S4 McSmurfing

As you can see, McSmurf wasn´t quite ripe when season started. Looked a bit green there, but then the blue magic happened and we got our lovely blue-nom-nom Steve. I think I´m in a mood for a blue bedroom 😉



Filed under Hawaii Five-0, Steve McGarrett

5 responses to “S4 McSmurfing

  1. vanduyn

    Him in the light blue button up is heaven!! Thanks 🙂


  2. Not ripe enough? Hmmm…let me taste. NomNom.. *slurp* ..I’ll take a hard green McG any day of the week! Sometimes I can’t wait until he ripens. I’m very impatient. 😛
    I would like to take a ride on blue cowboy McSmurf tho! YeeHaw!!


  3. Gorgeous man in any color!


  4. mmm as long as he’s wearing a white open necked shirt in my blue room I’d be in heaven or naked, that would be ok too *sigh*


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