S 4 Funny and sarcastic Steve made me giggle

Let´s have a look back at last season and what made us/me giggle 😀 This is a compilation of the stuff we already posted (3 episodes didn´t make the cut, 405, 413 and 421, just too serious stories in those). Here we go. Hope you enjoy these. I honesty had forgotten some already. S 4 wasn´t that bad 🙂



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14 responses to “S 4 Funny and sarcastic Steve made me giggle

  1. Audrey Manasterski

    Hi There, can you resend this for me, I went to put it in a file and ended up deleting it and can’t get it back. Mahalo.

    Audrey XXOO “Before anyone did anything, Elvis did everything.”



  2. karen1228

    If Alex is involved, we know it’s good for a laugh – he’s just so cute and irresistible!! I can’t wait for the S4 dvd just to watch the gag reel and see what antics he was up to!

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  3. I absolutely love goofie Steve 🙂
    It’s like Alex comes through with his personality when they allow Steve to be cute and funny.


  4. vanduyn

    What a treasure trove here! Thanks so much Paula! I had also forgotten a few of these. Awesome! 😀


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  6. Thank you! These are a lovely gif to all of us! 😉


  7. colleen

    Awe to cute!!! Seeing Alex carrying that baby is enough to make my heart melt. I really enjoy these, thank you Paula!


  8. Great GIFs!!! I’m really happy that there’s no poll. Because I couldn’t choose one fave!!! Luv’em!!! I hope we get more of this in S5!!!!


  9. This post is awesome! It remind us that cute, funny and sarcastic Steve is the best. That makes him more real and believable as a character. I love this side of McGarrett. I hope the H50 writers will give us more funny moments in season 5, to Alex shine as Steve. TY Paula.


  10. sylvie

    Love that gifs but the one wih the baby and the one with pop-corn are the best for me. THX


  11. Love these and love the fact that Danny is in most of these. Adorable/Goofy Steve needs his good mate to make him insane and therefore produce these faces 😀 LOL


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