Congratulations to Alex and Malia on their wedding!

The official press announcement with confirmation from Alex’s rep finally arrived after lots of speculation, unofficial news and rumors.

Alex is officially off the market.

We wish him happiness and good luck!



Let’s take a trip down memory lane and look back at how we got here:

At the GQ man of the Years awards in November 2011, Alex announced his relationship with his Hawaiian girl Malia.


“I have fallen for a beautiful Hawaiian woman, I’m a very lucky guy and very happy at the moment. She’s amazing.”

 – Alex O’Loughlin,  GQ Man of the Year Awards, 22 Nov 2011

The next time we saw them together was on the red carpet at the at the G’Day Gala on 14 January 2012. At around early February they became pregnant with  their son Lion.

In March 2012, Alex booked into rehab to help him get over his pain-killer dependence. During this time there was a lot of speculation about their relationship. This was of course before they announced that they are expecting their son Lion. In May 2012 they attended the fundraiser at Malia’s son, Spike’s school.

In August 2012 it was announced that the couple are going to have a baby together and in an interview in September  with HNN, Alex said that the baby boy will be there in 4 – 5 weeks. In September despite being far along in her pregnancy, Malia attended SOTB with Alex.

On October 25, 2012 the little Hawaiian boy Lion was born. Malia and the family attended some functions with Alex, but not many photographs of these occasions were allowed. They were together at the ‘Love the Ocean Fundraiser’ (in February) ,  the James Taylor concert (in April ) and at Egan’s boy’s birthday party (in May).

In September 2013 with the main Hawaii Five-0 event of the year – SOTB 4, the couple again posed for some photos.

In October 2013, Alex and Malia attended the ‘Australian In Film Awards’, where he received an award. It is clearly visible that Malia is wearing a large diamond ring on her ring finger. (And a lot of fan speculation about the meaning of it began, but without any official announcement to confirm anything)

 And now it is official. they got hitched ……….


Any reason is a good reason for us (Paula and FOYeur) to drink!


Link to article here

We see the article does not have the date, but from the evidence we got, they got married yesterday – 17 April 2014


Thank you to on twitter for sharing this happy couple cutting the cake. Alex looks stunning! And of course Malia is very beautiful too 🙂

credit Picture from @capucineesguerra on IG.


(The reports in most of the news article are so confusing and incorrect, we thought it might be good to just add all the detail of Alex and his family here)

Alex and his family:

Alex: Born – 24 August 1976 in Australia
Malia: Born – 27 March 1977 in California, USA
Saxon: (Alex’s oldest son) Born – July 1997 in Australia
(Alex and Saxon’s mother never married, but he grew up with her in Australia until he moved to Hawaii in Dec 2011 to live with his dad.)
Spike: (Stepson) Born – March 2009
(Spike is Malia’s first born, with her second husband the Australian surfer, Luke Stedman)
Lion: (Alex and Malia’s only child together) Born – 25 October 2012 in Honolulu Hawaii

  • Alex and Malia have been a couple since the second half of 2011 and they first announced their relationship in November 2011 at the ‘GQ Man of the Year Awards’ in Australia

  • They got married on 17 April 2014 in Honolulu Hawaii



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42 responses to “Congratulations to Alex and Malia on their wedding!

  1. Cheers to the happy couple, thanks for the great story and photo’s


  2. So excited for them! Hope they get the privacy they want and we get to see some PDA sometime in the future! I don’t wish for much do I??


    • gracenotpark

      Tbh, I think we all share your wishes, as contradictory as they may be. I’d love to see em in their happy from time to time, but otherwise I wish em all the peace and privacy they desire. Hee! 🙂


  3. Happy for them and wishing them a long and happy life together ❤
    You did a great job on the recap, especially considering they like to keep their private life, private. You've created a respectful, beautiful trip down memory lane for us, thanks Paula and FOYeur and…. cheers 🙂 !


  4. Hopefully some official wedding pic will be published, but no high hopes for that.
    I wonder if Dusty was the ring bearer 😀


    • we can see that Alex is wearing his Makau but what’s noticable is that Malia is not wearing her ‘diamond’ ring or a wedding band… strange because surely she’d be wearing one or the other!!!!


  5. karen1228

    Wishing them much love and happiness always. Yesterday was my sisters 44th wedding anniversary so it’s an auspicious date!!


  6. I wish them every happiness 🙂


  7. SJ2

    Congrats to the happy couple. I like how the flowers on the cake match the ones in Malia’s lei. 🙂 I wonder if the 17th is a special date for them as a Thursday wedding is somewhat unusual (at least in my experience!). Still though, happy times. 🙂


  8. Ontlls

    Cheer and Congrats to the happy couple. I wish the best for both of them!

    Thanks for the great pictures and story! 🙂


  9. They are both stunning I wish them all the happiness in the world with a long loving life. 🙂


  10. Her Irishness

    Hearty congrats to Alex and Malia on formally becoming Mr & Mrs O’Loughlin – they make a splendid couple and always appear happy and loved-up!!! Well pleased for them both!!!


  11. Kim

    I’ve been meaning to comment here forever, as I am a huge follower of this site. Today I just can’t help myself, I am so thrilled with this news!

    Congrats to Alex and Malia!

    Thank you for the great story and pictures. 😀


  12. So happy for Alex and his beautiful Bride. Thanks Paula for this great post


  13. fever (switzerland)

    Congratulations to Alex and Malia! I wish the best for both of them


  14. congrats to Alex and Malia. So happy for them.


  15. Tanja

    Congrats to the happy couple! Hope they have a wonderful life together.
    My perv days are over. Not gonna perv over a married man, doesn’t feel right and it’s kinda icky….
    Thanks FOYeur and Paula for the fun.
    Tanja signing off.


    • Anwyn

      I can only go with Tanja. Perving over a married man so much doesn’t feel right. I will still watch Hawai five O, but the dedication is definitely over. Thanks for the wonderful post.


  16. Thank you for your respectful trip down memory lane! Love it!
    Alex and Malia are a beautiful couple, they are radiating happiness!
    That Alex is wearing his Makau, the traditional hawaiian fishhook-chain, shows his bond to his wife and his new home!
    And damn, could this man look any better? Just wow!


    • Apparently this on seems to have gold inlaid in it – maybe taking the place of a wedding ring 😉


      • Eagle-eye FOYeur! I think you are absolutely right. You can see it more clearly in the new pics where he is signing the Taylor Blue bottles!
        And thank you for your little history of Alex’ beautiful ohana potpourri!


        • I just can not believe that not even one of the news agencies who reported on the wedding actually have their detail correctly. How difficult is it for them to do proper reseach and just get their stories straight. 😦


  17. buttercup4u

    Thanks for this beautiful story of their love, you’ve made it perfect!
    Congratulations to the beautiful couple! Wish them all the best and lots of strength!


  18. cvc-eve

    Beautiful cake/dress pic and such great news! Congratulations to them! I wish them many happy years together. Maybe they were trying to stay under the radar of the press or paparazzi is why they chose an “off” night. Keeping it private.


    • Don’t think Hawaii have press or paparazzi. And I think they (Hawaii) kind of pride themself in it that they keep things “private” there 🙂


  19. I’m so happy for the new Mr. & Mrs. O!
    Luckily for the McPervs, such as myself, Steve McGarrett is still a single, albeit fictional fantasy character!


    • yeah My perv days are not over! Alex may be married, but he is a strong, handsome sexy man and you cannot hide that! So I might just perv privately more! HeHe!


  20. Congratulations to the most gorgeous couple in Hawaii! I wish to Alex and Malia a long, healthy and happy life together, full of love and joy.

    It’s a joy celebrate LOVE! I’m here today to write this words, as a proud and happy fan.


    • Sandra

      It is so strange to care so much about someone you don’t
      know, isn’t it. I wish Alex and his family the most joyous and
      happy life.


  21. imfriggingud

    Awww what a loving couple they are… Am I correct to say in a recent interview Alex stated that Spike was his stepson, so getting married was to be the next step. Here’s to a long & happy life together….. a little sad he is now taken …. but hey life goes on…. ♡♥xx


  22. Congrats to Alex and Malia!!

    And MAHALO to you for that post 🙂


  23. Sylvie

    I wish all the best for the beautiful and happy couple. Thanks for this respecfull recap of their love story


  24. Lesley BAILLIE

    Great to hear the news, wish the happy couple all the best. Theyboth look so beautiful. X


  25. Ninoska

    I only wish Alex the best and I hope in my heart he found the one and he will be happy.


  26. Angela Dunning

    Have a blessed & Happy Birthday & many more.


  27. I love this à ctor he plays the role better than the first Steve.


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