Steve McGarrett baptised

“How are you different from Steve McGarrett?”

“Alex: Well, I tend to move like him and look like him. And I can take a beating fairly well (Laughs)”




I vote for more photoshoots with him wet! Makes him look even juicier 😀


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22 responses to “Steve McGarrett baptised

  1. I have a huge smile on my face. Love to see him laugh. He is just the cutest ever. Thank you for a great Friday mood.


  2. gracenotpark

    Awesome revisit! Virgin McG!!!!!!!! 😉


  3. Seriously?! How lucky is she to get to rub down Alex when he’s wet? F* Me!
    Love these! I will think of them all day at my job, where there is no rubbing on wet men. 😦 Damn!


  4. That’s just brilliant!! Love this post, very good beginning of the weekend!!
    Thank you so much 🙂


  5. brandiialize7777

    Yes I love him wet! Totally wet is totally sexy! 💋💔❤️💜💗💙


  6. Great photoshoot, we def need a new one 🙂
    I also love to see him laughing, it’s contageous!


  7. Tina

    MR: Wet Nice to the pices 🙂 I love fotoshooting pice from Alex they are so beautiful love Tina 🙂


  8. sylvie

    This shooting is incredible, he’s so cute in every photos. Love them all and he even more.
    Thanks for this post


  9. Great way to start the weekend. Thank you. Love it.


  10. I wasn’t sure if you were doing a play on words/spelling with “babtised” / baptised. However, looking at him all wet makes me feel babe-tised, by a hunky babe-inator! P.S. I’d like to give him a good tickling, not a beating…. 🙂 (Did I type that?)


    • It is a typo! And I even tried to spellcheck and still I got it wrong. Oopsie :/
      Pretty sure Alex takes a beating better than a tickling, still he probably prefers to be tickled 🙂


      • 🙂 I forgot to say thank you for the awesome pics/gifs! I keep watching with jealousy, wondering how to get a job sluicing water off of….er….um…..
        Now my confession: My actual first reaction to “Bab-tism” while reading my email was that it had something to do with a baby (such as Joan) and fluids from the baby getting on Steve, Mr. Germaphobe. I really want to see the return of Joan and Mary! *fingers crossed* I also volunteer to clean up Steve if there are any baby accidents!


  11. vanduyn

    He does look good wet! 😛


  12. karen1228

    What I wouldn’t give to be the lucky lady to dry him off and hear him laugh! Love seeing him having so much fun – he (WE) definitely needs another wet photo shoot!


  13. A wet and smiling McGarrett made a hot post. I hope that we will have new photoshoot for 5th season.


  14. Tracey Maloney

    Some times these post make alex/steve sound desperate cheap and easy and also loves himself


  15. Baptism? I may have to convert 🙂


  16. buttercup4u

    He’s got the best shoulders, EVER!!!!


  17. I second and third that request! 😀


  18. Ontlls

    Love the last ani.. he is ticklish.. LOL!! Love it!! Great pictures!! Yes I have been away for a bit, but have time now to tour. I have some Mick-O-Meters to read!! 🙂


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