421 – McHero falls…

I had my hopes up high for this to be an epic epi…. Alex was amazing but the rest fell flat and as some said on twitter, the regular cops and perps storyline was waste of space for me this week (since Alex wasn´t part of it 😉 )

The little bits I liked (especially riding McGarrett) 🙂

 Steve to the rescue!

A horsie touching Steve´s butt!

Dat Face!

Stan in Afganistan?

Stan in Afganistan?


Navy Seal stealth

Steve will never give up without a fight!

but then he lost it…


Teary aloha to his love…





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40 responses to “421 – McHero falls…

  1. I agree with all you have said, Alex was amazing last night. What I could have done with and no disrespect meant to any Danny fans but reading that some people actually thought Danny saved Steve well, that is just beyond me. The soldiers saved Steve, Danny made a phone call, Joe had the troops go in.


    • That was my first thought too, when Steve thanked Danny. It was Cath that made the call and asked D to contact Joe for help. On another tiny note, D´s outfit for the trip bugged me too (silly me) 🙂

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    • My thought is he was thanking him for coming all the way over to Afghanistan to be there for him, not that he saved him. Just my take,.


      • I think the difference that Wanda mentioned was that fans are saying Danny saved Steve, not that that Steve thanked him for saving him. Steve did in fact thank him for coming all the way but it was the soldiers who saved Steve.


  2. karen1228

    Alex shone as bight as the sun – his acting was superb from start to finish. Danny was excellent as he always is when Steve is in trouble. Watching Steve get tortured again was v v hard. I’m hoping that next season the story lines change slightly so there won’t be any more torture or kidnapping scenes.


    • I understand what you mean Karen, but it is a cop show and the head of the task force is Steve, who is in fact a soldier – so kidnapping and torture might just be part of the game of what the show is all about?
      Maybe too many season of a show like this is too much?


      • karen1228

        Yes, he is a former SEAL and the head of a task force but it was brutal – especially after N. Korea. Not every cop is tortured – nor every soldier. There’s a huge field of ideas out there so hopefully the writers can veer away from the torture because we already know what Steve’s capable of. Lets keep the show fresh. That’s all I’m saying.


  3. What I truly loved of this episode was Alex’s performance 🙂 He’s outdone himself and showed a range of emotions in his acting skills that were amazing.
    Once again unfortunately I failed to feel a real connection between Steve and Cath, even in this kind of situation, (no disrespect meant to McRoll fans) but I did find Alex’s performance in the last scene very touching and honest.
    Struggled to watch Steve being beaten and nearly loosing his head but I knew somehow he’d pull through.
    As a fan of the bromance I loved the connection with Danno.


    • veniascott

      manue I felt the same way as you did. I have no hate for Mcroll fans , or michelle. but I must be honest in my feelings that I never saw any real chemisty between these two. But I do agree Alex performance on this episode was his best his years. I would say that this season had a lot of crappy storylines, abut alex acting got better and better. I to could not stand to watch him being beaten and almost losing his head. What really touch me was when danny showed up , and was there with him. and was with him in the hospital I to love the bromance and was glad it was there danny was a angel in this episode tonight, he was the angle I always knew was there.


  4. Alex was amazing as always and he rocked the ep. Wish that the only focus was the story of Cath and Steve. And I agree with Wanda and Paula, DW only made a call it was Joe who sent the rescue.
    Not an ep to my top ten but maybe its because my heart isn’t there anymore.


    • For me, while Alex is there, my heart will always be there. But I do understand the dissapointment that a lot of people are feeling. Something that at some time (mainly in S3), was a beautiful part of the show, is lost now.


  5. Alex is always great and especially last night. But I love Steve and Catherine together and am sorry to see that end. They had great chemistry and the show needs a little romance for all the characters. Not just cops and violence all the time.


    • 100% agree.
      Life as a cop is hard – they should at least have some happiness and support at home as a small sideline part of the show! 🙂


  6. From last week to this week Alex’s quality of acting has been stellar….can we all say Emmy worthy!! The crime was unnecessary and I fear only there due to the petty Cath/MB haters who would have yapped even more if it was all only the 2 of them. Danny did not save the day he was simply there for his friend as his friend is always there for him. It was left a little too open at the end, I only hope Steve will be able to move forward with that type of closure. I wish Michelle well and thank her for 4 great years. And to all the haters if Steve gets no woman Danno get no woman…leave the 12 year old behind in this season as well!!


    • I agree, Alex just makes it so easy to show his ability to portray Steve.
      And I kind of like the 12 years old – she will keep Danny on his toes 😉


  7. Marnov Fucup

    Well, as you say, it was a bit ridiculous that Show insisted on squeezing in the crime of the week too — who cares? — but overall, it was quite epic. I’m not easily moved but I was devastated 😦 Hopefully show will hire better writers for S5, it looks like the bunch of them has been drinking in the last couple of episodes.


  8. I think I should preface my post. First, Foyeur, great recap yesterday on Catherine and Steve. I have always liked the Catherine character and thought that once Michelle became a regular they really didn’t know what direction to take the character in. There were some highlights but most of it, this season as you pointed it out was just not good. In retrospect, making her a regular was a bad idea. It worked much better when she popped in from time to time. We should have seen this coming when Lenkov tried to feed us the lie that Steve and Catherine were not living together. With that being said, here are my thoughts on last night episode.

    I can’t think of a worse way to send off this character. I completely hated this episode, which is rare for me. The only good thing about it was Danny and Steve, the rest terrible. If Lenkov really thinks 50 fans are stupid enough to believe that this is what they have been leading up to for two years, one only has to look at Michelle’s current Twitter feed to see what a lie that is.

    The crime of the week was not needed, just an afterthought and a complete waste of time. And for Catherine to just watch them take Steve away without firing on them? Really, I was so mad. Personally, I cannot watch anyone on TV or in a movie getting the crap beat out of them like that. So, my eyes we closed a lot. I just can’t take that kind of violence. I don’t buy the fact that Steve would have just left Catherine in Afghanistan. This is not in his character, he would have gone into super Seal mode and stayed, he is stubborn that way. So, don’t try and tell me a threat from the CIA and Danny trying to convince him for less than a minute is going to get Steve on a plane back to Hawaii. Sorry, I don’t buy it. And now I am supposed to believe that she is off looking for this kid indefinitely? Yea, no. If I were writing this show, in episode one next season, Catherine dies a hero while saving the boy who makes it out safely and back to his family.

    Then, theoretically, we would get some great stories to showcase Alex’s talents because I would have Steve go into a downward spiral for a while. Hell they could do that now because she basically abandoned him like everyone else has. I would have preferred her getting killed then this. I did like the I love yous at the end but the overall episode, was one big disappointment.


    • I am contemplating writing my thoughts about this episode in a post – I rarely do a written review on an episode, but on this occassion I might. Most of what you say I can agree with you and will most probably be in there, however there are just a few points I do not agree with.


  9. karen

    Steve got on the plane because he was carried off on a stretcher with an oxygen cannula in his nose. He really didn’t have much say in the matter. I hope the MB haters are happy, but this means they have won. All MB had to do was write them off as idiots. Aside from the fact Steve and Cath’s I love you declarations were far overdue, and ridiculous at that point, I rather enjoyed this one, but I am devastated that Steve will no longer have a love interest.


    • I was under the impression the plane he got on when he was carried off on a stretcher was to the hospital. They were then waiting at the hospital to escort him to the airport to go home.


    • veniascott

      Oh I dont’ know he may have one in seasong 5 but right now he needs a break emotional , and that is ok with me, H50 is more than just a show about romances.


      • I agree the show is a lot more than about romance, but in my opinion it is the shipping fans who makes it about romance – not the writers or the show itself.
        Emotionally he needs support from mature people and I think Grover will be written in as that guy – the show has already hinted into that direction.


        • gracenotpark

          Uh, yeah, well, the fact that Show has written in a certain direction appears to mean nothing. 😆 They wrote in the direction of an intensifying McRoll until suddenly they didn’t. For all we know, Grover could be gone by mid season.

          Show has no idea what it is doing…and they think we don’t notice somehow. The tweet that we would “adore” the ILU’s was particularly brainless. The Cath haters don’t like it and the McRoll fans don’t like the circumstances. Does the producer actually watch the show he makes? 😉

          Your post is great, and I’d like to second visage13’s support of you writing a review. It is cathartic to read folks’ take on this phase of 5-0. I mean, it’s become a hot mess…so how do we make sense of it, move on, and continue to support Alex? Cos I’m guessing that is all of our bottom lines. Good ol’ beautiful talented Alex. 🙂


  10. karen

    Maybe,,,have to watch again. Wasn’t in any shape to run off to look for Cath anyway. Of course if he was Mick then that’s different. hahaha


  11. I was a little let down with the writing, but as always, Alex KILLED IT!
    Anyone else here an Indiana Jones fan? OMG…Steve on a horse and in a turban in the same episode! I think Alex could be the new Indy! He was so damn sexy on that horse! Hated the torture scene! He did look kinda hot after the first two punches, but then I closed my eyes until he was rescued.

    Two things that didn’t sit well with me. 1) Not happy they wrote Cath to sit and watch the man she loves be captured. I realize she was trying to save the children, but I think it was crappy of the writers to put her in that position. 2) While I loved the fact that Steve finally said, “I love you,” I was yelling at the writers for not letting him say it until she was gone. UGH! With that being said, I will still watch the show avidly every week to see AMAZING ALEX act the shit out of even the crappiest of story lines. 🙂


    • …”I will still watch the show avidly every week to see AMAZING ALEX act the shit out of even the crappiest of story lines.”

      I couldn’t agree more with this sentiment!

      I am interested to see if there is any continuity next week to see how Steve is coping with all of this.


  12. alexnymph

    To be honest, I didn’t even watch the crime of the week–I just forwarded to the Steve/Cath scenes.(love my DVR). And I’m really not sure what to make of it. So silly to end it with her off chasing for the boy because the writers are so bad this year they’ll probably forget about this and leave it hanging. Poor Steve, no closure. How can he just let her go?

    I did love that Danny hopped on the plane and was there for Steve in the hospital. In his sweater, no less (because hospitals are freezing!). And loved when he told the officer that he was not leaving because he was not military.

    I’m just really hoping that the writers do a decent job of handling the Cath-is-missing scenario next year.


  13. veniascott

    Hmm. this show has different emotional from different people . First bfoe I make my comment let me say that I have no hate for cathy, and the actress who plays her. but I have to be honest to say that …. well I just did not buy their romance and saw no chemisty between her and steve. I mean no disrespect to any Mcroll fans, we all have characters we like and don’t like. I must be honest

    I will say that alex acting was super in this episode in fact his acting has been great all this season. Some of us may not like some of the storylines but you can not deny alex acting in this episode he was at his best. My heart broke for him in the end. to be left all alone in the dark beaten and bruised. NOw I do hope how he deals with this , continues into the last episode of the season , and season 5. Steve cannot get over this that easy , and show how deals with it.

    I have read some of you say you are angry that he has no love or romance for season 5 as far as we know. I personal am ok with that. I have seen alex in many romantic plots (moonlight , the backup plan. ) so I know he is hot in bed with his lady loves. But I am ok that for a time he will be to himself. Personal after this episode steve will need it, he need time to heal and find himself and trust again, and that takes times, I am ok with that. H50 is more than a romance show, don’t worry ladies I am sure he wil find love again. I just hope the writers , write it good good writing is the key.

    Now as a person who is a fan of the bromance I love danny in this episode. Well I have always loved danny , my danny love has not died, but I do read that people think danny is cruel and wines and mean to steve. Well this episode proves them wrong. I loved how he jumped on the plane and went to get him and bring him back. I love how he was there when they brough him out in that cot and he saw how badly beaten his friend was, and in the hospital he stayed by his side. he comfort him, and help him keep calm and not to get upset he does not need to go to jail. I knew danny cared I knew he did , and he showed it. I just hope next season he is there for him, steve will need him to heal and I hope danny is right there for him.

    As for the episode I felt the last 20 minutes was the best part. Sorry but when danny went after him that is when the show get good. I wish there was more of it, and less of the other stuff, but what little I got it was worth it. My heart went out to steve when he yelled and they almost took his head off almost near death . I get the scary feelng those guys will be back in season 5., but in all I enjoy the mcdano moments their friendship is also what the show is about. I know you all want romance for steve but to me his friendship with danny is also a very good heartwarming story.


    • Very well said Venia, you expressed many of my thoughts as well 🙂


    • Venia I do have one big problem with what you are saying. Because in the same breath when you say that Alex is a wonderful talented actor, you say there was no chemisty between Cath and Steve. I do not think it is the place of McRoll fans to take exception to that, but Alex himself might, if you say that about his talent as an actor to not be able to portray chemistry 😦
      He is a great actor in my opinion and a great actor will show chemistry with anybody that he is asked to have chemistry with. Steve and Cath were lovers for many years and that is what they had to portray and if you read my previous post, I think most will have to agree they did it greatly – well up untill a certain point at least – the pictures tell the story.
      I really did put a lot of effort and time into that post to show what I mean.
      I really do not understand why many fans feel that a man like Steve can’t have a lover like Cath and a wonderful friend like Danny as well. In the story it seems to me that they feel okay with it, why can’t we as fans take the story as it is written and played by the actors?
      I say it because I do not either hate or support any ship. I support what Alex and the whole team show me with their talent and not what I or anybody else believe the story should be! And to Alex, as he has stated in many interviews, the bromance is important, but he also on a few occassions said that it is a brotherly friendship. So me as his fan, will follow that guideline
      Please do not feel like I am personally attacking you with this reply – I am just writing my thought on the many things I see out there in the fandom.


      • On the chemistry subject, it was definitely there until the last 1/2 of this season and I would say in this episode there was more chemistry then we have seen in a while. Maybe it was the writing who knows. i just think her death would have been much better then what we got and that is not because I dislike Michelle or the character or any of that other nonsense it is because we all know she is never coming back so make it final. Let Alex have some great stories to act on the grief of losing her.

        Foyeur you know I didn’t know anything about shipping until you explained it to me in the Moonlight context. I think Mick and Joseph would have been great together but I agree Danny and Steve are and never will be a sexual thing. But, I will say Catherine and Danny are truly the ones he loves and can totally be himself with. They are irreplaceable so it will be interesting to see what direction they take Steve in with this loss.

        And I think romance should be part of this show. Yes, it is a cop show but my favorite episodes are those when their personal lives are included. They are not robots they are cops with lives and I love getting to know them, it is how you care about what happens to a character good and bad. Which is why I am probably having such a strong reaction about this particular episode.


  14. I am transferring this comment from the pictures, because I think it might get lost there. I myself missed Stan and his goats…… 🙂
    May 4, 2014 at 07:03 Edit

    “McTaleban” for the win!!! Very clingy coveralls. I’ve spy moobies and not sure what is going on in the lower regions 🙂

    I finally got the Stan thing–goat cheese!


    • Sandra

      I always feel a connection between Steve and Catherine, have from the verystart. What truly amazes me, is that Alex hasn’t been nominated for
      an Emmy. I mean, come on we feel every emotion he does, he is the


  15. lindae5o

    I really don’t know what to make of this episode. I liked Catherine with Steve, because he needs someone. Lenkov has claimed all along that the shows progress has been planned from the beginning, but they certainly couldn’t have foreseen the Michelle Borth/fan mess, (if that was the reason she left, or was fired.) If Catherine hadn’t been made a member of the team, it could have all been avoided.
    I don’t think Peter Lenkov knows what he’s doing. If they had to do a HF-0 reboot, I wish it had been someone else’s concept.
    Alex was wonderful in this episode. I cried watching Steve’s final scene. If it can be worked out that Cath returns, I hope Steve will defy orders and go back to rescue her.
    I’ll be satisfied for Season 5 to be the last. Alex deserves better.


  16. Vixhen

    I remember when I first heard that Hawaii 5-0 was coming back on television. I thought here goes Hollywood remaking a classic, and they’re going to screw it up. However, I watched and loved the new version. It had a LOT to do with the camaraderie between Alex and Scott. The show overall has always been fun and entertaining. However, of late, the stories have been dragging. This is of no fault to the actors. It’s the writing! Catherine and Steve never had a chance because the writers had no clue on how to write a successful relationship. Nothing taken away from MB, but she and Alex had ZERO chemistry in the love department. I felt the writers should have picked a side – either have her as Steve’s love interest who came in and out the picture based on her Navy schedule or have her be part of 5-0 without the lovey dovey stuff. I have been a fan of Alex’s since Moonlight (CBS was crazy for cancelling it), and I’ve seen how he’s matured as an actor. I do think he’s starting to outgrow this series. I do love 5-0 and all the characters, but they need to bring back Wo Fat, Adam, Doris, Governor Denning, Joe and Mary. I love when they show the family aspect of these characters. What happened to Chin’s girlfriend? Max’s girlfriend? These characters are cops, but they are people, too. And stop with the silly, thrown together storylines that go absolutely no where, like the fan driven story. The only saving grace in that one was how hot DDK looked in that suit. Listen up H-5-0 writers, if you don’t get it together for next season, you may find 5-0 going the way of many other once popular shows. Alex does deserve better, in fact they all do!


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