#AlexOLoughlin & the Ripped T – for our pleasure ….

Looks like they first shot Alex in bed and then  {{bada bing, bada boom}} ripped his t-shirt and a few moments (hours?) later continued shooting outdoors.

He seems happier in that one “after” pic 😉




This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is grey-t-bed-3.jpg

Photoshoot by Rodolfo Martinez


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17 responses to “#AlexOLoughlin & the Ripped T – for our pleasure ….

  1. mmmmm and a pleasure it is…. 😉 There’s something about his eyes in the ‘after’ pic that are heart melting


  2. vanduyn

    These are gorgeous! I kinda forget about this one and for the life of me I have no flippin idea why??!!! He’s flawless. Thanks for the reminder 😉


  3. karen1228

    Yummy and Delicious are just 2 words that come to mind when I look at him (or at least what I can share in public [wink!])


  4. LOL I read the comment before looking at the pics and thought OMG what did she get her hands onto 😉


  5. lindae5o

    They had to expose that magnificent chest !! And we’re so glad they did.


  6. ooops my bad, I got a little overzealous 😝


  7. Dusty

    Has anyone else noticed in other pics and on here, that he might have had an earring in his left ear lobe. There is a noticeable mark there. I have not seen him with one in yet. Wouldn’t that be a nice pic of him with a diamond in it or something.


  8. Next installment in this series….. Ripped pants???? pretteeee pls…


  9. His succulent neck vein and delicious chest hair are all I’d need for breakfast in bed. 😛 Mmm…nibble…sluurrp!


  10. Gorgeous Man in (or out) of any shirt! Thank you!


  11. WOW you’re smart!!!
    I never noticed that his shirt is not ripped in the indoor pics! Must have been distracted… but look at this face! And his hands…
    I’m desperately in need for a new photoshoot! Come on photographers out there, there is no better model!!!


  12. Only wished that i was responsible for that ripped T-shirt. Sigh…..


  13. Karen

    All I have to say is WOW!


  14. Torrie

    *Jaw drops to the floor* mmm that chest hair gets me every time 😊

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