#AlexOLoughlin & his favourite colour – modelling the Blue T

I don´t mind the blue t, but certainly agree he would look even better without it 😉 (they should have had it a hugging fit instead of this blowing in the wind version, right?)


I feel like I’m always away from my family. I spend more money on travel than anything else, flying around the world to see the people I love or bringing them to me. Sometimes I wish I had become a banker or a builder to keep me in one spot.

– Alex O’Loughlin, National Ledger, 19 April 2010

None of us are just purely benevolent or malevolent.  I mean, it’s not possible in human nature, unless you’re Ghandi. The more flaw you bring to a character or the more balance you give your character with flaw, the closer that character moves towards everyman, you know.  And if that character is an everyman, then we can all sit back and relate to them like we can’t relate to a superhero.

– Alex O’Loughlin, TVaddict, 4 August 2010


There’s a whole group of people in the world that love me and care about my future and stuff. I’m deeply humbled.

– Alex O’Loughlin, CBS, October 2009



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16 responses to “#AlexOLoughlin & his favourite colour – modelling the Blue T

  1. karen1228

    Alex is certainly the most benevolent everyman there is! I’m glad to be a part of the whole group of people who love him! Blue or gray, he makes the tee beautiful!


  2. gracenotpark

    The interview where he talks about spending his money on flying his family to see him always sounded so sweet and a little sad to me. I am guessing the move to Hawaii, a little closer to Oz and now with Saxon and Malia and kids living with him, has maybe changed things a little for him. Tho I’m also guessing he still flies his home folks to Hawaii quite a bit. He seems such a family oriented person. How dear is he? 🙂

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    • Looking at the map, Hawaii is in a good spot for him. Nearly halfway between OZ and LA. He most likely has his family come over more often now, and especially since he is settled down and has little Lion too 🙂
      Still freaks me out to see that tiny speck in the middle of nowhere, just blue open water everywhere….


      • alexnymph

        Yep, kind of scary if you miss that little speck. Ask Amelia Earhart (but she had other problems, like fuel.) LA-Honolulu about 6 hours, and Honolulu-Sydney about 9 hours. So, a good spot indeed, if you can find it 🙂


  3. vanduyn

    A fitted T would have been better. But at least we get to see some chest hair this way 😉


  4. Sylvie

    Love that shooting and love his words, such a nice thoughts for a such lovely person. And yes that nice that now he could settle down with his family. I don’t want to think about his life after the end of H5-0, he seems so well in Hawaii I don’t want him to go back to live in L.A near the stuff he seems to dislike.
    Oh! and I forgot to say that I really, really love his smile.


    • I wonder how much time he will take off after H50 is over. He is so tired at the end of each season, I kind of think he will be gone for quite some time.


  5. Colleen

    Nice pictures. I hadn’t ever read these quotes from him but they are true. Hearing him talk and what he thinks about him family again proves he is a good man. I love the picture where he is smiling but my favorite is him leaning on something just giving the camera that melting stare. 🙂


  6. he’s a beautiful man on the inside where it counts ♥ The packaging is not bad either ♥


    • It was the package that lured us to have a closer look, and then learning more about him as a person. Well, that´s what made us fall in love with him ♥


  7. alexnymph

    He’s quite the leaner in this photoshoot-very very cute!


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