Australia’s Woman’s Day Magazine Interviews #AlexOLoughlin (2007)

Alex is lucky and in love

Woman’s Day Magazine

By Jacqui Lang

December 2007

Devilishly handsome Alex O’Loughlin, 31, is yet another Aussie actor making his way in Tinseltown, starring as a likeable vampire in Nine’s new series Moonlight, but in real life, Alex is also the devoted boyfriend of singer Holly Valance – just don’t ask him about her!

Alex as Mick St. John

Question: How’s life in Hollywood?

Alex: Pretty good. I’ve been here three years now.

Question: Tell us about Moonlight.

Alex: I play the central character, a person who was made into a vampire against his will. But after 55 years, he accepted his curse and find a way to use his powers in a good way.

Question: On Moonlight, you suck a bit of blood from time to time?

Alex: Yeah, I suck lots of blood.

Question: How do you rehearse that?

Alex: You can’t rehearse, you just go for it!

Question: While you’re in a role do you speak in the required accent all the time?

Alex: Yes and some people criticize that. At the end of the day, my face will be on screen and I want to play the character as well as I can.

I lived in New York with Jonathan Rhys Meyers while making the movie August Rush – in which I play a Dubliner – and it was helpful that Jonathan is Irish. I kept that accent for four months. That can be quite confrontational for people around me.

Alex and JRM in August Rush

Question: Is it true you nearly scored the role of James Bond (that Daniel Craig won)?

Alex: Yeah, it is. I flew to London and screen-tested for it – and obviously didn’t get it. But at least I got to be Bond for a day!

Question: How would you have been as Agent 007?

Alex: Actually, I’m probably to young. I look at my work and I think I am not ready – but in five years I think I’d be a bloody great Bond!

Questions: Despite not becoming James Bond, are people starting to recognise you in the street?

Alex: Yes, it’s weird. It’s nice having your work recognised but having people follow you around is kinda weird.

Question: Have you met any of your idols in the US?

Alex: Lots actually, but the most impressive was when I was in New York. I walked into a cafe and it was empty – except for one guy at the next table who turned out to be Robert De Niro.

He nodded at me and said “Hi” and we ended up chatting for 15 minutes.

I’m no sycophant but this was a thrill for me and I thanked him for his contribution to the industry. He was an inspiration to me.

Question: How is your relationship with Holly going?

Alex: I’d prefer to keep it out of the interview, but yes, we’re very happy.

Alex (& Holly) arrives in Sydney Dec 2007

Question: Will you be spending Christmas in Australia?

Alex: Yes and I can’t wait to spend time with family and people I don’t get to see much.

Question: What do you want for Christmas?

Alex: To sleep. I badly need a vacation.

Alex is setting hearts a-flutter as vampire Mick St. John in Moonlight. But it’s songstress Holly who pulls his heart strings.

Alex and Holly (TCA Party 2007)

 My thoughts:

  • Most of the things in this short article is kind of “old” news and general knowledge about Alex, but I love the bit where he talks about meeting Robert De Niro in New York.
  • It must have been funny and weird, being around Alex for the 4 months while he was talking with an Irish accent. 🙂
  • I think sycophant (a person who acts obsequiously toward someone important in order to gain advantage) and obsequiously (obedient or attentive to an excessive or servile degree) are my two new favourite words. 😀

Womans Day 24 Dec 2007


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7 responses to “Australia’s Woman’s Day Magazine Interviews #AlexOLoughlin (2007)

  1. I thought his Irish accent in August rush was really good, as much as his American accent in Five-0.
    It must have been so exciting for him to meet a legend like Robert De Niro.
    And once again we see his love for preserving his privacy, good on you Alex 🙂


  2. karen

    It’s so strange to look back almost 7 years. My how things have changed. Holly was beautiful.


  3. Heather

    Boy do Alex and Holly look good together. I wish he married her instead. He always looked happy with Holly, who is so pretty.


  4. gracenotpark

    So interesting about the accent thing. I can’t imagine doing an accent for a movie or a show anyway, like he does nearly every day of his life! Tho he seems to weave in and out of his native Aussie accent on his down time these days. Maybe it gets easier over time…

    I always thought he and Holly made a beautiful couple too, but lord I remember many of his fans writing such ugly stuff about her! I always wondered if that was part of their relationship ending, if she just got fed up with the more poisonous of his fans. But we will never know cos of his intelligent devotion to his privacy. So interesting to see he already had the sense, even at the beginning of his fame, to guard that part of himself.

    This was great fun to see an interview I’d never seen before from so far back. Y’all are super sleuths! 🙂


  5. It’s interesting that people also comment on how he doesn’t break character (accent wise) while filming 5-0 also. This is obviously part of his process. I would think it makes things much easier for him. Thanks for the interview 🙂


  6. I didn’t knew about the story of Alex meeting Robert de Niro. It was cool to read it. TY


  7. I dont know why people around him would have found the Irish accent confrontational, I would have swooned. Accents do me in and because I’m a kiwi I barely notice the Aussie one, its too similar. But Irish coming out of his mouth would make me melt *sigh*


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