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Pic for the day – Call me! (SOTB 4 Interview Transcript)

Season 4 of Hawaii Five-0 started just more than 7 months ago at Waikiki beach in Hawaii, and tonight we see the final episode for the season……… 😦

We’ll try our best to share some Alex-fun during the long hiatus!


We think this ‘shaka’ looks more like a ‘call me’ 😛 .

.…… Just give us the number dear Alex, we’ll call back any time!

(PS.  Dear unknown fan, who I so rudely deleted from this photo, please forgive me, but since most of us only see Alex, the rest is just a blur anyway 😀 )


– Sunset On The Beach 4 –

– 26 September 2013 –

Interviewer: Tell me about the WoFat story. Because obviously it doesn’t seem like it is completely warped up at the moment.

Alex: Yeah look man, I mean. Wofat has an uncanny way of using McGarrett, any way he needs to. It is getting to a point McGarrett, especially after Doris McGarrett let Wofat go, or so Steve suspects. Steve is starting to suspect that Wofat and he may be a little closer, more tightly bonded, than he knows. And it is driving him crazy and his new obsession. He’s onto him like a bloodhound and so something that sort of drives him in the beginning of this season.

Interviewer: How is the relationship going with Catherine Rollins? Is it going well?

Alex: Good, it’s going really well. I mean things are getting pretty serious for those guys. They’re getting pretty serious, they are living together. But she has a few …. I can’t tease too much …. but Cath has a few pretty massive things happen. Yeah, one is to do with employment and another has to do with past love. Yeah, which you know, McGarrett is not too happy about. Yeah, I can’t tell you too much.

Interviewer: Lastly, how is this? You guy’s done this every year..

Alex: It is astonishing. This is my 4th ‘Sunset on the Beach’ and I never ever feel ….. I am always surprised. I am always surprised. I can’t believe the turnout. I can’t believe the constant commitment – I’m just so grateful man. This is my job, it’s what I know. This show is just what I do every day, you know in between living my life. But I do it with all of my heart. And these people come here with all of their hearts. So, I don’t think they will ever understand what it means to me. It means the greatest deal ever.

Interviewer: Thanks so much. Have a good time tonight

Alex: You to man, take it easy.


Interview: TV Fanatic



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