Shooting smoking hot Alex

Smoking hot indeed 😉


Look how handsome I was back then, before I turned gray and tired.

– Alex O’Loughlin, Star, 19 November 2010

I’m not a totally shy guy, but I’m a little agoraphobic. I’m not a big fan of crowds.

– Alex O’Loughlin, San Jose Mercury News, September 2012



You don’t necessarily change, but people around you start to change because they think you are going to change.

– Alex O’Loughlin, Sunday Magazine BTS video, 14 January 2010



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21 responses to “Shooting smoking hot Alex

  1. karen1228

    Well gray and tired certainly agree with him – more than he thinks!! Beautiful always! (There’s something about a pinky ring on a man that makes my heart go thump!)


  2. vanduyn

    Me too Karen! I loved when Alex wore that pinkie ring! It’s so cute when he points out how handsome he was back then. He only gets better with age! 🙂


  3. Great pics. I love! It’s hard to become a celebrity and to be agoraphobic (I’m also). Yet he remains very pleasant and approachable with his fans. Alex is a totally, absolutely great guy.


  4. buttercup4u

    Another big, great, undisputable, unbelievable reason why not to shave the hair, ANY hair!!!!
    Smoking hot indeed!


  5. Smoking Hot and Hazardous to your health! When I see him with a cigar or cigarette, either in his pursed lips, with cheeks sucked in, or him holding it in his long, orgasmic fingers, the blood rushes to my lady parts, leaving me light headed and short of breath. *sigh* I know it is a horrible habit, but his rebellious side is so f*ing sexy! With his hair tossled , I am fantasizing about him between my sheets having an after sex cig. 😛 Love, love, love this shoot! Thanks!


  6. NINA

    très belles photos 🙂 même si je le préfère avec les cheveux un peu plus courts , c’est vraiment un très bel homme ( plaisir des yeux à chaque photo) :))


  7. I dont think he looks grey and tired, like a fine wine he’s improving with age and is still smoking hot! Altho I’m not a fan of the smoking part, but everyone to their own. It makes him look dam sexy tho! 😀 *sigh*


  8. karen

    Smoking id NEVER sexy, not even when Alex does it. Saying that, he looks beautiful here, and everywhere. His physical appearance changes constantly, and he looks better and better. (esp. in that chest shot to my left) LOL


  9. karen

    Darn…how do I edit my spelling mistakes!


  10. Martina Hohaus

    Lovely pics very good to see from shooting with Alex…. Please much more 😉


  11. I can´t imagine any guy wearing that low cut v-neck, but yet on Alex it looks perfect LOL
    Also, I don´t think smoking makes men look sexier, but Alex proves that wrong too (only on photoshoots though!)


  12. colleen

    I know smoking is horrible for you but Alex makes it very sexy. If anyone has seen an old Clint Eastwood western than you know he always smokes small cigars. Alex reminded me of him in the pictures were he’s smoking. Never good for your health but incredibly sexy.


  13. I have a question: any of you knows any story about that ring?


  14. Sylvie

    Whatever he wears whatever he does it is the sexiest man on earth


  15. Carol Whitney

    Smoking is just nasty. Good looking man stinking of cigarette smoke.


  16. kathysr

    He’s just drop dead gorgeous here. I love Alex with longer hair. I hope he stopped smoking, for his own health and for the sake of his kids. Second hand smoke can give them asthma and allergies. I suspect that’s why he’s tried hard to quit. He smokes cigars now.


    • I highly doubt that Alex would smoke where his children would be exposed to 2nd hand smoking.
      We actually do not know much about Alex and his smoking habit, or if he tries or tried to quit. I can only go on evidence that I see on pictures. Haven’t seen him with cigarettes since 2010. And have not seen him with a cigar since the beginning of Season 7 or during Season 8 on set….


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