Alex O’Loughlin’s Guide to Moonlight, Episode 5

Moonlight episode 5

– Arrested Development –

Written by: Michael Fields

Directed by: Chip Johannessen

(26 Oct 2007)

Although Mick has been trying to avoid Beth since he fed on her, the two come together to stop a serial killer who’s actually a 200 year old vampire who looks like a teenager.


“Not my favorite,” O’Loughlin says matter of factly.I felt like I could have cared about the kid more. I’m not sure if as the lead or the voice of the show I should be this honest, but there was just something missing. I’m not entirely sure why. It was more of a ‘vampire-of-the-week’ to me. People ask about this show being a purist of the genre, but I’m a purist of drama and the importance of drama has been burned into my frontal lobe. Drama is life with the boring bits cut out and I felt like that episode was a little pedestrian. It didn’t feel like an organic Mick/Beth storyline.”

The Faces of Mick



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11 responses to “Alex O’Loughlin’s Guide to Moonlight, Episode 5

  1. Maybe not a favorite of Alex’s, but he was once again hot, badass, sexy and adorable in it. He takes his art very seriously and we reap the benefits. There are never boring bits when he is on screen. IMHO. 🙂
    So many of my favorite faces of Alex in this show! Also their first kiss, and when Josef meets Beth for the first time. I know this is about Mick, but Josef was freaking adorable in that scene. He was mesmerized by Beth. Maybe he was just hungry. 😆
    Again, so many goodies here! #3) Profile perfection, #7) Angry/concerned face. You know what that does to me. 😛 #8) Dark Angel… *sigh* #11) Mick is thinking “So she has a naughty side? I think I like her even more.”
    #13) Mick enjoying her red flushed cheeks. I feel bad for him having heightened senses in this scene. She was soooo annoying! Not that great of an actor either, IMO. I bet it made Alex/Mick cringe in more ways than one. #14) Must see full size! The picture, that is. 😛 I’d like to see “it” full size as well. 😳 #23) Wet curls and chest hair…YUMMY! I’m not a huge fan of the over styled look on Mick. I love these loose, wet looking curls framing his perfectly sculpted face.


    • hehe ‘Maybe he was just hungry’ Lol love it! 😀 Josef is just gorgeous 😀


    • Serai

      LOL. I loved the moment when they left Josef’s place and Mick is all “Couldn’t tell, could you?” I actually snapped back at the screen, “Are you kidding? He was looking at your girl like she’s a freaking PORK CHOP!”


  2. The nice thing about the holiday is I had time to read what you’d posted on eps 1-5 this afternoon. I love the Alex commentary and of course your pics are so awesome. Thanks for all of this and look forward to the rest of them.


  3. This is a fabulous series Thank you SO much.


  4. alexnymph

    I agree with Alex–something was missing. I never liked this episode much. The only good things about it were his reaction to the detectives restraining him and of course THE KISS at the end–THE SMILE 🙂


  5. Serai

    I agree with Alex: not the best episode. The kid didn’t impress me at all, and the whole dead-hooker thing was kind of pedestrian. But was it ever worth it for that last scene! Hell, for the last micro-second!

    I just can’t get over how beautiful this man is.


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