Farewell McRoll

Season 4 brought Steve´s love life to a stop. At least so it seems with Cath riding off to the distance and with the news that Michelle won´t be returning for season 5. Looking back at McRoll moments in last season, how the passion simply faded away…

Last moment they saw each other…


Last words…



The End


Who will Steve hump now…

Well, this just came in. Quite shocking for some fans. Looks like Steve gets a new girlfriend…already?

With Catherine out of the picture, I hear that McGarrett is getting a new love interest. He’ll meet her because of a connection she had with his dearly departed dad. (No, not like that!) Apparently McGarrett Sr. investigated the death of a family member for her long after the case went cold. “After he died, this woman, on the anniversary of his death, always shows up at his grave to basically thank him for everything he had done,” executive producer Peter Lenkov says. Cue the graveside meet-cute!

(TV Guide July, 1st)

I am hoping the new actress will have a good fit with the rest of the cast. I wonder if she will be introduced early on in s 5, since this info was given to us already….oh dear…

Ps. There goes Cath´s flower, ready to move on… 😉

In case some don´t remember which scene was shot in the above bts fan footage (credit SeizetheMoment99)


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31 responses to “Farewell McRoll

  1. Open letter to the Actress who is thinking of taking the role of this new love-interest:
    You are either the bravest OR the dumbest person on the face of the earth! 😕
    My condolences and greatest sympathy to the loss of your sanity and career, that will most probably follow your decision to take this role of “Steve’s new love-interest”…….. 😥
    Please lock down all your communication to the outside world – especially your twitter account! You will be bombarded with hate from McDanno-shippers, McRoll-shippers, McKono-shippers, McGrover-shippers, McJenny-shippers, McChin-shippers,BringLoribackdreamers, Core4-worshippers and AOL-worshippers (like myself 😛 ).
    Please be warned!
    Yours truly
    FOYeur ❤


    • And the war will start before we even get the first epi…


    • evowoman88

      I must have missed this yesterday. You are 100% right, I’m sure that certain people are already attacking her and we don’t even know who is playing her and what her character will look like. The so-called fans just make me sick sonedays.


  2. Manu

    i just hope that if the news of this new love interest are true that the story will be well written and interesting in its development and the actress well cast.
    There will still be haters out there but if she is professional enough to ignore them she should be OK.


  3. Niecie

    My problem is with the writers and promotions department. This info if true should not have come out until the day the episode airs, especially with all the drama that comes along with any woman connected to McG. What happened to leaving something to imagination?


    • Sylvie

      I completely agree with you Niecie, with all that stuff with Mc Roll they shouldn’t let us know about this. True fans will enjoy the fact that Steve will find a new love, he deserves it, but they are so many silly and jealous people, I hope she hasn’t twitter account ot things like that.


  4. I was and still am a fan of McRoll but unfortunately that ship has sailed into the sunset. I do have to say that I saw this coming, the first half of the season had major McRoll, they were living together and everything seemed fine but when Grace (Kono) returned the writers didn’t seem to know what to do with Catherine. Little comments like McG telling Jerry he liked to live alone and little or no interaction between Steve and Cath once it was announced that MB was not returning for Season 5.

    The actress taking on this role will need to have skin as thick as steel to take on the firestorm that will be coming, maybe she will be an actress that already has her own fan base who could care less about the hate. Although I love McRoll I will support the new relationship and I hope the writers do a better job of introducing her than they did ending the last one. As long as Alex is on the show I will support, I may not always be happy with the way the story goes but as long as I get to see Alex as McGarrett I will be content.


  5. Dina

    Think positive ! Maybe we will have more shirtless Steve with a new relationship 🙂


  6. karen1228

    One of the biggest downfalls of my most favorite show ever is the fact that they reveal way too much way too soon. The furor over Catherine is finally dying down, Twitter is (almost) a nice place to play once again (as are other sites).

    If the rumors are true and a new love interest is in store for him, I would hope that it would be later in the season (giving tptb a chance to end McRoll once and forever). Whoever the actress is, I hope she has a steel spine, a fantastic self-image and a very good sense of humor to put up with the hate, rancor and vitriol that will be spewed at her because of the rabid fans who think that McGarrett is a real-life person and theirs alone. I also hopes she avoids social media at all costs. Hmm, do we send condolences or congratulations??

    Whether intentional or not, the writer and/or PL got what they wanted, the fandom in an uproar even before the crew/cast have returned to work. UGH and SIGH…

    Time will tell.


    • I agree Karen the uproar is beginning and I feel they should have waited to announce it. I feel they do need to close the book on the Cath situation (actually pronounce her dead) so that he (Steve) can truly move on…otherwise it’s one of those shows, like many others, that have you saying/wondering…”maybe they’ll be back after all they’re not dead.”

      I hope they allow him time to grieve and that way he can be ready for a new person in his life but later in the season…the beginning should be about his healing, getting answers from Mama McG and allowing him to be Steve…


  7. I wasn’t a big fan of “McRoll” as you all call it. I also am not a huge fan of hearing he will get a new g/f….here’s why:

    1. He needs to grieve and have that be a part of the PTSD/guilt that he showed late in Season 4.

    2. It’s a “rebound” relationship and we know a good majority don’t end well. However; if the writer’s can make it work then I will go along for the ride.

    I am not trying to be a “negative” Nellie here…I want to see Steve (the character) in a relationship. I too think he deserves it but I think it is too soon.

    Being a “Vet” and “hearing” about all Steve has gone through I would love to see them delve deeper into the PTSD scenario a little further…like how does his team assist him through this, how does he handle it, etc. because I think they can speak well of that issue to a huge audience about what our vets go through. They already met and incorporated some of those story lines into the picture…why not pursue it…after all Steve is a man first and a SEAL second…jmho

    Thanks for the great post.


    • evowoman88

      I hate that the PTSD issue has been brought up then totally ignored. I liked Catherine, but I think her dying and seeing what would happen to Steve as a result of it would have been much more interesting than what we saw. And it would have been interesting to see what Alex to bring to it as an actor.


  8. Hi!
    I wasn’t a big McRoll fan, but this “news” is just ridiculous… remember Lori? she was brought in as “love interest” for Steve, but nothing happend (thank you, God!)… so, maybe this is just a way to keep us interested in show – but at the end it turns out that she’s his cousin or something!!!
    And what about James Masters? I don’t think we’ll see anything new about Hesse, it will just ruin the show even more


  9. E b

    I hope this rumour is nonsense as it would be ridiculous for him to finally after 7 years say I love you, to suddenly jump into bed with someone else 5minutes later, hope the writers are not this stupid but on past record who knows, are they trying to ruin the show on purpose?


  10. Sandra

    I would bet she shows up in the first episode; the second at the latest, because they meet on the anniversary of Steve’s dad’s death, which of course occurred in the pilot episode.
    i was a fan of Cath but when Michelle couldn’t control her behavior with fans and acted in a most unprofessional matter towards many of them, I couldn’t support her any more.They support the show and she benefits from that. She never got that and she is paying the price for that.
    The writers slowly pulled back on their relationship, probably because they knew Michelle was going to be dropped, so I didn’t see this huge romance some fans claim was still going on. The goodbye was just that.
    This is just a show and not a real romance anyway. If the new gal is a good fit with Alex on screen and respects fans’ feelings whether she agrees or not, than I have no problem with her and I hope it all works out.
    I don’t bother to obsess over who ships with who. I have enough to worry about with my own REAL relationships! LOL


    • Sandra what exactly did Michelle do? I missed a lot of it…did the “fans” prompt her to act that way?

      As far as the new relationship…I think they need to first, kill off Catherine (they said she and Steve texted each other on the finale); second they need to make sure he grieves properly.


      • Sandra

        I don’t want to start any problems here but I watched the whole thing from beginning to end. Basically she searched out fans who didn’t like the Cath character getting more involved with Steve. These fans did not tweet to her. However, they, like all fans, discussed their feelings about the show among each other. Michelle looked around for those tweets and sent others to help her, and called fans all kinds of horrible names who didn’t like her character. She would say nasty things to them and about them, and I mean nasty things, and then block them. If they defended themselves she attacked even ore fiercely. her fans also attacked them for her. I don’t want to start any controversy again because it is done. I usually just watch from afar but this behavior really astounded me. Actors have to take criticism as part of their job. Those that can’t handle it should stay off of social media or lock their tweets for only friends and family.
        This is what I saw. That is all I will say on the matter as I do not like confrontation. And I don’t want an attack on me like those fans received. I hope you understand. 🙂
        It is over now, thank God. Peace.
        I will respond no further on the matter.


        • Thanks say no more


        • I want to stop this conversation right here. Sandra was asked a question and I feel she answered it truthfully and honestly. And I appreciate that she also does not want to take it further – thanks Sandra
          I really do not want the negative vibe spilling over to us! And NEITHER side of this whole affair was innocent!
          I agree most of what Sandra said here (but I feel it is only part of the story) – I also saw the whole thing unfold on twitter (of that, which was visible to see)
          BUT the story had 2 sides and unfortunately both those side handled it with severe rudeness…..
          I do not think it is anybody’s right to attack anybody just because they are in the public eye and famous. Being an actor should not make you a target for rudeness. That is the “Entitlement of Rudeness”, I wrote about in a post last week. But it also does not excuse a celeb from responding with rudeness. 😦
          Anybody is entitled to defend themselves – but you might consider how you do it and also be prepared for the consequences of the defence you chose……
          I have a lot more to say in the subject but will also not take it further!
          And I would appreciate it if nobody else takes it any further as well.
          Case closed 🙂


    • Forgot to reply to this earlier – Sandra, I think your observations and first comment about the whole thing is spot-on.


  11. alexnymph

    Yeesh, here we go again.

    I’m holding out hope for this relationship because they also earlier announced new staff writers, including some–wait for it– women!

    But, yes, I wish they would keep the news to themselves and just let the shows unfold–their “teasers” are usually pretty lame.

    On a positive note, Jerry Garcia is joining the cast also (or is that old news already?).


  12. I´m happy to see I´m not the only one that will be happy as long as we get a bit of McNips and McAbs. And thinking a new romance might give ur some steamy bed scenes 😉
    I am supporting Alex and hoping for a happy Steve. He is much more fun to capture 🙂
    I was thinking that this new romance might work better if she was actually Steve´s teenage gf, prior to Cath, and sparks starts flying when they meet again.


  13. alexnymph

    As for Cath living with Steve, I’m not sure that was ever truly established. Yes, she stayed there a lot, but there were times when she had a place, which they showed, and which I thought she alluded to now and then (“I gotta go now”–where else would she be going?).


  14. The writers seem to stick to a “timeline” and having Steve meet her right out of the gate could mean disaster…as I stated earlier (Steve & Catherine texted each other on the last episode) this makes Catherine still alive…I don’t see him “cheating” on her if there is a possibility of her return (We know that isn’t happening yet).

    I also think that they should add her towards the end of the season but who knows with the writers I am getting my seat ready to watch the next season. I would rather see them deal with his PTSD issue and finish up the Wo-Fat arc that has be plaguing us for four seasons.


  15. Firstable, Thank you Paula for giving us these lovely McRoll moments, I will treasure them in my mind and heart…… I have read the 27 comments above and I respect every thought and feeling from everybody. I have clear this is just a show and not a RL relationship BUT it might concern to Alex. I´m here and I watch H50 because I´m an unconditional fan of him and along these four seasons I have to accept that I became a fan of Cath/ Michelle too…why?….well, she gives that personal and human side to Steve and gives Alex the chance of playing more than the stoic seal……and she looked perfect ……naturally perfect for the role, IMO…( I have read somewhere else, that she was so simple, not fit and not appropiate as Steve would deserve but I ask myself : What did they want?…..a Pamela Anderson style GF?…( hey! with all my respect to Pamela) 😉
    Now, I also ask to myself why did Peter Lenkov give in a tweet the slight hope that she would be back ?….Did he realize the dragon ( Mcroll fans) they woke up and tried to make things calm down?…..Did he notice that the ratings fall down at the end of the season and it´s not only because springtime effect?……I´m upset we lose McRoll but I´m even more outraged by the fact that they took me by a fool……..please! it took four seasons = four years !!! to Steve say to her “I love you” just to kill off this relationship…….why this was wrote two years ago but it looks so ilogical ……and stupid……I also wonder if they had wrote this “new love interest” two years ago :\
    About the actress who will play it, I don´t have anything aganist her….I think nobody should attack her, she´s just a person earning her life through acting but honestly I´m not enthusiastic to watch her on the show and indifference is the whip that hurts most…….so, while Alex remains in H50, I´ll watch it, I will enjoy every second of him on screen but nothing else anymore and I truly wish he gets something else to perform ,as he said ” sooner than later”


  16. I love Alex and the rest is just a TV show! I am thankful he is on my small screen so often and can’t wait to see him on the Big screen again someday!


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