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“At the moment I can’t imagine working any longer than tomorrow. Because there’s just so much work. But we’ll see, we’ll see. I want to do other things sooner rather than later.” (Oct 2013)


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#AlexOLoughlin – Working with Jennifer Lopez was great. (May 2010)

Australian actor Alex O’Loughlin, 33, plays Jennifer Lopez’s love interest in romantic comedy The Back-up Plan, about a single woman who wants a baby so has artificial insemination – but then meets her dream man. Canberra-born Oyster Farmer star O’Loughlin – who has also starred in The Shield, Moonlight and Three Rivers.

– by Annette Dasey, 

WHO magazine,

24 May 2010

Question: Where does your charisma come from?


Alex:  I think I was born with it. And, you know what? It’s got me into a lot of trouble over the years. I’ve always had a bit of a naughty streak. I got in trouble at school for disrupting the class.

Question: What did you and Lopez do, in between takes?

Alex:  I’ve spent my whole life on film sets and some scenes require you to continue working in between takes and in between set-ups and stuff. And with some scenes you are sort of free, just waiting for them to move around you so you can just relax.

A film set’s a big family so we didn’t play like Go Fish or anything. There wasn’t any of that specifically.

Question: Did you and Lopez have fun while shooting?

Alex: We had a really great time and I think that is evident on the screen. It was such an enjoyable experience and I learnt so much as actor.

And I don’t think I’m necessarily good at comedy but I think I’ve hit my marks.


Question: How do you feel when you see yourself on screen?

Alex: I hate it, man. I sit there for an hour-and-a-half in a ball with my legs crossed and my arms crossed and a hand over half of my face, just sort of staring through my fingers. And when the credits roll at the end I realise that I’ve been sitting in that position the whole time and I’m sort of sweating.

Question: Why do you find it so hard?

Alex: I feel like I still am learning. I watched The Back-up Plan last night and I tell myself, “Okay, next time, I’ll do that differently.”

I look forward to a point in my career where I’m like, “I know what I’m doing and I don’t need to see any of it.”

Question: You look very ripped in the film: is it hard to maintain that?

Alex: I’ve been pretty lazy since the movie finished, actually. I’ve just been busy. I always have something active in my life.

On that movie, I worked out. I had a trainer named Jeff Blair: one of the best in the business. He’s incredible and he taught me a lot about fitness and nutrition.

(Does anybody else just have this uncontrollable urge to rip those pants off? They seem so unnecessary….. 😛 )


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