#AlexOLoughlin – Pretty as a Picture # 17

Alex at the Whiteout premiere

– 9 September 2009 –

I play an Aussie pilot in the movie. I’m okay in it.

I don’t really love anything that I’ve ever done, and this is no exception to that.

But, it’s a fun movie, and it’s worth going to see.

— Alex O’Loughlin, IESB.net, 9 September 2009

I’m a very passionate person. I’m very positive. I’m very tenacious.

I can be outgoing, and I’m a go-getter.

When I believe in something, I go after it.

– Alex O’Loughin, IESB.net, 9 September 2009



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15 responses to “#AlexOLoughlin – Pretty as a Picture # 17

  1. lindae5o

    Alex is simply breath-taking in these photos !! Whiteout was a rather confusing, so-so movie, IMO, but the best ‘part’ – Alex running naked in the snow. A pair of boots and three socks. Rooowr !!


  2. karen1228

    I was so hoping for him to loose that 3rd sock! Wink! The last photo of him is absolutely stunning – the camera certainly loves him – me too!! Sigh…


  3. It is a stunning photoshoot for sure! 🙂 i do love the quotes from Alex that accompany it ♥


  4. alexnymph

    The pic where he’s signing the autograph–hair is wonderful! Too bad the ring is not clear, though, I’d like to know 1) what is on it (an initial?) 2) where it came from and 3) what happened to it. I thought it was his late grandfather’s–he wore it during Moonlight and now here, but then he quit wearing it. Anyone know the story? Paul, FOYeur, do you need to investigate?


    • As far as I have read (somewhere), it was/is a ring with his family weapon on it. He used to wear it, but as far as I can remember, I have not seen him wearing it since end 2009 beginning 2010. (maybe he lost it? 😦 )
      Not sure about any of it and will need to have a look into it again. Although I do not think there are any official info about it from Alex.


    • Okay I found it again.
      Alex was asked in the CBS Live Chat 1 October 2009 what the meaning of the ring is. This is his answer:
      “My pinkie ring is my family crest. Aside the watches I wear its really my only piece of jewerly. It was a gift and holds great significance.”

      So he gave us an answer, but we still don’t know why we don’t see him wearing it.


    • I had a quick look through some pictures and the last public event that I can see him wearing the ring was at the ‘Emmy gift lounge’ on 19 Sept 2009. Would be interesting to know if anybody can find a picture of an event after that date.


  5. karen

    Think it is just a signet ring that he no longer wears.


  6. marthalomew

    Like Emerill would say, “BAM!”   Martha In loving memory of my Sister Maria Elena Kludzinski(1/16/58 – 3/3/13) & Brother Nestor Alfredo Escalante(2/26/63 – 2/23/93), you live in our hearts forever, love you



  7. buttercup4u

    Thanks so much for these gorgeous pics, he looks so fantastically handsome! I always appreciate your treats 😉 ALWAYS! Thanks! And i love the info you attach, so we “young” fangirlies can catch up with you well informed dinosaurs 😉


    • Thanks Buttercup, always good to know that what we share does mean anything for somebody.
      However, we are not dinasours in regards to Alex 😀 …. we are also fairly ‘new’ followers of his career and most of the times there are still so much we feel we know nothing about, that the old time fans knew long before us.
      But it is very nice to share what we do find out about him, with y’all…. 🙂


  8. Tanja

    Wow, thanks for ‘the walk down memory lane’ 😜
    Anyone know if he’s in LA? I’m there right now….🎊


  9. Sylvie

    He’s so awesome in every photos, but the last one OMG how to imagine a more beautiful laughter?


  10. Gorgeous then. Gorgeous now!!

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