421 – Pretty nice Steve

Just a little something for our eyes to enjoy…


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20 responses to “421 – Pretty nice Steve

  1. He is not just nice – HE IS GORGEOUS!!


  2. He most definitely is gorgeous 🙂
    Just my curiosity, does anybody think that the grey t-shirt Steve was wearing at the beginning of 4.21 is the same that Alex was wearing in the recent pics from OZ?
    Looks like the same to me!


    • We’ll have to do a study 😉


      • I was counting on that 🙂


        • Okay, here is my verdict:
          The T’s he is wearing in the 2 pics in Oz are different from one another. The collars differ slightly and the 1st ones sleeves are longer.
          Then when I compare both of the with the episode, the seems to have a spotted pattern on them, while the one in the episode seems like a “smooth” colour.
          The collar of the 2nd Oz pic seems to be the same as the one in the episode, but I believe because of the spotted effect that it is not the same T-shirt 🙂
          He wore a similar T-shirt when he was live tweeting last years and I believe that was his private clothes he was wearing at the time
          Always fun to study any pic of him – specially when there are nips involved 😛

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  4. Love the pics, but there is one more I’d like a close up of. At the beginning of the scene riding the horse into the village — he make a funny face. Did you see it?


  5. Dorian

    I never figured how they were going to write Michelle out of the regular cast but I guess that’s what we just watched. I’m NOT HAPPY at all that she’s gone….even if she visits now & then.
    The Steve we all know would only go home long enough to heal then go back after her. We finally witnessed him say ” You know I love you, Cathetine, ?” & this is our thanks for watching four years for it !!! Makes me very sad we may not see them engaged, married, or parents. H5-0 can lasts years giving us more each season.

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  6. Thank you for the one of him on the horse! It is my new desk top background. He looks so natural riding. I said it before, I think he could be the new Indiana Jones or maybe star in a western. I can see him all dusty from riding, with scruff on his face, in a hat, with a leather whip and gun at his hip, well worn jeans that fit perfectly in all the right places… S&T


  7. Marnov Fucup

    Am I weird that I love the first gif/pic the most? I like the little smile and the way he’s playing with those tokens (if that’s how it’s called) ❤ . Good that the season is over though, he looks a tad tired to me.


    • karen1228

      Marnov – they’re called chips! I agree – that “bet you can’t imagine what I’m thinking” smile only enhances his natural beauty! And looking at his long fingers playing with the chips just does me in big time!


  8. buttercup4u

    He is wearing a tank top while being beaten up, but he wears a military colored shirt while watching the Intel with Cath!!!! Did he change cloth? I can’t think of him wearing that wife-beater beneath the shirt 😉
    Wardrobe fail to our pleasure 😉 ?


  9. buttercup4u

    Don’t you think that blue police light brings a frkn hot new aura to the whole scene?!?! The BLUE enhances his grey shirt and the watch glitters!
    They have to bring Steve back into a Club with blue light (maybe as cross-over with Mick 😉 )!!!


  10. Simply gorgeous! I know we say he gets better looking every episode and its true but HOW is that possible?!!! 😀


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