into the spirit of the blessing, he always seems very focused and “part of it”.
    Can’t wait for the new season to start


  2. I’m going to miss Michelle in the Blessing , along with Alex and Daniel they are the most respectfull of the Hawaiian traditions among the cast.


  3. Tracey

    Question, I had read that they will film in LA now, but still having blessing in HA??? Thanks!


  4. I think it’s become more special to Alex now as he truly understands what it means and has become one the Hawaiian Ohana. I’m looking forward to another great season and to watch the blessing and see the photos when I get home from work 🙂


  5. It is beautiful to watch and Alex loves it


  6. Ulrike Schwarz

    Where do they film season 5??? Still in Hawaii or in Hollywood???


  7. alexnymph

    Alex Kekau O’Loughlin. He is Hawaiian now 🙂


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