Hawaii Five- 0, Episode 4:21 …………. oh no, I had to travel far for this one!

First of all I want to once again say, what I have said here many times before and on many other sites where I comment, that I think the Pilot of Hawaii Five-0 is one of the best for its genre, I have ever seen on TV – if not the best. With that I want to say I have tremendous respect for Peter Lenkov’s talent as writer and producer. He has done this job for many years and with many accolades behind his name, it is undisputable that he knows what he is doing – most of the time in any case. 😀

I am also not one for nit-picking, but do like to make some jokes at the expense of the show. That is actually how I met many of my H5-0 friends. We do not all have the same tastes and preferences and that makes us human and normal. And to voice our opinions and debate differences can be good, but “screaming” personal insults towards show runners, actors and fellow fans, sucks the life out of having fun on social media. It creates an ugliness that spoils the fun for those of us who just want to enjoy the entertainment away from real life drama. The show is fiction after all and we always need to suspend belief a bit to get us through most episodes. What I am trying to say is they can do almost anything and I will accept it as creative freedom ….. and just enjoy the entertainment value of it.

Having said that all, this episode left me more disappointed than what I wanted to be.  I like the big epic episodes where show tells us more about Steve, the soldier. Episode 210 ripped most of us at the heart. Episode 320 stretched our imagination a bit more, but for me Alex’s performance and the significance of it, in the life of Steve McGarrett, made it epic. Because they are unique and special episodes, I feel they should be handled with extra care. I also think Alex enjoys and always shines in these episodes, because they mean a lot for his character as a whole, and Episode 421 was no exception. The cast and crew did not disappoint. In the lead, with an outstanding performance of course, was Alex. Although extremely disturbing, I found the interrogation and the set-up for the execution, very well done and kudos to all the actors (and stunt people) involved. Add to that a beautiful set of the simplicity of a village and the house inside, great progressive make-up during all the stages, action scenes and effects, and the episode is a winner.

Unfortunately I feel in this episode the writing let us down. Was this just careless lazy writing or was it crises writing? Did they have the basic concept for the episode written and just had to rewrite some parts for Cath’s exit? The lack of any build-up of Cath’s character before this exit, of course makes it clear that this was not the end of a grand two-year story arc for this character, but a rushed exit. Whatever the reasons are for Michelle and the Network parting ways, it was not a creative decision with 2 years planning for the character behind it, as was implied on social media. They use this excuse because it is most probably difficult and unwise for either side to reveal the real reasons for their separation and I agree, because frankly it is a matter between the parties involved. In other words it is used as a reason to protect both Michelle and the Network, so let us as fans lay the lie of this big plan to rest and move on……

I will be writing my ‘review’ by making alternative suggestions for some parts of the episode – maybe we can call it some sort of constructive criticism. By doing that, I am not just saying what I found bad and thought it stretched creative freedom to the limit, but how, with a small stretch of the imagination, it could have been a bit more believable, maybe. I am definitely not a writer or a critic and will never be able to come up with all the creative stuff they produce week after week, but I thought I’ll give my 2 cents here.

First of all I want to take as short look at the ‘Crime of the week’.

Since when does the Governors’ special task force handle hit and run cases? Really, why does Honolulu still have a police department at all if any minor case is appointed to Five-0? If they brought Five-0 onto the scene, two steps later into the process, it would have made sense to me to get them involved with this case. By that I mean, if they already knew that an organ was stolen and that time was of the essence to save a life (especially of a prominent person and not only just anybody at that), it would have made sense to call in the special force to solve the mystery.

Some fans debated whether the Hawaiian part of this episode was really necessary, but for me it does not really matter. If they wanted to use the whole team for the episode and I see no problem with it.

This bring us to Catherine’s farewell story.

Cath receives a call on her cellphone from Amir, a man who lives in a remote village in Afghanistan. A man who she met 8 years ago while doing military duty in Kabul, Afghanistan. A man who saved her life 7 years ago, by putting his own family’s security and lives at risk to take care of her while she was wounded. He is from a village with no apparent electricity supply, telephones and cellphone reception when we see footage of it later on. His 14 years old son Najib, was captured by the Taliban and he decides the best thing to do is to call this lady soldier that he saved 7 years ago and now lives on the other side of the planet. I am struggling to ge my head around, where he made that call from. REALLY!?


My suggestion:

One of Cath’s friends who knew of her rescue by Amir, who is again on duty in Afghanistan, was on a mission to Amir’s village, where she heard the news that his son was captured by the Taliban. She reported it to her superiors, but they decide it is not for the military to get involved on that level and to rescue this kid, so she calls Cath. Cath realising that going rogue might be the only option to help this family. She ask Steve to contact Joe for some help to get her there. The friends on the ground there offer to assist her as long as she can get herself into Afghanistan.

  • Continuing with the real story ….

We see Steve and Cath leave on a normal flight and next we see them arrive on horseback in the Badakhshan Province. With no time frame given for this, it does not really matter how and when they get there and the creative freedom is wide open.

But just for some fun I would like to tell you what their journey might have been like in reality. With no direct flights from Honolulu to Kabul, they would have boarded a flight with at least 2 or 3 stop-overs, either flying via the mainland to the region or to another country, that do provide flights into Afghanistan. This trip would at least take them 1 to 2 days. The only chance people have of a direct flight there, might be with the military.

From Kabul to Badakhshan Province they would have had to travel another 375 km to the north of the country. For that they might have been able to travel by air or maybe via road, with at least 6 more hours of travel time, probably more. Once in the region they might have been able to get the horses and ride the last part of their journey to the remote village on horseback. So in reality they would have travelled for maybe 3 to 4 days to get there, most probably tired with jet lag and without much sleep. 🙂


A lot of fans feel that the soccer ball story was just a bit much to swallow. And I agree, because first of all the villagers and the children will know a lot more of what is happening in their area and they would definitely know better where the danger areas will be for them to go, than some soldiers just visiting the area….

My suggestion:

The kids kick the ball, it lands on a mine in the field and boom it blows up. Realising the loss of the ball and the dangers for the people and especially the children in the village, Cath calls Billy to organise a sweep of the area for mines and securing the area, to remove the dangers for the people there. And also ask the military to deliver a few new soccer balls for the kids, because they lost theirs.

That would have been a more productive gesture toward the local population, maybe? Same basic footage, just a different story. 🙂

One of the things I saw a lot of complaints about, was why did Cath just let the terrorists drive off with Steve and not try to save him? There were just 2 guys left.

First there were the children that she had to protect and secondly, if she tried to shoot at them, the chances were great that she might hit Steve at that distance as well. So as heartbreaking as it might seem, I do not have any problem with how it was done.

From the time Steve and Cath part ways, she has to travel more that 12 km (or klicks as they call it) back to the village to take the children to safety. Your guess is as good as mine of how long it took Cath and the kids to travel that distance to safety. I presume she did not have any help or big vehicle to transport them with. On foot , it must have taken her and the kids many hours to get there. In the episode she only calls Danny once she got there. Now Danny has to call Joe somewhere and he needs to make some calls to convince somebody in the military to go and save Steve. Precious time is lost!


From Badakhshan to  the Panjshir valley it is about 280km where they were supposedly taking Steve. Traveling with a vehicle and on the type of roads in Afghanistan it could take Steve and his captors quite a while to get there. Maybe the same amount of time it took Cath and the kids to get to safety of maybe a bit more?

Okay, you will ask me why am I on this crazy trip of looking at time and distances …….. let me explain further.

HI to Afghanistan

The distance from Hawaii to Kabul Afghanistan is 7500 miles or 12 ooo km. When flying direct it would take at least 15 hours flight time to get there. My question is, why did the military fly a unit from Hawaii to go and save Steve? Are there no more soldiers deployed in Afghanistan or in the region, to carry out this type of operation? Surely time is of the essence, if they feel Steve can be killed at any time by the terrorists.  It is absolutely ridiculous to spend the money and the time to put guys on a flight that will probably take more than 15 hours to do this rescue.

I know it was done for the sentimental value of Danny rushing to the scene to “rescue” Steve, but it remains utterly ridiculous to me. In my opinion Danny and Steve know how much they mean to one another and have shown it on many occasion before. It was a bit over the top and unnecessary to force the issue during this episode. By forcing it, it actually cheapened their relationship in my eyes and made it into a gimmick to create effect. Whether anybody liked or disliked Catherine, I think the show could have shown respect to the 4 years of this character, by giving her a proper goodbye, without adding more unrealistic stuff to the episode.


My suggestion:

Cath and the children get back to the spot where she and Steve left the horses. The satellite phone is with the horses and she calls her friends with it. Telling them that Umar Hassan is still alive and that Steve was capture by his men and giving the direction of where they are going. With this news, they are able to convince the command in the region to do some recon and to get the plan of Steve’s rescue into action.

She might also contact Danny as a back-up plan to get him to contact Joe, to press the matter of the rescue even further from his side, to his mates in power as well. Just to make double sure that every effort will be taken to get to Steve on time. This will also keep Danny and the team in the loop of what is happening and that would have been good.

Cath and the kids on the other  hand travel back to the village with the two horses.  Her friends also make sure that the military send some help to her, to protect her and the children in order for her to return all of them back to their family’s, wherever they are from.

After all the children are safe, she asks to be taken to Jalalabad to be there for Steve’s rescue.

Interesting to me is the CIA and Military’s reaction about the whole thing. I can understand how they feel about Steve’s rogue operations, but …. And for me it is a big BUT. He helped them to track and kill a high value target (Umar Hassan) during his rescue, who they thought they killed 2 years ago. So I believe they should be thanking him, rather than trying to throw him in prison.


My suggestion:

After Steve’s rescue, both Cath and Steve are reprimanded by the CIA and the Commanding officer of the area for their actions. But they both agree that the death of Umar Hassan means a lot to them and for the military efforts in the region and they therefore would not press the issue of punishment further. With Cath’s plight for Najib and some other children who have not been found yet, they agree to start a project to help locate these kids and bring them to safety and back to their families.

Because of her emotional involvement with the case, Cath convinces Steve that she feels it is her duty to stay behind and with her skills in military intelligence and personal involvement and passion for it, to help get the project under way. She also tells him that since Billy’s death she felt like losing part of herself and needs this to give her life some meaning again.

From his hospital bed, he reluctantly agrees and accepts her wishes. He declares his undying love to her and she leaves to get started on the project as quickly as possible, because they have leads that the children have been taken across the border.

I know I do not have any insight into the direction the story tellers want to take everything. They most probably therefore have reasons why they wrote what they wrote for the actual episode, but I think my scenario more or less left them with the same options. Cath’s future uncertain, the military not fully happy with them and the search for Najib still in place. For me it just feels a bit more believable and in my head it just makes more sense. 🙂


Thank you for indulging me with my long boring story – I promised Paula I will not do it again. 😆


Just to have some fun – some of the things that got a big chuckle or even just an amused smile out of me. These are  a few of the things from the episode that we laugh about and forgive the show for, for being just fiction:

  • Is it just me or was there a lot of grabbing in this episode?
  • The box of pictures. And after finding Steve’s picture amongst them, the search for who he is on a computer. I was wondering if the pictures had some sort of code on them for reference to search for on the computer, but I could not find evidence of any.
  • Cath cringing with pain from a broken arm and the next moment without any sign of discomfort, pointing a gun at Amir.
  • Steve losing his turban when he roll down the truck, just to have it all fixed again when he lands. (btw that stunt was all Justin)


You can read the rest of the thoughts that I added on at a later stage here:

The Steve McGarrett Story – No #92



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  1. I think you should request a reshoot and make it your way. Love it. I’m sure Alex and Michelle would be happy to do it again. Great job.


  2. That was great thanks for spending the time to do it.

    I had hoped for some closure and as one poster here stated that by Catherine saying “Aloha” she knew she wasn’t coming back. Unfortunately it wasn’t that clear to me. I think that whatever happened between her and the network is their business but I think the ending should have been more solidified. It leaves it open as to the possibility of her coming back but I think they should’ve just killed her off altogether…let him completely grieve and get on with his life.


  3. vanduyn

    I have to agree with many of your points. Cath’s departure was no way mapped out for the last two years!! If it was they suck at it! Excellent review!


  4. Great review, so many things smushed together in this episode. My biggest complaint with the show has been lack of consistency. It seems this season was split into 2 halves, the 1st half, loved the flow, loved the interesting stories, loved the writing, looked like a lot of time an effort went into planning, and creativity , 2nd half of the season the show seemed to be all over that place, writing sub par, story line at times rarely held my interest. 1st half of season Danny biggest supporter of Steve and Cath, then the callus way the writers dealt with Danny’s take on leaving Cath behind, “She’s a big girl” WTH. I personally loved the character of “Catherine”, we may never know what went on behind the scenes but whatever happened it appears that she was used to fill in time only until Grace returned. Now the show only has 1 token female in cast, I wouldn’t think it would be an honor but filling a quota or a requirement. Mary- rarely there, Rachel – gone, Mom McG – missing (gone), Malia – Dead, Aunt Deb – gone (soon to die), Gabby – gone, now Cath – gone. Sorry for the rant 😦


  5. Thank you for this great post. Loved it. And agree completely with it.

    But I have actually given up on Five-0 getting the times right long ago. I think they have no idea where all those countries are they are visiting. And I’m pretty sure they never heard of a map or even google. They are always completely ridiculous with their travel times.

    My biggest beef if you could call it that was with Danny flying there. That was so utterly stupid. And as you pointed out they would never have used a unit stationed in Hawaii to get to Steve. Stupid with a captiral S.

    The CIA was also completey itiotic, they should thank him for his service.

    All the other small points I was willing to overlook, simply because of Alex’s amazing acting. But no way was this the planned exit of Catherine, if that exit was ever planned in the first place.
    I think it was Alex who suggested to give Steve some form of PTSD, and the writers jumped on it. Had he known they would write Cath out of it, I’m pretty sure he would have stayed quiet. Or not, who knows. But as you said, it doesn’t really matter, she is gone, and I feel they could have done a way better job with that part.
    But, again, even though there were a lot of flaws in this episode, some big, some not so much, I still think it was an amazing episode. Simply because of Alex.

    One more word about constantly slapping us with the Danny/Steve bromance in the face. I can only laugh at that, because it became a phrase and a caricature so fast that it is laughable. They are not doing them a favor. It’s getting ridiculous. Unrealistic and out of character. But that is just my view of it.


  6. evowoman88

    Again, a poor exit show for a character. Truly, and I like McRoll, I think killing Katherine would have been better for the plot of the show. It would make for an interesting storyline for Steve. I just want to see him lose that seal attitude and crash hard. I think Alex could play it and it would be so much more interesting than what’s happening now.


  7. Dorian

    I think all your suggestions are spot on. I thought the episode rushed Cath’s exit and that upset me the most. After more fans were McRoll then McLori I was happy to see Lori leave & Cath & Steve stay together. Adding her as a regular was wonderful especially with Kono on the run. But being a regular doesn’t mean she’s in every episode so they could have kept Michelle and just used her every other episode. Assuming Michelle wanted to stay. I hope enough fans protest & the network gets Michelle back ASAP for Season 5. They could write jn that Steve goes over there during the hiatus & married her off camera to give her military protection plus explains Alex’s ring. Just a thought …


    • jan Schagen

      In groot gemis in de serie. Cath Michelle had echt moeten blijven. Hier kon de schrijver prima op inspelen. Waar een wil is is een weg. De CIA dwong haar naar hen toe te komen anders zouden ze Steve en Hawaii vernietigen. Cath had dus geen keuze en moest tegen Steve liegen over haar dekmantel. Lynn kwam goed uit in de dekmantel maar Cath had een bloedhekel en haar. Ik zelf trouwens ook. Maar dat komt echt omdat ik een zwak heb voor Cath Michelle !!


  8. Leni

    I like your way so much more. I was disappointed that once again we find Danny at Steve’ a side when it clearly should have been Catherine. My guess is they feel the need to shove the bromance down our throat. Yes, we are fully aware that Steve and Danny care about each other. The wtf? moment for me was Danny saying that Catherine was a big girl and can take of herself. That clinched it for me. I find it hard to believe that Steve would leave the country, regardless of who was threatening his career, without Catherine. This is a man who risked life and limb to retrieve a body, he would never leave her there alone. There needed to be a face to face discussion between them explaining her reasons for staying behind. The I love you exchange was heart-wrenching and I admit I cried my eyes out, but after 4 years, I feel we deserved more. We deserved a face to face-kiss-hug-never want to let go-declaration of love. I did love this episode and I guess something is better than nothing. I do feel like I wasted 4 years of pinning over a ship that was doomed to sink. Perhaps I thought that finally someone had the guts to write the hero with a stable love life. I guess I was wrong. My only hope is that they find it in their hearts to bring Catherine back in some capacity and not to just forget she existed or worse, to kill her off.


  9. karen1228

    Great ideas – too bad you’re not the creative team for the show! At least your ideas are reasonable and not so far fetched as to border on ridiculous.

    I would love to see more consistency with the writing of the show – there are still unfinished storylines. Maybe s5 will provide more answers. I’ve said it and will say it again, Catherine should have been killed off, having her exit truly as a hero and giving closure to Steve so he could start a new life.


  10. veniascott

    I enjoy reading your reviews , but I have to strongely disagree on your opinion of Steve and danny , but no mean did i find it over the top. To me personal it was the best moment in the show and a long time coming. first of all let me say that yes you have a right to your opinon and can choose what you want., but as a personal who belives in the bromance I have to stand up for it, and say I don’t agree with you. Having Danny get on that plane and fly to save his friend, it was on of the best moments these two have had, and to me had the most emotion. You see ther are different kinds of love in this world, danny and steve and this brotherly love , that is un match and to me that is a love story as well. The moment when steve woke up in the hospital and danny is right there with him, to me is just what Steve needed. To be there as the voice of reason when he was in no condtion to get back up aand try to find cathy, that is what friends do, and in this case Danny did the right thing and I loved it and it moved me. I even like it when Danny made steve laugh , and when steve told him thank you, that was a beautiful moment and show the stregth and power of their bromance. Alex and scott were at the top of their game, even some critice that is was a beautiful showing of the Bromance. I know you ( and some other people may disagree with me) but to me the heart of the show is the friendship between danny and steve, that is the blood line that makes this show tick , and why I love it in the first place. Girlfriends may come and go , but friends stay for life.

    If anything felt forced ( and you will hate me here) it is Steve and Cathy relationship. I have seen many tv shows and their romance was once that I just did not buy(sorry had to be honest) no hate to the actress who plays cathy but just stated catherine was a charcter I just did not belive . thank you for letting me share my thought.s


    • Please go and read every review I have ever written about the Bromance. I have always said it is the heart of H50! I did not write against it here…….
      What I said here is that they made it a gimmick and ridiculous in this episode!
      Of course the 2 men played it beautifully and I did not say anything about that, because I just feel it did not need to be forced into this episodes, because they have done it beautifully in other episode and better conditions for their relationship.
      Fact is this was the last episode of Cath, she will not be back – Danny will be there for many more to come!


    • One thing that I have been thinking of a lot since the episode and that I contemplated of writing into the post, but felt I do not want to cause panic, was this: Why are they focussing so much on the ILY’s and pushing the bromance so much these past few episodes? Are they maybe building up to the real big shock that something serious will happen to Danno?
      Mr Lenkov have been saying that the PTSD thing for Steve is building up into S5 – maybe the real thing that will push him over the edge will be loosing Danno?
      They have added 2 new men as regulars to the cast – first Grover (and he has been talking to Steve a lot about personal stuff) and now Jerry as well?
      It all makes me wonder??


      • Well lets hope not because that would spell the end for Five-O.. The original one did the same and that didnt work or last either 😦


        • Only time will tell, but I have seen some signs for a while, that are really starting to make me worry that it might be coming true……and this episode was one of those signs for me 😦


      • I don’t think Danny is going anywhere…maybe it’s just me. I think that if Steve is dealing w/PTSD who better to help him than Grover. I think “Jerry” will be the comic relief. I think Danny will be the rock that Steve needs, but in his own way, he won’t know how to help Steve. The 4 are family and they were there for Kono and Chin as well as with Danny; they will be there for Steve.

        Some say that Catherine should have been the one by his bedside as he was recovering…I disagree. I think Steve would have held her back maybe out of love or guilt or something. I also think that to have her by his side would have defeated the purpose of their “mission.”

        I agree that the CIA/Military should have thanked Steve & Catherine for killing the man they didn’t kill 2 years ago but don’t forget that the CIA doesn’t want their mistakes known. Also Steve was in Cambodia and the CIA knew it…of course they’re going to want to him to stay away.

        I think with Catherine leaving like she did (I hope they say she dies in Season 5) ONLY to give him closure and that we don’t have a far fetched story line…her miraculously coming back. Anyway I think that Steve will not only have to deal with her death but maybe some hidden resentment…he almost lost his life for her and she couldn’t come back to him despite her promise to her “friend.”

        I think we all agree to disagree about how the episode was written, inaccuracies and all. It is all fiction but I do agree that Alex was excellent and I look forward to Season 5.


  11. Sylvie

    Great recap, I nearly agree with all what you are saying.
    Plus, I’m wondering how this Afghan guy could have Cath’s phone number, 7 years later!! non sense.
    Those Talibans are the best, they recognized Steve, already wounded at face, on an old photo with beard and even better, clic, clic oh!! Steve Mc Garett the guy who stopped our abettors on Hawaii. Good, very good.
    I really hope that Cath will have a come back, Steve deserve it, but I really doubt.


  12. Colleen

    Hello there. I found the website a while ago and have meant to comment. I thought this episode was good. Alex’s acting is always great and the ending with Steve and Catherine finally saying “I love you” was perfect. I agree with you though, there were quite a few errors. It would have been better if after Steve was rescued, he was flown home to Hawaii to recuperate explaining why Danny was at his bedside. This would also give a good reason as to why Steve couldn’t go save Catherine, if he was already warned not to and if he was across the world. All and all good episode. (We did get to see Steve ride a horse again) 🙂


    • Hi Colleen
      Thanks for the comment.
      The Steve riding the horse was also the highlight of this episode for me 🙂


      • Colleen

        Wow, you work fast! I love to read the comments on this website, they can be really funny. As for the episode I guess I am a sucker for a man on a horse. Good to know I’m not alone. 😉


  13. I wonder if Peter and writers are reading the thoughts of Cath´s exit and planning on how to go on from here. Oh yeah, they did plan this already years ago…
    It is as if they didn´t have the courage to kill her off, it still could happen, but to leave it up in the air like this, well, it is just lame. They could of course re-do the Chin-Malia story, with season ending “did-she-die-or-not” and then start s5 with that dramatic, sad phonecall of Cath´s death.

    I would be very surprised if she did come back.


    • karen1228

      I agree Paula – she’s not coming back. The ending was lame. That’s why tptb need to end this storyline and her dying is the only way to go – she’ll be a hero and everyone will have closure.


  14. buttercup4u

    This episode made me realise, how much our lifes (I/we?) can get influenced by the internet. I’ve read so many things, and i was totally overloaded with prejudice and i wonder if the writers do it too (letting themselves being influenced by the media)! It won’t happen to me again, i try to step back a bit and try to focuse more on the preetteeer! And it was awesome, this ep, i liked it and i enjoyed it, and i enjoyed alex tremendiously (not the best ep though)!!
    Please don’t get me wrong, because english isn’t my first language!!
    To call it a day 😉 “i really hope they bring cath back!”


    • Agree with you on the episode and enjoying Alex. Maybe the first part of my story here was not written strongly enough.
      As i said there, most of this episode was fantastic – I am just disappointed at how it was stitched together – if that makes any sense at all!


  15. buttercup4u

    We’re my manners, thank you foyeur and paula!


  16. karen1228

    Ladies – just a general comment. I applaud all of you, Paula and Foyuer and all who comment here. Especially those of you who are not native English speakers. You all do a marvelous job with English. I’m born and raised (and will die) in NYC and I would never be able to speak, let alone write, with anyone in their native language whatever it may be. I’m also jealous that I never needed to learn another language.

    Kudos to you all!


  17. I agree with most of your comments actually, especially about feeling that the writing out of Cath’s character wasn’t really handled correctly. Even at the time while watching my first thought was ‘Yeah right!’ when they used million dollar equipment to get back a ball. I was unaware of how long the trips are to Afghanistan so I learnt something new, thanks for explaining the distances and time it would take to travel 🙂 I did love the Danny/Steve moments and don’t think it was shoved down our gobs. When the show cut to the soldiers on the plane and it panned down, I was sitting on the edge of my seat chanting, please let Danny be there, please let Danny be there and let out a cheer when he was. Danny is and always has been behind Steve the entire way and it wouldn’t have made sense to just leave him in Hawaii, not with how far their relationship has developed over the years. Danny has always been Steve’s anchor and grounded him, so waking up to Danny was the best thing for Steve, to make him feel safe. I loved that scene, and if anything, was the most emotional for me. I did not like however that Steve didn’t put up more of a fight to find Cath, because no matter how I feel about her, just leaving Cath behind so easily is sot something that Steve the character we know and love would do. ♥


    • Caroline I agree that Steve could’ve have gone after her but then again he knows Catherine is capable of taking care of herself. He did protest but Danny held him back (so did the CIA/Army)…besides whose to say that if she came back that she wouldn’t have sneaked away. I think that we sort of see her “downfall” when Billy was killed…maybe this is her way of making sense of her life…

      Also, the CIA doesn’t want Steve on that side of the world…he killed a target they missed two years ago plus his dealings in Cambodia…bad mix. I wonder though if Doris will keep an eye out for Catherine (since she’s CIA) or if there’s nothing she could do…I guess we will get some answers in Season 5.


    • Thanks Caroline, I really appreciate your comment (as I know you are a big McDanno supporter and the post was not intended against Danno).
      And I agree that the way they did the Steve and Danny scene was good.They both did a good job with it. One of the other people who commented said that maybe they should have transported Steve to HI and let Danno see him there in hospital . Maybe I should have added that to my scenario — I thought of it. Just felt the time and the way I see Cath exit did not work with it.
      When I first saw the pic of Danny in hospital from the promos, I actually thought that that was back in HI.


  18. Debbie Chambers

    Hi Foyeur,

    I agree with your take on the episode. To me, it felt like they wrote it in a hurry and didn’t think (or maybe have time) to pay much attention to the details.

    This episode should have concentrated on Steve and Cath and her exit from the show, rather than try to please everyone in the audience, by introducing a case for the team to work on etc.

    I was disappointed in all but Alex’s acting; that was amazing. The storyline really did fall short this episode.


  19. FYI: Scott Caan will be on the Queen Latifah show tomorrow.


  20. alexnymph

    FOYeur, thanks for your most wonderful take on this episode–I like yours so much better that the H50 writers’ because yours is credible. I agree with so many of your points. The first thing that came to mind for me with Amir’s phone call was “how does he know her number”? Great idea to have the CIA sanction a search for the missing kid and all others. Cath would have joined in an instant and Steve would have understood.

    The only thing I can figure for the Hawaii outbound plane was perhaps Seal Team 9 was doing the mission, and Hawaii (per H50 PTB) is their base. (I’m thinking Seal Team 6 were based in middle US and they took out Bin Laden half a world away.)

    I did not and have not followed any twitter or other social media regarding MB’s plight with H50. I’m guessing that she had a 2-yr contract and CBS would probably have renewed it, perhaps for just 1 yr, but for whatever reason/problem they did not. I do not think her exit was planned in @Plenkov’s grand scheme of planning because it was so poorly done (I would have hoped he would have planned much better than that).

    Lastly, LOVE the unrolling turban–LOL!! Not unreasonable that it would have re-adhered itself so quickly to Steve’s head–who/what wouldn’t want to be wrapped around that head, haha!


    • Interesting enough “SEAL TEAM SIX” did the raid on Bin Laden’s house from the same place where they rescue Steve from – the base at Jalalabad in Afghanistan.
      But they were there for a long time before it. They definitely did not fly from the States to do it. They even did a practise run from there before the actual raid.
      – They of course are not officialy called SEAL team 6 anymore since 1987, but ‘Naval Special Warfare Development Group’


      • alexnymph

        Oh, you are such a McNerd–love it! NSWDG, what a horrible acronym 🙂

        Perhaps it was bombers who were based in Kansas. It was some elite group, hubby would know, but I cannot ask him at the moment.


  21. alexnymph

    Oh, yeah, forgot Cath’s broken arm. Steve had no problem using his either when he broke it in the BTTF episode. Obviously Alex and Michelle have never broken their arms or they would have know that adrenalin only gets you so far–you still can’t use your limb because it physically will not let you (I broke my shoulder once and could not use my hand, hard as I tried).


  22. karen

    Wow. There is a lot I could say about this subject, but I’ll try to be brief. I thought that I really liked this episode. Maybe I was wrong. LOL No…still like it. A lot of things in it don’t make sense but that happens in most episodes on every TV show I watch. CSI is famous for doing that. I shrug my shoulders about that suspension of reality. And now that I think on it, Cath changed after Billy died. Maybe the character was written that way on purpose. She seemed aloof, preoccupied, not really there. After all, Kono was coming back full time after Grace had the baby, and maybe the writers felt the show needed a fill in for her for a few months. Worked for me. Someone on another site made a good suggestion for the McRoll saga. Have Cath reported missing and presumed dead. Then when the show is in it’s final episodes of the series we find out she is really alive and Steve travels across the globe to find her. I like that scenario. As for Scott, it seems he is only around half the time these days, which is okay with me. If that’s what it takes to keep him signed up then I’m for it. I love the new Grover/Steve relationship anyway, so it is all good. Guess it wasn’t short, was it?


  23. I have nothing to add, I said everything in the episode posts and after having gone back and re-watched the episode my opinions have not changed. But, I do find that the time changes from country to country or the unrealistic nature of this show, doesn’t really bother me too much. I mean I loved the helicopter with the arms picking up the truck Wofat was in so….

    I do have a question, I feel I missed something with all the PTSD talk? Was this mentioned in the episode or something? I am a bit confused. Also, if anyone gets link to the Queen Latifah interview with Scott please post it somewhere. Thanks.


    • The episode where Steve has a bad dream about leaving Freddy behind and calls Grover to talk to him…I think that’s the episode Danny’s mom went on a ride along…anyway that is where I got the PTSD…I think showing that was hinting at something to come.


    • There was some talk from Peter’s side on twitter about this.
      I know in the begining of S4 he already mentioned it and nothing really came of it untill the episode with the nightmares
      A far as I can remember he then tweeted that it is a long process and that we will see it going into S5
      But then again, we can most probably take anything he tweets with a pinch of salt and he normally does it for effect – he is in show business after all… 🙂


      • I think if they actually did a PTSD storyline it would be really good if written right and i know Alex would knock it out of the park. I will watch this show to the bitter end but i really hope they start wrapping up story lines next year. Only time will tell….


  24. An excellent post . FOYeur you did a masterful critique and I strongly agree It will be VERY interesting to see what they do with the next episode. If Steve never mentions Catherine again ,It will be an insult to the intelligence of the fans and to the caracter of Commander Steve McGarrett and I use his full military title purposely’
    A big Thank you to you and Paula also


  25. Her Irishness

    Very insightful dissection of Episode 21 … I must admit the episode did require more than the usual amount of quantum leaps of faith in suspending reality … despite all of its flaws and perhaps less than satisfying fitting deserving way to farewell Cath I have to applaud both Michelle Borth & Alex O’Loughlin for their heartfelt genuine moving performances … it was heartbreakingly sad to watch their final goodbyes. As an aside did anyone instantly think “Aladdin” when the camera panned to the first image of Steve McG as they created the diversion for the 3 Taliban trucks … or was it just me?


  26. Marnov Fucup

    Show writers should be given a warning that if they continue writing as sloppy as this, they’ll be shot on the spot, and you should be invited to write the next episode. That is all. Kudos to you, FOYeur 🙂


  27. NINA

    Très bonne analyse Foyer , pourquoi ne pas vous proposer pour écrire un scénario crédible? Merci pour les argumentations, les photos et le très bon développement de votre analyse . 🙂


  28. Kim

    Thank you for doing this! Even though I did like this episode overall, I like your version better.


  29. I like your review and love your “writing”
    Thank You for taking so much time and writing your ideas 🙂
    Great job!!!


  30. Candi H.

    After the “trapped under the building” episode, my husband (who I had lightly informed about some of the MB controversy and that she was apparently leaving the show) said, “You know they’re going to have to kill her off. The characters are too involved with each other. That’s the only thing that will explain him letting her go.” So even my husband (who really only watches to make me happy) saw the need to deal with MB’s exit in a way that honors the characters.
    I don’t mind suspension of reality to a point but there just seemed too much of it in this episode and reading all of these posts made me feel better. I love FOYeur’s suggestions. And I would add one more:
    When the last two Taliban soldiers are approaching Steve, Cath could have easily run up behind them and shot them. They kept their backs turned to her the entire time and were busy with Steve. One did not face her direction until he was in the back of the truck. But obviously her saving Steve at that point would not work with where the writers needed the story to go. If just one of those guys had kept facing her, gun ready….or if there had been a 3rd Taliban left who was guarding the backs of the other two…The kids were safe in the bushes. Only two guys left and Steve just got blown up. I don’t buy that she wouldn’t do SOMEthing,
    Completely agree with all your other suggestions, FOYeur. In fact, I think I will choose to remember it the way you wrote it 🙂


    • Candi…maybe it was just me but having Catherine “riding off into the sunset” was NOT my idea of honoring her character. I haven’t been much of a MB fan after they made her a permanent part of the show. However I did think that “killing her off” would have been beneficial ONLY in the fact that Steve (and the others) can legitimately grieve for her instead of wondering “will she make it out of there alive.”

      As far as Catherine killing the men who had their backs to her…she could have but maybe that wasn’t written because she needed to be redeemed (in her eyes). She felt helpless that she couldn’t save Billy (as we saw in the Halloween episode) and she couldn’t save Tariq. By saving the kids and going after Tariq maybe was her way of making things right. I think that she knew Steve would be okay after all he survived the beating from Wo-Fat. She might’ve froze…who knows why she didn’t shoot them, maybe we’ll never know.

      I may be way off her but I am curious…if she “loved” Steve the way she said she did why did it seem that she was still so tied to Billy. She mentioned him re: the soccer ball, almost went crazy over his death…I am guessing a part of her still loved him and that’s why redemption was so important. After all Steve was able to get closure when he returned to Korea to rescue Freddy’s body, why not her.

      I know H50 is fictional and not every show can be accurate I guess we just have to strap ourselves in and see where the writes takes us this next Season.


    • Hi Candi
      Thanks for the comments.
      Glad you enjoyed my story. 🙂


  31. I love this Post, Foyeur. Your version is so much believable and wise. But i have to tell you that sometimes you scared me, because you write exactly what i think, like and wish. You can read other people’s thoughts? I loved and hated this episode in the same proportion. A outstanding and amazing performance by Alex, Michelle was great too, but the writting was a big disappointment. We all know that they can be perfectionists in writting department, like 4.10, but in 4.21 they failed.


  32. jan Schagen

    Zowel Steve /Alex als Cath/ Michelle hebben hun rol meer dan fantastisch uit gedragen en neer gezet. En dat in de vele verschillende senes. Een verhaallijn kan in onze ogen altijd net iets anders lopen. Iedereen heeft gelijk zeggen we dan. Doch Cath hoeft voor mij beslist niet vermoord te worden. Ze heeft zich kranig gedragen in de verschillende omstandigheden. Wel was het verstandig dat Billy vermoord is want anders had Cath misschien toch weer aan Billy ten prooi gevallen. Maar dan was Billy beslist door Steve vermoord. Zeker te weten !1


  33. Cassiopea 1000

    One year now since McGarrett and his ohana made their farewells forever… Time does fly!

    I had not discovered this site back in 2014 and had not read this post about one of my favorite epis (all the epis where McG acted as a military rather than a cop are among my favorites), but your analysis and suggestions are excellent!

    I don’t know what you do in RL, FOYeur, but I do think that you should start writing a movie or TV show. And if you don’t feel like writing, “they” should hire you to supervise the writers. Your contribution would be very valuable indeed. Incongruencies, inaccuracies, gross historical and geographical ignorance and all the rest could be avoided. H50 is gone, but there are plenty of examples to be seen in current TV shows (some of them make me cringe).

    The show business needs you, FOYeur, only they do not know it!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you for the comment. But I am no writer. Even my writing on this blog is bad. If it was not for my wonderful blog partner, it would all be a mess of nonsensical junk.
      But getting back to this episode and what I wrote here – it was kind of when I still cared – somewhere during the next season I really lost my will to love this show.
      If not for Alex I would most probably not have watched one more episode.


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