E!-Online – #AlexOLoughlin On Watch With Kristin (May 2007)

CBS Upfronts

– May 2007 –

CBS Upfront party 16 May 2007

Kristin: Nice to meet you.

Alex: How’s it going?

Kristin: Good. How are you doing?

Alex: Hey, E!

Kristin: You got picked up.

Alex: I got picked up, I got picked up, man it’s awesome. Drew Carey is right there. Can you believe this? I’m really excited today. It’s a good day

Kristin: And you play a vampire? Is this correct?

Alex: I’m playing a vampire. I’m playing a guy called Mick St John, who has been given the gift/curse of immortality He is a vampire, but he is pretty reluctant. It’s not something he wanted. It’s an interesting struggle.


Kristin: Why are all vampires normally good looking?

Alex: I don’t know? Have you seen Nosferatu?

Kristin: No.

Alex: You should check that out.{Laughs} He’s not bad, that guy. But I don’t know?

Kristin: Are you saying that you are better looking?

Alex: I think, I think, I think ……


Kristin: Do I smell an ego?

Alex: As vampire, I think we keep our ugliness on the inside. Our behaviours are ugly. So we have to balance it out right.

Kristin: Do you just have a little bit of an accent?

Alex: I’m an Aussie.

Kristin: Using an American accent for the show?

Alex: I play an American in the show and I am surrounded ……. I live in America and I am surrounded by Americans

Kristin: There are no vampires in Australia. We have never seen that before?

Alex: No.

Kristin: That would be a little weird.

Alex: Australians don’t have the constitution for vampirism. We’re a little too, we’re too NICE, you know. Too relaxed to kill people daily.

Kristin: Too much effort, really to go and bite someone in the neck?

Alex: It’s like I have to hunt and stalk someone down, kill them, drink their blood, get rid of the carcass ……. go surfing.

Kristin: Just got to go surfing

Alex: I just go surfing


Link to video here



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10 responses to “E!-Online – #AlexOLoughlin On Watch With Kristin (May 2007)

  1. Nice!
    I love these transcripts of old interviews… can you do this one anytime soon?


  2. Another good funny one, thank you 🙂


  3. karen

    Love all the Mick goodness. Thank you.


  4. Loving the interviews too, but she wasn’t that prepared really was she? or is that the point to find out about things, I would have done more research to ask him better questions 😛


    • gracenotpark

      She didn’t know him yet, so hadn’t planned on interviewing him specifically. ML had just been announced at Upfronts, so she grabbed the new guy to talk to. And he’s clearly not used to being interviewed. So cute!

      This was the first interview clip I found on YouTube after I stumbled onto ML and decided I needed to cyber-stalk whoever that guy was who played Mick. So thanks for the fangirl memories!!! 😉


  5. alexnymph

    He’s so cute–so young, so in awe, so humble.

    I remember him talking about this experience in another interview. He was in Canada filming “Whiteout” when they called him and said get down to NYC. It was close to 5pm and he had to rush to buy a suit before rushing to the plane. Suit looks pretty damn good. And he looks like Mick–not like Russell, who he was in the middle of playing. How does he do that?


  6. The videos are too fun and addictive. TY


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