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Recently in comments, I realised that some of the fangirls are missing out on news updates about Alex, because we do not share it here on the blog. Lots of people did not know about the ‘T-shirt picture competition’ that we reported on a while back, or the Taylor Blue nail polish sale that we reported on this week.

Up until now we mainly posted breaking news on our Twitter or Facebook pages, but some people do not use those types of social media. Amongst all the different posts and clutter on those mediums, news can also easily get lost, if you do not stay online 24/7. 😕

Paula and I discussed it and we thought that we will try to make short posts about breaking news of events, pictures and things around Alex, as it becomes available. We do not want to clutter the blog with too much stuff, but we will select the stories that we feel are good enough to share. 😀

Please give us feedback and how you feel about it. And thank you in advance for people making us aware of the new stuff and breaking news surrounding Alex.


For our first News Update, we will report back on yesterday’s main news surrounding Alex

We received a tip from Loulou yesterday, that ‘DNA Specialty INC‘ posted a picture of Alex and a motorbike on their Facebook page

DNA Specialty INC: Alex O’Loughlin ( Steve McGarrett Hawaii Five-O) with 2014 Deluxe, Mammoth spoke rims, rotors and pulley

16 June 2014

DNA Specialty INC is in LA, so my first thought was that this was taken in LA when Alex was there a week or two ago, but the ‘www. HawaiiHarley’ on the vehicle behind him, lead us on a different path. On investigating the surrounding area on the picture, it was confirmed to us, that it was indeed taken in Hawaii.  We also could see that it was taken at ‘Cycle City’ where Alex reportedly bought his new bike last month.

Another confusing fact from the photo, was the that this bike looked different to the one we saw on last months picture, when the sales person (Rippin Ronnie) posted his proud sale to Alex on his Facebook page

8 May 2014 Rippin Ronnie

Ronnie: Congrats to Alex, you guys might know him, on the purchase of his new 2014 Harley-Davidson Deluxe.

We asked DNA Specialty INC  and they confirmed that they did some modifications on the bike for Alex:

DNA Specialty INC: this is his bike with our custom wheels and other accessories.

Furthermore I have seen many comments that this must be the replacement bike, for what Alex lost in the fire in his garage, on 6 January 2014  – our story: Alex O’Loughlin – Sometimes we lose things ……… some precious, some not!

From all evidence that I could see, Alex did NOT lose any of his bigger custom-made bikes in the fire. On the pictures of the burned garage, there were only the remains of the motocross bikes and some bicycles and kiddies bikes visible (and maybe some other smaller motorbike at the back). ‘Cro Customs also sent out a message on Instagram that his latest custom-made purchase ‘Yang Yang’ ( bought in October 2012), was not at his home at the time, but was on tour as a display item.

crocustoms : Damn!!! Alex’s garage went up in flames Monday. So glad no one was hurt. Yang could have been up in flames too, but thankfully it wasn’t home
6 January 2014 - Fire

And if some of you were wondering about Alex’s other custom built bike, which he bought in 2009 –  Cro Customs reported on 24 September 2012: ‘Alex O’s Sporty 1200 Chop SOLD’

We want to wish Alex many happy hours and trips with his latest (very expensive) toy. He has been riding motorbikes since his teens and we know it is one of his greatest joys. ❤

If we have time, we will try our best to give you as much background information on any news item we cover. If you have any further questions, please ask and we will try our best to follow the story as far as we can….. 🙂


PS. And on a more negative, but hopefully a positive note.

What pisses me off greatly, is people’s ‘Entitlement of Rudeness’ on social media. If you don’t like something, say it nicely OR rather ignore it. If you like something associate yourself with it and enjoy it!

Don’t ‘fuck up’ the next person’s peaceful day and enjoyment, by making rude remarks towards them. It will really not enrich you life or mean anything positive to them ……..(for example: If you don’t like Alex’s beard, you are entitled to your opinion and to say it, but don’t be rude about it or entitle yourself to demands about it)

Let us rather be part of the next person’s enjoyment of fandom-life and it will create our own fun as well!



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56 responses to “Alex O’Loughlin – News Updates

  1. dina

    Love your news updates 🙂


  2. evowoman88

    Hell yes to your PS. So fucking sick and tired of the BS.


  3. Sylvie

    What a brilliant idea Paula and FOYyeur.
    Thanks again for your hard work.


  4. Manu

    I love the idea of the updates thank you 🙂
    i am quite active on social media but for lack of time sometiems i miss things so this will help me catching up!
    I totally agree with your last comment, too many people think they are entitled to be rude or to tell others what to do and sometimes they loose sight of one importat thing: respect!


  5. I love the idea of the news updates! Especially because of your ultimate ‘background intel’ ;-). This is a perfect place to visit again, to find all important things Alex at one place delivered and commented with RESPECT! ❤


  6. well, ESS has every news about Alex on her blog, so maybe you can reblog her posts, or put a link somewhere to her blog saying she has the news… your blog is just perfect the way it is now


    • I think most of the people who follow us also follow AOLww and they are listed on our blog roll. Not only them, but some of the other lovely sites on the blog roll, also do have all the up to date news available and they all are great sites! However we all have our different unique ways of presenting the news.
      Up until now we never felt there was a need for us to do current news as well, but a few comments from some of our readers made me realise that we can do something more for them – Presenting the news in our own way.
      We might not cover all the stuff everybody else does. And they might not do all the stories we do. But I think we all do our bit to provide the fans with as much fun Alex-stuff as posible.


  7. I say the more news about Alex the better. I love all your wonderful pictures, the stories, the interviews, the polls and now this, they are all amazing. Thank you for sharing.

    P.S. It’s never wrong when a person disagrees with someone or something but it is ALWAYS WRONG when it is said in a nasty, negative, disrespectful way. Thank you Paula and Foyeur for always being so nice, polite and respectful of Alex and his fans. Did I forget to thank you for sometimes be just a little “naughty” along with the nice ❤ ❤


  8. drbell

    Thanx from us non social media followers…we miss so much, please continue…u r appreciated!


  9. Ulrike Schwarz

    I would love to get more news from you cos I’m not on facebook or twitter. I’waiting every day for your e-mail – they’re all great!!! But I hope to hear more upto date things too. By the way: thanks for all the work and time you spend for this side. Greetings from Germany


  10. He has a right to let. His hair down when he’s not working


  11. karen1228

    Ladies – Please keep up the news updates! I love them and don’t know what I’d do without them and your absolute dedication to all things Alex! Even though I’m on social media, things slip by me but this is one site I frequent often!
    As for your PS – totally agree – I don’t know why so many people feel entitled to spread their rude and nasty comments.


  12. As a non-twitter nor facebook user, i appreciate your news updates with some study, pics, gifs or even videos also. Your effort, dedication and work are awesome and as Alex’s fan i’m thankful to both of you.
    About PS, respect and tolerance are the words. We learn from birth that we must respect others people opinions, choices, points of views, ways of life, to be respected. So it’s sad that we need to remind others a life lesson learnt since early age.


    • I am just amazed at how people tend to focus on the negative stuff and by doing so, missing out on the fun and to spread the fun as well!


    • Dusty

      I so agree on the respect and tolerance. I posted that I loved the beard and that it was manly and that Alex is manly..Some woman went off on me like a rocket, called me down and said the percentage in favour was against the beard and how dare I post for it. I deleted my post. Wow… I know another TV star and he won’t show his face anymore as there are some fans that don’t seem to realize these are people with lives and can choose to do what they want, and these same fans can’t seem to differentiate the real person from the character. We have to respect the actor and what they do. I was told by the fans of my friend, that they owned him and I had no right to keep his email, address or family stuff private. WTF!!! is wrong with people.


      • It is really sad that you felt you needed to delete your post – for me it is a shame if somebody posted a repectful oppinion and it is not respected as a view. (BUT I want to emphazise RESPECTFUL) None of us are the same. I was recently told on social media that I don’t allow for critism – some people just does not get, that the way they present their critism might be the problem……..and I will most probably respond with rudeness, if rudeness was thrown at me!
        The most interesting things to me is no matter how rude people can be about this, their rudeness only affects themselves and like I said earlier, disturbs other fans’ peace and enjoyment. I am sure any of our “heartfelt” needs and visions for Alex does not mean anything to him – he only needs to satisfy himself and his loved ones. So what is the point of us fighting about it?
        With all of these senseless things on social media and the internet, I fully support Alex ‘s decision not to partake in it at all – he is a very wise man! 🙂


  13. joanie

    Don’t do FB or Twitter either, so thank you for the extra updates.


  14. vanduyn

    I think the news updates are a fabulous idea Thanks ladies 😀


  15. yes would be great to post the update love your blog x 🙂


  16. colleen

    This is great. I don’t do Facebook or Twitter so this is wonderful for me. Thank you guys so much. P.S. Alex with a beard and motorcycle completes my whole bad boy image. Haha


  17. alexnymph

    Yes, please do posts like this here also–I don’t really have time to Twitter or FB, but I always have time for you! And thank you for going the additional step of investigating the notes–I did not know about his bikes 1) selling 2) not being in the fire (something exploded, assumed it was an engine or gas can) and 3) bike being on tour (interesting in itself). Please keep up all the great work! 🙂


    • There were a few bikes there that could explode, but as far as I could see only the motocross bikes and not any bigger ones. But of course the pics did not show everything – that is just my assumption and the evidence available from different sources. 🙂


  18. I am so happy!!! I am not on those types of social media and I love all of your stuff!!! Thanks for everything!!!


  19. karen

    Since I have no interest in FB or any other social media I am very happy to see whatever you post. I’m not real fond of the beard myself, but why be nasty about it? Besides, it comes off soon. This trend of social media crudeness is disturbing.


  20. I am on FB and Twitter alot but with timezone differences its difficult to keep up. I still missed hearing abt the tshirt designing till you posted the winner! Anything you ladies decide will be great, I enjoy coming here regardless ♥


    • Thanks for you support! 🙂
      You do a great job in promoting Alex and H50 in NZ!
      And you are always welcome to ask if we can do anything to support you with it.


  21. Hello, I look at almost every day your website and think it’s great that you notify us as much information about Alex. I live in Germany and here is very rare to find an article about Alex or Five-O, or any of its other projects. I love to visit your page and find your Or-gas-so-meter items just funny and awesome. Really you render as a great work and you can tell it comes from the heart. A thousand thanks for it, and makes far keep it up. A warm greetings from Germany


  22. Sandra Belchamber

    since AOLR shut down, it is almost impossible for some of us to get any current news about him.  thankfully, I found your website and any current news you can gather, will be appreciated.  thanks so much,


    • Hi Sandra, there are a few sites that do have up to date info on Alex and Hawaii Five-0. Most of them are on our blog roll, under “Sites to visit” on the right hand side. They are all great fans of Alex and all have their different ways of presenting information about Alex.
      I really wish we had the resourses, contacts and online skills that Mizz from AOLR used to have. She did a great professional job!
      We will never be able to fill her shoes! But we will try to bring you as much as possible new information. 🙂


  23. Your AOL blog is the only one I read. I am on Twitter and FB but I find myself so busy these days that I am not on social media as much. So, I appreciate any update you guys send me in an email. I may not comment too much but I am always reading or looking at the pics.

    As far as your PS, online drama is exhausting, People can be anonymous so they feel they have no boundaries.

    That is why I really enjoy your blog, it is just a fun no drama zone.


  24. Great Idea! Thank you!


  25. Dusty

    I sure hope Alex’s new bike wasn’t on the recall list from Harley for the faulty clutch that could cause an accident. Yikes…


    • Dusty, from all the information I could find, it seems like that recall already happened in October 2013 for the 2014 models. I do not see any more recent recalls…..
      I do not know how all these things work with recalls, but I doubt that a reputable dealership would sell bikes in May 2014, that were already recalled in October 2013.
      And also the way I see Alex and with a decision as big as this purchase, I think he would have done his research in any case and would not have bought something that had queries about its safety. I think he knows quite a bit about bikes, as it has been his passion for so many years.
      I hope this puts your mind at rest 🙂


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