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Chatty and hyperactive, O’Loughlin can be an engaging and charming conversationalist. But what is most impressive about him is his tenacity. It’s a quality as fundamental to being a successful actor as understanding character motivation or having a good agent.

“You can either lie there, admit defeat and wallow in it or you can get up and shake the sand out of your chaps and have another shot,” says O’Loughlin when asked if he ever considered calling time on his dream in the lean years. “And what else are you going to do? I’m not qualified to do anything else. I’ve invested the past 15 years of my life into this.” He pauses. “I’m just going to bang on.”



 GQ article 2011

(Re-posting the gifs after 18 months)



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11 responses to “GQ – Moves

  1. Tracey Maloney

    You admitted defeat when you married her


    • …”says O’Loughlin when asked if he ever considered calling time on his dream in the lean years.”
      He was of course talking about his acting career.


  2. Manu

    I admire his perseverance and inner strenght.
    He is an inspiration. he didn’t have it easy to start with and now I’m just so happy he finally got the break he deserved.
    He is so talented, hopefully he’ll be able to prove himself even more in a long and succesful career


  3. karen1228

    He makes everything he does seem so effortless and fun! Lucky for us he didn’t give up and was rewarded with a great job and a loving family! Here’s to many more years of adoring Alex!!


  4. lindae5o

    Sexy, hot, brooding, dangerous, and about a million more intriguing adjectives. There is nothing ordinary about our lovely Alex !!! I loved this article.


  5. I love his determination and ability to focus. He has such an awesome personality as well as a hot bod *drool*


  6. alexnymph

    “I’m just going to bang on”. Oh yes, please please bang on me all you like. 🙂
    And one wonders why we McPerv.


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