#AlexOLoughlin – The Oyster Boy Moving to Tinseltown (June 2005)

Alex O’Lachlan hopes his first feature film will launch him into the big time,

– by Des Partridge, The Courier Mail, 23 June 2005

Actor Alex O’Lachlan has made a new home in Los Angeles, determined he won’t return to the roles of waiter or bartender he’s played for real in between acting jobs in Sydney. The rugged 28-year-old, who is expected to create a buzz with female moviegoers in his feature debut in the joint Australian/UK film, Oyster Farmer, relocated to Los Angeles from Sydney’s Coogee four months ago.

He is sharing a house in the Hollywood hills suburb of Laurel Canyon with his Oyster Farmer co-star, Diana Glenn, and her boyfriend, New Zealand actor Dean O’Gorman.

Alex and Dean

(Picture: Alex as Mick in 2007, with Dean who played one of the bad guys in the 1st Episode of Moonlight)

O’Lachlan, who graduated from the National Institute of Dramatic Art (NIDA) in Sydney in 2002, said in Brisbane before appearing at a preview screening of Oyster Farmer:

I don’t want to be mixing drinks in Sydney bars any more. Los Angeles is the mecca for everyone interested in film or television. I’ve had a manager in Los Angeles for the past three years, and I’ve been going back and forth. I’ve recently joined a management agency there,” says O’Lachlan, who had roles in Blackjack and White Collar Blue on television.

“It’s been tough in Sydney. Now I’ve decided I have to be there (Los Angeles) to chase the work. I really want to pursue my craft, and all the people you want to work with, directors, and writers, and actors, they’re in Los Angeles.

I’ve been doing at least one audition every week since I’ve been there, and something might come from one of those. It’s the right place to be to practice my craft.”

One audition that O’Lachlan hopes might bear fruit was for a role in a new movie for an Oscar-winning director, but he doesn’t want to prejudice his chances by talking about it yet. But I can tell you, that’s a role I really crave, he said.

O’Lachlan needed no introduction to the Hawkesbury River region where Oyster Farmer was made two years ago by a crew led by New Zealand-born, London-based Australian Film Television and Radio School graduate Anna Reeves, who won international festival awards with her short films.

“It’s a secret little slice of paradise,” says O’Lachlan, who made regular fishing trips to the Hawkesbury when he was growing up in Sydney.

Much of the film was shot around the idyllic Hawkesbury riverside settlement of Brooklyn. In Oyster Farmer, O’Lachlan plays an itinerant 23-year-old who joins an oyster farming community, developing a bond with members of a family who’ve grown oysters for several generations.

Alex in Oyster Farmer

O’Lachlan worked alongside well-known talents such as Kerry Armstrong, David Field and Jack Thompson, but it’s a frank outdoor love scene with Secret Life of Us regular Diana Glenn that has provoked most discussion about Oyster Farmer at international film festivals, rivaling interest in the film’s off-beat scenery.

The actor says he’s seen the film four times on the festival circuit, but always leaves his seat when the sex scene, filmed on a mangrove-lined wooden jetty, is about to play.

“As an actor, you know you just have to do the scene. We were pretty uncomfortable, but fortunately I knew Diana before, and we joked our way through the hours it took to get it down. We looked after each other,” says O’Lachlan, who admitted he had minor cuts to his knees from simulating sex on the ancient jetty over several “long and painful” hours.

“If we didn’t laugh about it, we would have been crying. Now I’ve started worrying because Oyster Farmer is going out on 22 screens internationally in July, and there’ll be my naked bum again,” he says.

He says it was tremendous experience to work with Thompson, whose late career revival includes a supporting role in the current art house release, The Assassination of Richard Nixon.

He and Thompson have shared festival platforms discussing Oyster Farmer, and since making the film, O’Lachlan has appeared in another film, Feed, produced by Thompson and his son, Patrick.

“When you act with inexperienced younger actors, there’s a tension you don’t have when you’re working with someone like Jack. He makes you feel safe because he’s there,” he says. I knew that no matter what I did in the scenes we had together, he’d been watching my back.”

Some added thoughts from others:

Alex O’Loughlin and Diana Glenn (Pearl) are wonderful discoveries, with great chemistry on screen.”

– David Field, DVD commentary


Finding someone to play the lead role of Jack Flange was challenging. You go down to the beach and there’s all these gorgeous young men who could play Jack Flange but they probably couldn’t act their way out of a paper bag. I had to find an actor who was convincing as a man oyster farmers would give a job to, he had to look like he’d done hard physical work. But I knew I would recognize the qualities when I found the right actor ……. and Alex walked in. He was so keen and I knew he would have the courage to play the role and give it his all.”

– Anna Reeves (writer/director), DVD commentary


“You had to have a great sense of humor to be part of Oyster Farmer.  … like the sex scene with what feels like the Spanish Armada parked off the end of the jetty.”

– Anna Reeves (writer/director), DVD commentary


Alex as Jack

My thoughts:

  • Of course for the film Oyster Farmer, Alex was still using the surname, O’Lachlan.
  • Everybody always comment on the probability of splinters in Diane’s bum after that love scene – forgetting that Alex’s poor knees were actually doing most of the hard work 😛
  • For me the scenes he shared with Mumbles (Jim Norton), were the best of the movie. (The pier scene with Diana, excluded, of course 😉 )


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21 responses to “#AlexOLoughlin – The Oyster Boy Moving to Tinseltown (June 2005)

  1. gracenotpark

    So fun to read him from back then. He was so perfect for that movie.

    Another wonderful post. I am so enjoying your hard work, girls. Truly. Thank you so much!


    • Thank for enjoying it with me. ❤
      There are so many lovely interviews with him – I struggle to chooce.
      Thought it might help us get through the long hiatus. 😀
      Let's hope there are some new interviews and articles (AND pictures) soon!


  2. Marnov Fucup

    This is so lovely. Call me nostalgic, but TOF is my fave Alex film. Ever. Thanks for taking us for a walk down the memory lane 🙂


    • There are so many to choose from – I am driving myself mad 😀
      Hope you’ve had a wonderful day and lots of even more fun days for the year ahead ❤


      • Marnov Fucup

        Whew, you remembered my b-day?! You’re so nice ❤ I may or may not like TOF the most because of, uhm, the FOY action scene, let's say. Like you said once, it's my p0rn too :-p


  3. vanduyn

    While I LOVE TBUP, OF is def my favorite Alex movie. It gives me a safe happy feeling. And Mumbles is my second fav character in the movie! Loves it! 😀


  4. Reblogged this on alixia94's Blog and commented:
    Divino en esta pelicula, jovencito y sexy


  5. Poor Alex´s knees!
    Ps So no home-movies made in the bedroom if he can´t look at himself 😉


  6. I must admit, I only recently watched the entire movie. 😳 When I first got my hands on it, I watched the “juicy bits” and of course had no idea beyond the fact that he has an amazing body in it, that this may be his finest acting ever. When I did finally sit down and enjoy the film in its’ entirety, it made me want more of this work from Alex. He is an extremely talented actor and it’s about time the critics figured it out. He is classically trained, he’s gorgeous, he can do drama , action and comedy. He is not your typical Hollywood, fame hungry, actor who lets his own life overshadow his work.
    Thanks again FOYeur!
    Watching him thrust those hips and perfectly round @ss, along with the grunts he was making, puts a fire in my belly and an ache in my loins. 😛


  7. NINA

    Merci Foyeur , je ne connaissais pas ce film , mais je pense que je vais le regarder … ça a l’air :p pourquoi pas garder son Nom O’Lachlan ?
    Je le trouve plus sexy en MCG et un peu plus âgé 🙂
    PS: si une personne peut traduire exactement ce que je dis parce que google dit souvent des mots ou phrases pas très compréhensibles
    Merci 😉 bravo pour ce super blog


    • Oyster Farmer is a very sweet movie – like many other Australian movies it shows a lot of character. I think it is something that a French person would enjoy. You also have movies with a lot of heart, rather than Hollywood glamour.
      The surname O’Lachlan and O’Loughlin I think will be pronounced the same way. I think originally his grandfathers name was O’Loughlin and that is why he changed his “stage name” to it.
      He did mature nicely and he is definitely even more sexy with age.
      I am glad you are enjoying the blog. ❤
      We enjoy sharing all the Alex fun!


  8. Oh I so love these journeys through Alex-times you take us along!
    Mumbles was my second favorite in this beautiful movie too – besides poor Smokey! 😉


    • alexnymph

      LOL–Smokey! Mumbles was fantastic too! My favorite scene is Smokey with the remote and then in the water–so unexpected and funny. I also love the “you’ve been following me” scene (last photo here). Jack was so young, and “inexperienced” (a little too quick there, dock boy!).


  9. Sylvie

    How gladly I would have spent “long and painful hours” with him!!!


  10. Every Alex fan should watch this Film. OF is on of my favorites works of him. The way he show us the story of Jack, growing as man, struggling between doing what ever it takes to help his sister and doing the right thing, and in his journey of hiding, he found the power of friendship and love.

    Thank you, Foyeur for your work of love and dedication in giving us so many posts with interviews. I’m loving it.


  11. buttercup4u

    Thank you, it’s awesome to go through all that “old” stuff, now that we know, where he is now 😉 !
    I loved OF, my fav scene is when he buys the beer, and has to make a quick exit, because he teases the other guy, such a nice mischievious smile!


  12. When I met Dean O’Gorman last year I talked to him about Moonlight and he told me then that he and Alex used to live together in LA. He never said when though so it was great to find that out 🙂 I totally love that there is a New Zealand connection to Alex, makes me feel all that closer to him lol 😉


    • When I made this post, I had your meeting with Dean in miind and then you were so busy that weekend, when I posted it – meeting all the other actors. 🙂
      Seems like once again, you met an actor who worked with Alex and had such great things to say about him. It really makes me proud to be one of his fangirls.
      Glad you got around to reading this at last. 😀


      • Yeah, I’m gradually making my way through the posts I missed the week I was away 🙂 During that week I meet DJ Qualls, which you probably already know since I have gone on and on about it lol He also had a lot of great things to say about Alex. He drunkenly told me how much Alex makes per episode, but I don’t think its right to share that. What DJ did say was that he really connected with Alex, that he’s a great guy and a very talented actor. It made me even prouder to be a fan of his ♥


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