422 promo – tiny red wroom

Steve: if you don´t like the way I drive, get out of the car!

Danny: I would love to but there are no doors!

Just to add some hotness to this post, let´s look how gently Grover disarms Steve,  lifting his hand…Steve must be in shock. There´s no resistance and I am totally mesmerized by this 😀


the car chase video bit here, on our FB



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10 responses to “422 promo – tiny red wroom

  1. I loved the car scene it was typical Danny Steve banter. Awesome! And Alex looked great in this episode, he didn’t seem so buff. He looked leaner and finally normal hair. The episode itself, I need to re-watch I know i missed some stuff.


    • alexnymph

      Alex did look great–fantastic hair length and style (though a little on the reddish side). Yes must rewatch, a few times at least 🙂


  2. alexnymph

    Lee Jay!!!! Steve also gets revenge for Mick. BAMF!

    Sorry, just saw the episode and couldn’t wait to scream this 🙂

    Good way to end the season, just a bit disappointed with Wo Fat–going nowhere.


  3. vanduyn

    I must concur, Alex looked especially yummy in this epi! 🙂


  4. karen1228

    Alex was simply gorgeous! The hair, the face, the shirt! Sigh…


  5. lol I didnt get that line that Danno couldnt out cause there were no doors because there is one point when the car goes up on the footpath that he almost falls right out! I was a little scared for Scotty until my brain caught up and thought oh yeah would have been his stunt double! haha

    and wow if Steve was that easy to manipulate I guess we could all take turns at holding his arms up and swiftly removing his pants…. oops I mean his gun 😉


  6. Overdamoon

    Agree. Alex looks delicious in this episode. ❤
    Do you think Alex and Scott were in front of the green screen during the entire little buggy scene? Their hairs didn't move.


    • You must have missed the fan videos posted a while ago. They were actually towed for a while on the street. Not very fast though 🙂


      • Overdamoon

        I think I saw some BTS pics of them. But this chase scene was pretty long so I wonder if they had to film some in the studio. Scott looked like he almost fell off the car but it must be his stunt man.


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