Alex O’Loughlin’s Guide to Moonlight – Episode 2

Moonlight Episode 2

– Out of the Past –

Written by: David Greenwalt

Directed by: Fred Toye

(5 Oct 2007)

A supposedly reformed murderer is freed from prison. Aware that Mick is a vampire, he goes back to his old ways and won’t stop until Mick turns himself into the police. In the end, while attempting to rescue a potential victim, Mick is shot with a silver bullet while Beth handles the killer. Later, she finds Mick trying to heal himself by feeding, discovering that he is a vampire.


“I really like number two, O’Loughlin enthuses. “The end of the episode made it one of the favorites for me, because Beth finding out so early about Mick was shocking to me. First, as an actor. I thought, ‘Oh God, what are they doing? They’re going to ruin our show.’ But it actually works really well and sort of gets that discovery out of the way, allowing us to get down to brass tacks. So the show is not about, ‘Oh my God, is she going to find out?’ It’s about the relationship between these two people and the love that’s gradually building between them.”

The Faces of Mick:

Whenever I see this episode, I always think he can’t get any prettier than he was here…….



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14 responses to “Alex O’Loughlin’s Guide to Moonlight – Episode 2

  1. Your intense research and study are precious. And finding Alex’s comment about each ML episode is awesome. I liked very much his answer about this 1.02:”To the show is not about, ‘Oh my God, is she going to find out?’ It’s about the relationship between these two people and the love that’s building between them.” It really was.

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  2. This epi had some beautiful shots of Mick! Loves it!!! 😀


  3. So many expressions, so much emotion, such a handsome face.


  4. alexnymph

    He was so gorgeous sexy in this episode–the hair, the eyes, the looks from under those long lashes. Innocent, vulnerable, and then the end when he was discovered. Beth was repulsed, but I wanted to hug him badly!


  5. He is breathtakingly beautiful in #5. I almost feel guilty having such naughty thoughts about him. 😛 Then there is the seductive “come to me” look in his eyes in 24 & 30. Unf! I’d be scanning the room for a dark corner or convenient closet to ROMP in. (rendezvous of multiple/Mick pleasures) *AlexNymph made this acronym up from one of my previous comments about McGs eyebrows in 4.01. I think I will use it more often. 🙂
    In 36, the light caresses the right side of his face, highlighting his gorgeous soft eyelashes, his long orgasmic nose, his sculptured jaw and delicious chin dimple and those lickable, luscious lips. Not sure why he turns me on so much when he looks like this. Is it because he looks vulnerable, and I could try to catch him off guard? Or maybe he looks intense and a bit angry, and I find it a challenge to put a smile on his face? 😛 He’s even sexier when he has this look on his face and has his hand near his lips. Oh, to brush his lips with my thumb, the pink beast swipes out to greet it. His lips capturing it as he gently sucks and licks at my eager digit. His eyes full of lust. My knees weaken. A fire burning in my belly. He licks down my thumb, over my palm and down to my wrist. His eyes are now glowing white and his fangs are pressed against my flesh. He laves my wrist with full tongue just before he pierces my skin. It is a pain like I’ve never felt before, but my body is in ecstasy. I let out a moan and he smiles with pride, blood dripping from around his mouth. He is careful not to over indulge and licks my wounds after he releases. My head is spinning and I just want more of him! Want him to take more of me!
    Well, I guess I had a bit of Mick frustration to get out of my system. It’s been a while since I’ve felt this way. 😳 Mick always reminds me that I am never too old to feel this good. *shudder*


    • You have such a “nice” way of putting your thoughts/dreams in to words 😀
      Thank you for sharing 🙂
      Ps I thought this episode had so much breathtaking Mick, no wonder fans went mad…


    • alexnymph

      Wow, lg, I need a cigarette, or six or nine, after reading those most pervalicious thoughts,and I don’t even smoke. You have a most wondrous way with words, and with Mick. Yes, #36 is quite the photo–I’d be dead if he raised his eyes and looked at me then.

      Also, thank you, I am honored to have coined your ROMP–a group effort 🙂


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  7. I love that he gets it. That the reason people watch is the character development, the relationships. It’s what keeps them coming back. It’s the same for Five-O and he has said that on numerous occasions. He is a very smart man.♥


  8. Sylvie

    Angelic face.


  9. Serai

    This episode gave me a great LOL moment. I had already been reminded of “Love at First Bite” when Mick made his snarky comment about crucifixes in the first episode. So when the killer pulls out his gun and goes on about the silver buckshot, I was primed to quote George Hamilton: “No, that is for werewolves.”

    I mean really, where in the world did they get this silver thing from? No vampire I ever heard about had the slightest reaction to silver. I suppose it ties into the whole photography thing, which I gotta say was pretty clever.


      • Serai

        I did! It was quite a post, very interesting. Yet another reason (not so important, but STILL) that Moonlight’s demise was so untimely – I wanted them to explain all this stuff! Not that I wouldn’t have just gone along with it. After all, most vampire mythology doesn’t make any sense. That’s what mythology is like – it’s poetic and metaphorical and beautiful, but it doesn’t have to fit in with science or reality. Which is why I find things like that post engaging, but ultimately a game. Vampires are magical creatures, and me, I’m happy to just swallow the magic. (NO, I didn’t mean it that way…well, maybe I did. Jeez, this guy has my brain twisted around! Is there a cure? Please tell me there’s a cure. I’m too old for this nonsense, I swear, LOL.)


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