#H50 : #AlexOLoughlin plays a Navy SEAL’ – Interview, April 2010

 Alex O’Loughlin — a veteran of three TV series Moonlight,” “Three Rivers,” The Shield” — stars opposite Jennifer Lopez in the new romantic comedy, The Back-Up Plan,” but don’t worry. He’s still in the TV game, starring in the new Hawaii Five-O.

by Elizabeth Snead, zap2it.com, 2 April 2010

To prep for playing Steve McGarrett, he watched a few episodes of the original 1968 series.

“It’s very dated and it’s funny to go back and watch it, even the acting is very stylized and the voice work is so different,” O’Loughlin told The Dish Rag exclusively.

The new “Five-O will be very different overall. Yes, the theme music is the same. And Steve is still fighting crime in Hawaii. But it’s on a whole other level.

“Steve is a Navy SEAL,” O’Loughlin explains.

“He spent his childhood in Hawaii, left, joined the military and became a special ops commander, then comes back to the island for a reason and ends up running a task force for the government.”

Just don’t expect him to wear Hawaiian shirts. O’Loughlin reveals:

“I’m in my dress blues and metal racks for special occasions and on the set the rest of the time, I’m really a cargo pants, T-shirt, tactical boots kind of guy.”

In the teaser, O’Loughlin is seen in North Korea on a mission in full military gear with lots of stunts, gun play, hand-to-hand fighting.

“I love all that stuff,” he admits.

What will audiences be surprised by? The relationship between Alex and Scott Caan, who plays Danno Williams.

“We really hit it off. We were born on the same day, about 7 hours apart and even though we come from different sides of the planet, there are a lot of similarities between us.”

He has high hopes for the show but doesn’t want to get disappointed.

“I’m so tired right now, I’ve worked two weeks straight without a day off, and worked through the weekend to get days off for the press junket for “The Back-Up Plan.”

“I don’t why it’s not gonna get picked up,” he says of the series. “But I’ve done this three times before and learned the hard and painful way that you have to put it out of your mind. You can have 10 million viewers and everything looks amazing and the next day, you’re canceled.”

But one thing remains the same. Alex does say, “Book ’em Danno,” at the end of the show’s pilot, which should please fans of the original series


My Thoughts:

  • This is a very short interview, but it is always interesting for me to see what the feelings were in the beginning of H50.
  • Still interesting to me that Moonlight was canceled, even though it had 10 million viewers tuning in. 😦
  • It seems like they (Alex and Scott) are struggling to figure out exactly how many hours apart they were born 🙂 – here in the interview Alex talks about 7 hours and recently on the Queen Latifa show, Scott talked about 5 HoursLast year on their birthday, we did a story on it:
  • Alex O’Loughlin – Because the world is round……


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12 responses to “#H50 : #AlexOLoughlin plays a Navy SEAL’ – Interview, April 2010

  1. love when you ladies go back in time and look back at the show at the start. I to was reading many articles I could find about the show to get a idea of what it would be like. I have a theory on why scott and alex get confusesd about the hours they were born. Like he said maybe becsue alex is in noe time zone way around the world and scott is in another, so maybe its easy mix it up.


    • It is not that difficult to work out, when you know at what time they were born, where they live. If you read the story I did last year (link given in the article), you will see how easy it is even with the time difference. 🙂


  2. karen1228

    More Alex for you!!


  3. Sandra

    ML had actually 7-8 million viewers but what really killed it was the writer’s strike. As it turned out, every new show that season was canceled from all networks. I remember finding out it was canceled the day before the Upfronts and 3 days before the final episode aired. I cried like a baby. LOL
    I have read and/or seen all of the interviews but you are to be commended Paula (and thanked over and over) for taking the time to find them once again and bring us down memory lane. I also love your thoughts as I am almost always in agreement with you. 🙂


    • You are crediting me by mistake. It is FOYeur who does this hard work on the interviews. It´s a bit like me with gifs, she can´t be stopped, but then who would even want to 😉
      She has found amazing interviews that many of us have only read parts of, or maybe just forgotten.


  4. Colleen Snyder

    Thanks for the interview. I love reading those old ones with Alex. I have one question about the show. I have seen every episode several times and one thing always seem weird to me. In the first season when Steve and Chin see each other again Chin says that Steve broke all of Chins high school football records. How could Steve have done this if his father had already sent him and Mary to the mainland? Can you ladies help me with an answer?


    • gracenotpark

      I think he played high school ball for 2 years. If I remember correctly, McDaddy shipped him off right as his junior year was starting.

      So it’s conceivable he broke all records as a sophomore, but that would be verrrrrry rare. He musta been a helluva football prodigy!


      • colleen

        Thank you the clears things up for me a little! Nice to see I’m not the only one addicted to this show and Alex. 🙂


  5. gracenotpark

    With this interview, I can feel his nerves heading into this project. I recall another interview where he commented on being kinda miserable while shooting the pilot, feeling isolated in a strange new environment, separated from friends and his then GF. I think they had to woo him pretty hard for the role and he held out for awhile, given that CBS so summarily had canned his other projects, both of which I think held more fascination for him than McGarrett did. But at this point, it’s ended up being life changing for him in all the best possible ways. He’s got 3 kids and a wife all living with him and he’s a cultural icon in Hawaii. Not isolated any more!


  6. karen

    Yes, his life sure has taken a wonderful turn since moving to paradise. Don’t know how he feels, but I can no longer picture him in LA anymore.


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