Pic of the day #Marcus

Tell me about filming the movies, The Invisible and August Rush.
The Invisible was shot in Vancouver and I was a lead but I was not the main lead. So I had a bunch of time off in Vancouver at such a beautiful time of the year when winter was approaching. My character worked out a lot since he had a lot of time on his hands so I ran 10-12 miles a day for 5 days a week, and shaved my head for the role. It was very physical but that was fun.”


“There is one part in the film where Margarita Levieva’s character, Annie has me at gunpoint on the edge. When she kicks me off the small edge, she actually did that! I had a wire on me. The take that they used was actually when I almost lost my balance, so that was fun.”


 October 14, 2008 http://www.hollywoodthewriteway.com/2008/10/alex-oloughlin.html



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15 responses to “Pic of the day #Marcus

  1. I really wish there was more footage of Alex in this movie. 😦
    First of all it might have made the movie more exciting and secondly, we would have had more pretty to look at!


  2. vanduyn

    I actually love Marcus. A lot of people I know do not but I have a soft spot for him 😉


  3. buttercup4u

    I love marcus, and i love his chest hair, and i love his freaked out way, and i love his hair, he has such a gorgeous head structure 😉

    She really did kick him very bad, or does it only look like ?!?!


  4. buttercup4u

    Can we have some more “study” from the scene in the car, where annie gets his throat 😉 with a gun!


    • I just ordered this in bluray, so will definitely re-make the little bit of Marcus there is. He really does have a perfectly shaped head and this shaved off look brings out the beautiful face and eyes especially. I get mesmerized looking at him.


  5. alexnymph

    Thanks for the interview–not sure I ever read this one before (and I read a lot–all of AOLRocks).


  6. Ah I love me some Marcus Bohem! Best thing in the whole movie! He was so freaking sexy with gorgeous eyes!!!
    Thank you for a Marcus Monday!


  7. Marcus was pretty awesome! Its a shame they didn’t use him for more really because they could have done lots of great things with his character. Great little snippet of interview, I look forward to you finding more little gems when you get the blue ray Paula! 😀


  8. I had not read that whole interview for a long time! Thank you so much for reminding me that Alex knows what he is doing! He is very aware of Hollywood and its snags and has done very well for himself! And of course it makes me love him more!


  9. Ladies and my darling friend Jilly
    You all know how much I love ALEX but I find no redeeming qualities in Marcus at all He was an evil selfish gangbanger THUG who made me SICK which means what an INCREDIBLE actor ALEX is!!
    “Bad Boy” YES “Monster” NO He was just pure rotteness


  10. Takes a kicking, so hot he’s frickin’


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