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#AlexOLoughlin on The Talk – 27 September 2013

On Friday, 27th of September 2013, Alex appeared on The Talk before the start of Season 4 of Hawaii Five-0 that evening. This post is a transcription of more or less everything that was said 😀 There was such a lot of inaudible talk amongst them and it was difficult to hear it all, but I tried my best to get it all down …….

Alex and the ladies from The Talk

Aisha: You can watch our first guest, heating up the beach, every week as Detective Steve McGarrett on Hawaii Five-0.

Starting tonight he, and the rest of the team are back on the beat for their 4th hot season. Take a look…

[Shows clip of a cargument from the show]

Aisha: Please welcome to the show, Alex O’Loughlin!


[The Hawaii Five-0 theme plays and all the host ladies gets Lei’d by Alex]

Alex: Aloha

 [Aloha’s all around from everybody]

Sharon: I always say, “There’s nothing like a good lei.”


Alex: Nothing like a good lei….

Aisha: So true…

Aisha: We’re so excited to have you Alex.

Alex: Thanks for having me.

Sharon: Yes, we are.

[Lots of cheers]


Aisha: We all worked on this one. Everyone is used to hear you speak with an American accent, but you grew up in Australia.

Alex: I did.

Aisha: And that is known for having some of the most dangerous creatures on the planet, which I did not know. What was that like growing up for you?

Alex: It was dangerous.


Julie: The Dingoes?
Sharon: Spiders and snakes?
Aisha: Scorpions?

Alex: That they have, they have a lot of that creepy crawly stuff, yeah.

Aisha: Did you ever encounter that stuff?

Julie: Did you find it creepy crawly?


Alex: Well a lot of my family are from the bush. You know, they have ranches and sheep and cattle stations and stuff. And so as a kid I had the best of both worlds. I was from the city and I was in the country, and so you learned ……. you’re taught how to not die, from an early age.

So if you have to lift up a rock you make sure you lift if from the front, so whatever is under there can go that way.


Sara: Not towards you. Towards your friend, yah?

Alex: And I also learned how to like kill snakes, you know, with shovels and stuff.

Sharon: Well you’d be busy in this town, cause here are loooooads of them.


Alex: They need to teach me how to kill sharks.


Sharon: Now, you first came to Los Angeles in the 90’s. When you first got here, was it all that you thought it would be? Or were you disappointed?

Alex: Well, I was 21 and it was 1997. And I got here and I was freaked out. I’d seen Asia and Europe and stuff, and for some reason they felt more …. I felt more estranged here. There was so much concrete. Los Angeles particularly.

So much concrete and there was no public transport. And when I got on public transport and went to the beach and almost got stabbed by a guy with like ….. colors on – it’s all true.

So I was very naïve. I was like, “Let’s go down town”.

Julie: No one’s warned you?

Alex: When you go somewhere, like a nice city, you always go down town. It’s where you go. It’s where things happening. It was bad.

Down town in the 90’s, it wasn’t good.

Julie: Well now you are probably loving living in Hawaii, where you live with your family?

Alex: I love it.

Julie: Going into the 4th season, so it’s been a few years now.

But at home your son, your youngest son Lion.

Alex: Yah

Julie: He’s about to turn one?  Next month?

Lion's picture on The Talk

Alex: Yeh, there he is. That’s my little man.

Julie: How has this little man totally changed the dynamics of your home, coming into your world?


Alex: Dramatically. He did not sleep for 10 months, so …. Yeah, it was entirely our fault. He’d go “Wah” and we’d go “Oh baby, he’s dying.” And he´s perfectly fine, he just wants attention. And also I have to work and so …..

The ferberization of Lion. Ugh, the ferberization of Lion, that should be like a movie title.

In the end we did. I was like, “That’s it, I’m going to kill everybody on the Island, if I don’t get some sleep” And so …. we just let him….


Aisha: So Ferberization is where you let the kid cry and they soothe themselves?

Alex: And I hate that. It is a very contentious thing to do.

Julie: Most dads do. The mothers are like, “He will be fine”… The dads are like, “Go get them!”

Alex: She was fine. Malia slept like a baby and was like, “I have my life back and I look ten years younger”. I was like, “He might be choking. I don’t hear him” – very panicking ……

We have 3 boys. My house is a man factory.

Sheryl: Wait a minute. Man factory! Where do I get my ticket to go there?
Julie: You have to wait a few years.

Alex: I’ll leave you with the men, anytime you want too.

Sheryl: Little babies love me.

Alex: There you go.

Sheryl: Do you let them eat bacon?

Alex: They eat whatever they want. I’ve got a photo of him eating sand yesterday and the shovel.

But he really …. Maybe we should not have called him Lion, because he really lives up to that name.

Lion at the beach

Julie: You have your hands full?

Alex: Yeah, we have our hands full.

Sheryl: So tell us about the 4th season of Hawaii Five-0. Can I say the word? I got my Lei-on.

[Laughs and clapping all around]

Sheryl: So tell us everything. What can I expect? What is going to happen?

Alex: We left off in Season 3, it was pretty tense. McGarrett was in a pickle, again. I mean this guy. The things he gets out off, I can’t believe it, he’s amazing.

Anyway, he gets out of it …. and so we have to deal with WoFat….. again. He’s the guy that won’t die.

Aisha: He really won’t.

Alex: I actually pitched it to Peter Lenkov, I was like, “What if I just shoot him”?


Julie: No.

Aisha: There’s so many opportunities…

Alex: Why don’t I just shoot him with my gun? I have a gun.

Steve and WoFat

Aisha: In the hospital bed, he couldn’t move….

Alex: But he’ll still live though and he’d come back, you know.

Sheryl: He’s WoFat, he’s the villain, and you can’t kill WoFat.

Alex: You can’t kill him.

And we have a hostage situation, and HQ gets infiltrated by some terrorists. It’s kind of scary.

And Catherine, who McGarrett is pretty fond of now, gets …..

Sharon: Killed?
Aisha: No!

Alex: No, Sharon….?!

Sheryl: That’s his weakness. Mrs O, he’s really in love with her, but he can’t show that. Because ……

Alex: Hold on, hold on, hold on….

Sheryl: Okay my bad ….. At least in my mind you all really love each other and that causes you to be distracted and then when headquarters get infiltrated, you’ve got to do your job…

Alex: That’s a big word….

[Laughs and clapping]

Julie: Alex O’Loughlin everyone. Thank you for the flowers. What a gentleman!


Alex: You’re welcome. You’re welcome…

Click here to watch the video.

My thoughts:

  • There’s really not much left of Alex’s Australian accent.
  • Sharon looked like she just unwrapped the best present ever – and by that I mean she was quite giddy with Alex’s company 😛
  • Sharon did not look impressed with the whole ferberization thing.
  • Aisha, who has been on Hawaii Five-0 as a guest in Episode 321, should know better than to call him Detective Steve McGarret – He is Commander 😀


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