420 – Steve having fun with his BFFs

Pretty good story this week but I still enjoyed more the off-the-plot scenes. Steve had fun poking both Danny and Grover. I just loved the humor in these scenes. Isn´t it fun to watch Alex/Steve showing his comedic skills 😀

It started with Steve and Danno…

Continuing with a “jellis” McCousteau going on and on about Grover meeting a old, depressed, senile fish, who´s wish was to end it´s days 😀

And then Grover got lucky twice in one day 🙂


Steve tasting the depressed fish and getting dared to a fish off, with his buddy betting against him!

Good luck Steve, get the biggest catch!




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14 responses to “420 – Steve having fun with his BFFs

  1. vanduyn

    Awesome gifs!! Loved the episode! And doesn’t Steve already have the “biggest” catch? 😉


  2. I loved this episode!! I love when McGarrett is all bad ass! I liked the interaction with Danny and Grover too a serious and fun episode all at the same time. And my best friend loves DDK so good scene for her in the beginning. 😉


  3. Maxisilverhammer

    I love this…..my fav part of last nights episode

    Love and Blessings,


  4. I loved these scenes, the ones with Steve and Danno and the ones with Grover and Danno, they are funny.
    Gotta love the way Steve looked at Danno when he bet on Grover, like “You are in trouble now man”
    Actually i also loved the one with Chin and Grover, the way in which Chin stirs things up mentioning Mcgarrett and challenging Grover, very clever 🙂


  5. Brenda

    Having fun, what’s better to watch on TV? I did really like the case this week though too. Sasha was so good as a baddie and the plot was very intriguing. My only complaint is that 1 hour is never enough to take care of these stories. Wishing for more time. I thought it was well written and directed.

    And Alex just gets more cute with each passing episode. Thanks for all the nuggets you provide.


  6. Sylvie

    By what you are saying and those gifs I want to see it as soon as possible But I have to wait till sunday, I can’t find the new epi on the net before this day.
    Thanks for this aperitif Paula


  7. Steve talks with food in his mouth……..

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  8. This episode was sooo good, I love the teasing between them and then the back up I love you’s. I love little jealous Steven with Grover, he just has to prove he’s the bigger man doesn’t he?, and how Danny knows just how to yank his chain 😀


  9. Lee Ann

    Cute dialogue about the depressed/senile fish by Steve – someone’s nose was out of joint! .They are doing duplicate stories at this point – May 9 has Grover “stealing” $$$$$$$ cause his daughter is kidnapped. We saw this with Steve & he had to burn the $$$. Come on guys, get some new writers. Don’t want to have show dropped & not be able to see cutie pie Alex each week. That new “recruit” chasing Kono is as necessary as another palm tree on the island. Can’t wait to see how this all goes when they are in L.A. next season…….


    • I rarely watch the promo’s – it spoils the fun of the episodes for me to know beforehand. They give to much away. Would rather make judgement on the situation once I have seen the whole episodes.
      And I think it is exactly because there are new writers, that they are “repeating” things and re-writing history in some situation
      Agree with you on the “palm tree” – I think Kamekona’s helicopter serves a better purpose than him ….. 😦


  10. Marnov Fucup

    A great episode, we need more of these! And I’m not talking about the plot. Because, seriously? Plot? 😉


  11. I just love Steve and Grover, the best team ever.


  12. I would love to see Alex play a villain who turns around and saves the day at the end!


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