Pic for today – perfect Stan?

It’s infused with the brave new comedy that we have a lot of now. It’s a bit risqué, a bit kind of devilish, there’s those sort of naughty elements that I’ve always liked.

– Alex O’Loughlin, Famous, April 2010



I think chemistry comes from all sorts of things, but if you dig someone and you get on with someone, you share a sense of humour, you have common understandings, it’s great, it really shows, you know? It’s good when we’re getting to the stage when you  can sort of look at each other. A funny thing happens and we both get it and it’s good and the camera picks that up.

– Alex O’Loughlin, Famous, April 2010


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10 responses to “Pic for today – perfect Stan?

  1. I enjoyed this movie very much! Just watched it twice this weekend on Bravo! Alex plays a charming cheese farmer so well and IMO thought he and JLo had great chemistry!


  2. buttercup4u

    It looks like they had a good time doing this movie, alex and jlo! I hope she appreciates having the most sexiest man alive at her side 😉 !!!
    I really want to ha!e that sweater, i tried real hard (but i can’t) it has stan in it!!!!


  3. Thank God Stan was not perfect. But he was adorable! And unlike Buttercup I hate this sweater with all my heart. 😆 I like him more without this hideous thing.


  4. vanduyn

    As much as I LOVE Mick and Steve, I really fell hard for Stan! Not exactly sure why but I’m not complaining! 😉


  5. Of course Alex enjoys the ‘naughty elements’ 😉

    Love Stan he’s so adorable.


  6. gracenotpark

    Seeing Alex 10 feet tall at the movie theater wasn’t a bad thing at all… :mrgreen:

    Hoping he gets more movies in future. 🙂


    • buttercup4u

      I’ve never seen alex in a movie theatre and unfortunately neither my home screen nor my computer are big enough 😉 !!!
      You make me wish he does a movie again!!! He would have been a great JB! The best! He just makes everything look great, i would have watched Al Bundi if it was him 😆


  7. Alex was adorable as Stan The “Boy next door” but a million times hotter. As for the “Sweater”. Ladies I couldn’t get past DAT FACE!!!!! S&T. Thanks Paula


  8. alexnymph

    Agh! That is such a dorky photo 🙂 Stan was earnest and a good person, but too light-weight for me. I much prefer Mick’s depths.
    Plus the editing was weird–Alex’s acting was sometimes off/rushed, like his scenes were cut up and pasted back together. Especially noticeable when they’re walking and talking outside the barn that night at his farm–his flow is off.


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