Alex O’Loughlin – Latest news – #HottieOfTheWeek

It has been two and a half months since hiatus started for the cast of  Hawaii Five-0, when filming of Season 4 ended in March – still a month and a half to go before we will once again get any news from the set in Hawaii, when filming of Season 5 starts. Although the wedding has been big news and we have had some pics from Tokyo, Oz and Hawaii, it has been really quiet on the news front about Alex. 😦


Some fans decided to make our own fun and news……. 😆 Last week a few of Alex’s fans started tweeting on the ‘Hottie of the Week tag for E!News. By Wednesday Paula and I thought we should join the battle. We soon realised it was a battle between Alex’s fans and the Glee fans for Chris Golfer (Apparently Glee fans have been voting the cast in for the past 6 weeks) The other big contenders were Lady Gaga and Lauren Jauregui with some other minor following for other celebs as well. …… BUT last night this came through!

Hottie of the week 6

 And it was announced on E! News as they do every Friday evening.

Link to the annoucement


Just to get everybody up to speed on what it is all about……

‘Hottie of the Week is a twitter competition that E! News runs every week to give the fans  a chance to “vote” for their favorite star to be ‘Hottie of the Week’. This in fact means that it has nothing to do with the celebrities themselves, but just the fans willingness to annoy all their twitter followers with constant tweets to @ENews with the actor’s name and the #HottieOfTheWeek tag. 🙂

So all that this achieves is to get the celebrity mentioned on E! News on Friday night as Hottie of the Week. Of course the target market for this is teen idols as it is normally teenagers who are willing to spend any time on this. 😀


Lucky for me and Paula, we have our own personal twitter accounts ( and ) apart from our blog account ( ), so we could use those as well without annoying our blog followers too much or land in twitter jail for tweeting too much. 😀 I rarely use my twitter, but it came in very handy this time – apologies to my followers for the pic spam of Alex while I ‘voted’

On the one hand I am scared to share the names of the  tweeters who participated and made it happen, because I am scared I might miss somebody. But feel we need to give a lot of thanks to the ones who made it happen ( it was a fantastic group effort!)…….so here we go:

, , , ,, , , , ,, , , , , , , , , , , , c,, l , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

(If I missed anybody, I apologize – there was a lot of tweets to scan through to get the names )


During the whole time I did not see too much complaining from the fans on twitter and the timelines were filled with pretty pictures of Alex. Thousands of them! ❤ Of course it is not necessary to tweet pictures, but it helps, because you are not allowed to tweet the same tweet over and over again, so attaching a picture overcomes that problem. And it also gives the followers something to look at, other than just thousands of tweets with the same tags……..


Everybody did  a great job, because the real voting for Alex only started on Tuesday, but I think most will agree that a lot of the hard work was done by Carol – we applaud you! 🙂



Most of us who participated agree that we would much rather see Alex recognized for his acting, but that is not in our hands. None of us are members of the bodies that vote for acting accolades 😦 That is why we show our support in the places were we can at least try to make him aware of how much we appreciate him as an artist and as a person ……..♥

Please remember to vote for Steve’s abs: Here


  • I added some names at the end of the list, that I have missed earlier.
  • Remember that apparently RT’s does not count in the competition.
  • The tweets from people with protected accounts can not be counted, because only your own followers can read your tweets (Nobody else (E!News included) can see them).
  • And I also can not see tweets from people if they blocked our twitter account or if they are protected.
  • Belated birthday wishes to Chris Colfer (From Gleegruss – It was his 24th birthday last week, on 27 May – (oops!)


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32 responses to “Alex O’Loughlin – Latest news – #HottieOfTheWeek

  1. Glenna

    I do think you missed a few on the list. But it is ok!! can we get Alex to be Hottie of the week for 2 weeks in a row???


    • I updated the list, with the rest of the names I could find on there since Monday. (hopefully I count everybody this time – if there are more that you know off, I would gladly add them if they are on the list of the tag) 🙂
      I also wrote some updates at the bottom of the post as well


  2. gracenotpark

    LOL! Some folks did lose a twitter follower or two. I was amazed I did not. But it was fun showing the love, the pics were as delightful and festive as a beautiful Christmas tree, and the fandom camaraderie, for once, was pretty awesome. 🙂

    I hope Alex even hears about winning the title. Y’all, as usual, described it perfectly. It’s not quite the award we’d really like to give him, but it was available (via battle, anyway), so we managed to get it for him.

    We may be crazy, but we love you, Alex. 😉


  3. I hope Alex hears about his crazy fans too! It must be an actual feat beating out the Glee Fans! Do they pick a different cast member every week! Wish I could have voted more, but all of you proved how much you love Alex and his abilities! (So glad we beat Glee – hehe)


  4. Yay I was mentioned. So glad. ❤ This week was soooo crazy and had a lot of fun because of this contest xoxo. I'm super glad that TOGETHER, WE DID IT.


    • Of course you would be mentioned 🙂 – you were one of the main tweeters (together with quite a few of the names on the beginning of the list)
      It was really great that so many actually took part and worked together and that the timeline was filled with all the pretty pictures of Alex (and not the constant bickering that we constantly have to endure on there 😦 )


      • I tweeted so hard because I really wanted to do smt for him, at the very least, before I drop the show. I won’t watch ss5 (unless miracle happens), and it hurts me a lot to know maybe he doesn’t have any other project besides H50…


        • That really makes me sad to hear a fan of Alex say that they are dropping the show. 😦 I do understand that people do not like H5-0 at all and many of his fans have never really followed it.
          But for me it is important to support Alex in everything he does, even if I might think that it is not good or it is not going the direction I want – he makes it good enough for me to watch. If he himself is not good enough for me to carry the show anymore, I will stop my fangirling about him.

          I always think of this he said:
          “Everything you do is an experience you can draw upon for a role, he said. Never mind that the project you’re in isn’t good; shine as bright as you can. And find the truth. We are either in the truth or we’re not. The truth is difficult to get to. This conversation we are having is the truth. We get to this place and the cameras are rolling, we’re great.”


          • Yes, I understand. I just cant watch the show anymore 😦 First and foremost, I’m a McRoller. McRoll is the first and foremost reason I started watching the show, the reason that keeps me sticking around. McRoll is the reason I become a fan of Alex first, then Michelle. Then I come back to watch his previous projects: Three Rivers, The back-up plan.

            You know, now my McRoll is gone. It just hurts to much to continue to watch the show. I started watching since ss3 (the Halloween episode where McRoll was making out on McGarrett’s sofa). I come back to watch ss1 and ss2, and yes I used to enjoy H50 itself without too much of McRoll scenes in these 2 seasons, used to enjoy McDanno bromance. Then I joined Twitter to seek McRoll shippers out there. Then I realized McDanno and McKono fans are terrible, which made me start hating Danny and Kono on the show. I know I’m childish, but thinking abt season 5: without McRoll (the biggest motivation of mine to watch H50), with a lot of Danny and Kono, a lot of potential McDanno and McKono, I don’t see any reason that keep me watching. My two favorite people – Alex and Daniel Dae Kim – are not enough… But right now, nothing can change my love to Alex. I admire him not because of his handsome face, but because of his acting skill (that’s my first impression). I just hope he can have other projects so that I can continue to support him, like what I’m doing right now 🙂

            Sorry for rambling and sorry for my poor English 😥


  5. karen1228

    I don’t think I found out about it till Wednesday so I’m happy that we beat a bunch a teenagers! It’s the least we can do to show Alex how much we love him! Amazing how many different photos there are of him out there! I loved seeing them! It was fun and better yet was the fact that no one fought, argued or bickered and that’s the way it should be! Peace can reign on that venue.


  6. Thank you to all fangirls that have twitter and made this happen. Your effort and dedication was worth. For me he is THE HOTTIE OF EVERY WEEK!


  7. Well, you didn’t hear me complain because I stayed off twitter most of the week. I truly hope this sh7t never happens again. No disrespect but that was more than annoying.
    Can’t they have their votes on their site, so no one else has to suffer through this? I apologize to everyone who participated in this and thinks it is fun.
    I actually think it doesn’t do Alex any favors. Hottie of the week? Yes, Alex is damn attractive, but I don’t want him associated with such teeny stuff. Sorry, but I think it helps to press him into the cliche of being just a pretty face with a hot body.
    Just my opinion. I know I will be pretty much alone with it, but I just wanted to let you know that not everyone enjoyed that week or his win.


    • I thought the “crazy” amount of tweets would get on some nerves, but I liked that there was enough of fans to make this happen. I think it gave us a happy moment (and also to beat the teens) and doubt Alex getting a few seconds on ENews hurt him.
      I hope fans will now vote for the best abs, at least those votes don´t bother anyone else.


  8. Carol Brill

    I have heard from some of my followers that I annoyed them too.
    Most of them just muted me for the week because they knew my obsession would stop on Friday. Others were happy when I suggested we honor other cast members, their obsession. I too would prefer to give Alex an Emmy or People’s Choice award for his acting. He deserves to be recognized. I thought this was a fun way to pass some time with my twitters followers & make new some new friends. Hiatus can get a little boring. I also had a blast fangirling & acting like a teenager again.


  9. Thank for the mention, for me It was a way to show my love for Alex, of course Alex is more than a gorgeous man, he is such an amazing actor not appreciated enough for his talent. My hope is that in the future we will have opportunities to supporting Alex on his work as an actor


  10. Firstable, congratulations to all the girls who voted and gave this to Alex. I confess that thought I have a twitter account, I don’t use it, because it could be sometimes ” a demons field”; I prefer FB where I can choose who my friends are and share with them my love and thoughts about Alex, indeed, through my fangirling I have met wonderful and loving girls that I consider real friends……so when I see that all these girls fought together voting for Alex and spread their love and admiration to him with pictures and funny happy tweets -thought it could have annoyed someone- is more than beating the irrational and mean teens, the only more notable thing beyong Alex won is what his fans, his real fans are made of …….. unconditional LOVE for him and I applaud you all ❤ :)………NOW as many of you, I realize and get upset that Alex never gets the recognition he deserves as an actor, it seems to me that he's "ignored" for these kind of nominations without a reason when he has worked so hard and I understand how Mostlyfive0 feels, beeing the "hottie of the week" is a slam to his great acting skills and a crumb of comfort for his fans to feel voting and supporting him for something at least ……I'm so sorry, as I said the most remarkable thing is the effort you all have done and I keep asking myself where the hell and what the hell is and does Alex's agent?! ……silence :/ ………. so, for now, my dear Mostlyfive0 we have to continue beeing mini AOL agents everywhere, supporting him in any stupid poll or competition where he could be part of and keep strongly demanding more than recognition, respect for him as an actor, someday we will be heard…… TY Foyeur and Paula.


    • Excuse me, did you just say that his fans who didn’t participate in this are not his true fans, his real fans? Just because they might have a different opinion on these silly polls? Well, seems that I’m not a fan and supporter then. Thanks for telling me, I didn’t know until now.


      • No, please wait a minute Mostlyfive0, I didn’t mean that, I guess I haven’t expressed myself clearly, if that would be my intention, then I’m not a real fan either since I didn’t vote, of course you are a real and supportive fan of Alex, and all of us know it. What I meant to say is that all these girls that voted in twitter, they did it peacefully, happily and full of love for Alex and I feel that the real fans of Alex, either they have or haven’t voted in this poll, ( now I realize I should have emphatized on this) WE have this same attitude and behavior and I’m glad that the ones who voted showed it. I love that we can discuss passionaly without being confrontative and that we truly care about Alex in every sense. Ok, This is what I meant. I didn’t want to hurt you but I sincerely appologize to you.


        • Thank you for clearing it up EU. I also thought that was what you meant and I wanted to give you time to explain it.
          Thanks for your kindness 🙂


      • This is my wordpress account but I’m Eu Santamaria.


  11. Sylvie

    What a mess with this vote!!, It’s a pity Ladies that you’re fighting about that, it’s not the purpose. I don’t know how it works with a tweeter account but according to what I read people were able to muted the ones who annoyed them so they just had to do it.
    Yes Alex deserves better but it was just a game during few days, a cool bet to beat some teens, a sort of joke, where is the bad thing about that?
    No participation in this poll doesn’t remove somebody love in Alex and certainly not you who manages a wonderful Alex’s website.(Mostlyfive0)
    As I said it wasn’t a battle to divide fans but just a bet.
    That’s just my opinion, everybody is free to think differently.


  12. I will rather write my thoughts here than as a specific reply to anybody’s comments:
    We are all individuals and fangirl in our own way. Many of us belong to groups that we feel do thing the same way as we all do. Sometimes fans from different groups actually come together and have some fun. Paula and I more or less do our own thing here and rarely participate in specific groups. For us it is all about having fun with our fangirling and Alex. We are not here to please anybody. If people don’t like what we do, we do not force them to visit us or to participate in what we do – here or on our FB page, Pinterest or twitter.
    We also give our readers the chance to voice their opinions freely.
    Some fans see their type of fangirling as superior to others – but in my eyes everybody should just have their own fun, according to their own taste and style. I suspect there are many fans who do not like what we do, because we have a lot of people who used to regularly comment here, but who we no longer see around. We are not doing anything here for anybody else but our own fun. We are not even doing it for Alex and definitely do not what to try to do him any favours! AND we do not see what we do as some sort of service to him – we are not his PR people and do not think we have any effect on him at all. He does what he does and we have fun with it in our own way!
    No amount of fangirling can make an actor better or worse than his or her own talent and the projects that employ him or her. Nothing that we do will determine their fate – only their own actions will sculpt their future as a person and the path their career will take. It is not our job to try to live other people’s lives for them – only stay true to ourselves.
    One thing I do know, is that people need to know about actors to employ them and to even consider them for a role. As they say all publicity is good publicity. Millions of people do not and have not ever watched anything that Alex have done and do not know who he is – lots of the Glee fans actually asked who he is (Some sarcastically of course , but some not) 😀 And I personally think it is high time more of them find out who Alex O’Loughlin is…….
    Most actors laugh (with embaressment) and joke about being voted “Sexiest person alive” and silly stuff like that. And rightly so. It is silly and it is silly fun that fans have. The minute anybody takes any of that too seriously, in any direction – good or bad, they are in trouble in my opinion.

    If we here at ‘Intense Study’ feel we no longer have any fun with Alex or have fun sharing the fangirling with others, we will just press delete and be gone……..
    And as an afterthought – I think it would be good for Alex to know that some of his fans still see him as a ‘Hottie’ – even now that he is married only a month ago. For me personally his commitment to marry his lover and the mother of one of his children and his devotion to his family makes him so much more desirable and a true ‘Hottie’ than ever before!


    • I hope one day we can vote for him as “Sexist man alive”, though it sounds silly and has nothing to do with his talent, I still want him to have that title. You girls are doing a good job to entertain yourself and entertain us. Thank you for that. Please keep up the good work.


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