Cosmo’s quick interview with #AlexOLoughlin – March 2008

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Don’t Miss August Rush

 Cosmopolitan, Australia, 31 March 2008

We felt the fuzzies with this sweet-as story about a music miracle child, Evan Taylor (Freddie Highmore), who uses his talents to track down his parents who abandoned him when he was born.

It’s been a while since we got a magic-does-exist‘ fix, and we promise this fairytale-ish flick won’t disappoint.

Alex & JRM in August Rush

Keep your eyes peeled for Keri Russell and Jonathan Rhys Meyers (the parents), as well as Aussie actor Alex O’Loughlin (pictured with Meyers above). Hint: he’s the spunky Sydney boy who’s shacked up with Holly Valance in LA, and recently starred as a detective-slash-vampire in Channel Nine’s Moonlight).

We roped him in for a quick chat:

Cosmo: How’s the Aussie-in-LA thing working out for you?

Alex: I lived on a couch for a year and effed my back, but things are going okay now.

Cosmo: Were you bummed to miss out on the James Bond/Casino Royale role to Daniel Craig?

Alex: I didn’t think I’d get it, but being Jimmy Bond for a day was awesome! I had a tuxedo cut and was flown to London to shoot three audition scenes.

One was a seductive scene with a topless Bond girl, and in another one I had to “assassinate” a guy!

Cosmo: You play an Irish muso in August Rush. Can we expect a duet with Holly (Valance) to hit the charts anytime soon?

Alex: [Groans] I know you didn’t just ask me that.

Cosmo: We did.

Alex: Holly’s fantastic, but no, not going to happen.

Cosmo: So spill: what’s the most romantic thing you’ve done for a chick?

Alex: I’m going to sound like a knob aren’t I?

Cosmo: Quite possibly.

Alex: OK … I took her to a national park, built a campfire, and told her she would have to sleep in a single swag with me for the night!

Cosmo: That’s original!

Alex: I think I’m a fun boyfriend. I love living life and doing spontaneous things.

Cosmo: Aww. Can we keep you?

 My Thoughts:

  • Won’t mind sharing Alex’s swag with him for a night….. 😛
  • For me August Rush was a feel good movie, but there was something missing from it, to make it a great movie :

– The movie was too full for me. It was as if they wanted to take too many roads with the boy – if that makes any sense? 😕

Robin Williams is a great actor, but him as a “villain” in this movie, did not really work for me. 😦

– Now that I know Alex, more of him in the movie would have been great – I think sometimes movie makers should take the risk of casting lesser known, but talented actors in their starring roles. ❗

– I think they missed out on the actual connection between the parents and the boy at the end. In another feel-good music movie  “The Concert“, they have a great ending, by showing some clips of the people together while the music is playing, after they re-united. This could have worked great in August Rush as well………

Link to the scene of Alex that did not make it into the movie.


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12 responses to “Cosmo’s quick interview with #AlexOLoughlin – March 2008

  1. karen

    I liked AR. The music was beautiful too. Not a Robin Williams fan though. And Alex was not in it enough. Still liked the movie though.


  2. I would prefer watch this movie with Alex as main cast.


    • gracenotpark

      He tried out for the lead but JRM got it, as he had a more known name. Alex woulda been better, IMO. I agree, Foyeur, sometimes they oughta go with their gut and pick the best guy, even if he isn’t well known. Hopefully he will get a movie lead someday!


  3. I’m pleased Alex was in this or I might have missed out in watching a very good sweet movie. I bought it on DVD before viewing because of Alex but I watch it for the story. But he is very hot and very natural on the stage with the guitar and singing. 🙂


  4. “I’m going to sound like a knob aren’t I?” >>> 😆 Oh my, I would love to hear him say that…*sigh* Wasn’t sure what he meant by swag. Is it a hammock or like a pup tent? Either way, if our bodies are pressed together in a small space, I’m all for it! 😛
    Him leaning in the white tee, with tongue hanging out…never gets old! Also, Alex drinking from a bottle is nearly pornographic. UNF!


  5. Reblogged this on alixia94's Blog and commented:
    Sera-t-il diffusé en France ? On désespère des rediffusions à la noix de nos chaînes TV, pourquoi pas les films d’Alex O’loughlin ? ? ?


  6. MWAH FoYeur. What an amazing find. Thanks a million I must go and finally watch this film!!!


  7. karen

    Sleeping bag…


  8. colleen

    Now I can comment on this article. I finally watched August Rush last night and really liked it. Alex looked so young! I loved the little bet of him that was able to be seen. When I watched it with my dad last night when he first saw Alex he said “Him again!” I guess I have made him watch to much Alex. Lol. Thanks for sharing this interview. Btw it was sad seeing Robin Williams now that he is gone. He was special.


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