S4 nibbly neck treats by Steve #2

If only Mick knew what treats we have in store for him 😉


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7 responses to “S4 nibbly neck treats by Steve #2

  1. Paula, are you and FOYeur trying to kill me today?! I just finished my overzealous comment on Mick and then you post this! Darn you and THANK YOU at the same time! 🙂 I may need to take a cold shower before thoroughly viewing these delicious niblets. *SIGH*


  2. karen1228

    Sigh, plop and thud and hello floor! Nuf said!


  3. *sigh* that neck, If I was a vampire I’d feast on him for eternity


  4. alexnymph

    #420 – He’s shaking us off? WHAT?


  5. colleen

    The first black and white picture where he turns his head and smiles is my favorite. That smile of his makes my heart beat a little faster. Great post. Thanks!


  6. In the last pic, I spy some nibbly pec treats under the polo shirt!


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