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Steve, Grover (& Danny)……. and the ladies they share.

I did not watch Battlestar Galactica and therefore I did not have any clue who Grace Park was before Hawaii Five-0. However I did realise after a while that she was the girl who I saw in one of the ‘Human Target’ episodes. I loved her character in that Episode 1:09 of Human Target and thought she did a great job with her guest role.


For those of you who don’t know, Chi McBride who plays Lou Grover in Hawaii Five-0, starred in Human Target and was in a great partnership (bromance) with Mark Valley in the series. Although it only had a 25 episode run, it was thoroughly entertaining (for me in any case 😀 ).


During the past seasons of Hawaii Five-0, apart from Grace Park, there has been a number of ladies who I also recognised from appearances in ‘Human Target‘. This is my little trivia post about them:

Two of the ladies, actually played recurring characters in Hawaii Five-0:

  • Autumn Reeser, who appeared in two episode (1:06 & 1:08) of Human Target, also played Danny’s girlfriend Gabby in six Hawaii Five-0 episodes (She was also in 10 episodes of Entourage, but I don’t know if she and Scott ever appear together, because I did not follow the show )


  • Lauren German, who played Lori Weston for fifteen episodes in Season 2, of Hawaii Five-0, also appeared in one episode (2:11) of Human Target

Some other ladies only played smaller parts in both the series:

  • Emmanuelle Vaugier, who appeared in Episode 1:09 of Hawaii Five-0 as an assassin, also had a 2 episode stint in Human Target. (1:03 & 1:08)


  • Courtney Ford, who played the fiance of the victim in Episode 2:09 of Hawaii Five-0, appeared in Human Target Episode 1:02.
  • Emily Baldoni, played a role in the finale of Human Target. She however did not appear in Hawaii Five-0, but in Three Rivers Epi 12. (unfortunately for her, she never share a scene with Alex as Dr Andy)
  • Wendy Glen was seen in Human Target Epi 2:04, but she did not appear in Hawaii Five-0. She did however play the starring role of Mercy, together with Scott Caan in the movie called ‘Mercy’, which he wrote and produced.

One lady who  appeared in Episode 1:10 of Human Target is Moon Bloodgood, but she has not been in Hawaii Five-0 (yet). I would love to see her in it, because I think she is good at playing a strong action-female. She and Alex also share something odd that not many actors do. They both played pilots in Antarctica – she in the Paul Walker movie, ‘Eight Below’ and of course Alex in ‘Whiteout’.


Our Alex picture of the day:


We think Hawaii Five-0 is and have always been thin on the presence of some good strong women to match up with Steve and his boys. Any suggestions of who you would like to see playing around with these guys? 😛

Just to clarify – this is no about finding a Cath replacement at all. It is just about some good fun female characters.



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