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422- H50 finale with Steve

Okay, this episode did not feel like a season finale. Seasons ending with cliff hangers often leave us anxious and annoyed, but in a good way. We really want to see how it continues  – isn´t that the way is it supposed to be… ? This year, was a bit of a lame way, to leave the show for 5 months. I loved last season´s dramatic ending with Steve in a hot spot. What a way to go to hiatus 🙂

But at least we got lots of yummy Kevlared Steve and great smiles 😀

Ass-dials, Grover must have loads of those 😉


Cargument, D was being a bit of an ass, but some of it I did find funny anyway…

Kevlar perfection!


Happy ending.


And just like that, team Five-0 doubled in size 😉



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422 promo – tiny red wroom

Steve: if you don´t like the way I drive, get out of the car!

Danny: I would love to but there are no doors!

Just to add some hotness to this post, let´s look how gently Grover disarms Steve,  lifting his hand…Steve must be in shock. There´s no resistance and I am totally mesmerized by this 😀


the car chase video bit here, on our FB


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