#AlexOLoughlin – Pretty as a picture #20

Dr Andy Yablonski – Three Rivers

And what I realize is, I play a very, very important person.

It’s completely changed my life.

— Alex O’Loughlin,

TV Guide Magazine,

15 April 2009

Mum is thrilled because before now I’ve done a lot of stuff she doesn’t want to watch.

– Alex O’Loughlin, T.connectv/Daily Telegraph, 14 October 2009


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11 responses to “#AlexOLoughlin – Pretty as a picture #20

  1. I absolutely loved those scrubs from the “pilot”! Shoulders, pecs and nips….OH MY!!! The adorable curl at his forehead makes my fingers twitch. 😛 Alex at his prettiest as Dr. Andy!


  2. Yay I’m so glad his mum can watch! lol Three Rivers was good and he looked fantastic in it 😀


    • Yes, I think mum’s needs for her boy, might be a bit different to our naughty fangirl needs ……. 😛
      (He really was extra gorgeous and sexy as Andy…. and he only took his shirt of once – weird actually! :grin )


  3. alexnymph

    Oh yes he is. Prettieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

    I grew up in the Cleveland area and almost died when I found out about him playing a Cleveland Clinic heart surgeon (world-renowned facility–the Sulton of Brunei used to take over an entire floor when he’d come for heart checkups). I wondered what he thought as he drove in from the airport, past all the industrial blight. Poor guy 🙂


  4. gracenotpark

    Sigh. I soooooo love Dr. Andy. I wish CBS would release cut scenes and stuff…


  5. “And what I realize is, I play a very, very important person. It’s completely changed my life.” But not only yours. TR had a short course but the message still spreading today, stronger than ever and changing lives and giving second chances.

    Like Foyeur already said a long time ago, Alex as Andy is his most gorgeous looks. TPD/FLR


  6. Sylvie

    No doctor on TV set hold a candle to him


  7. The role of Dr Andy channeled Alex’s own inner goodness and beauty and he has never been more gorgeous as in THREE RIVERS


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