Moonlight & #AlexOLoughlin Photoshoot Déjà Vu …..

While we were studying Moonlight Episode 4, we decided to follow up on something I noticed a while back. Surely some of the old time Moonlight fans and especially the ones who live in LA, would know a lot more about this than us, but we thought in might be fun to share it with others.

A big part of this Moonlight episode supposedly plays out in the small imaginary town of Victorville outside LAMick follows Leni there to protect her and bring her back safely to testify. They have to flee from the assassin on their trail, using the car that he stole from a cop the assassin killed. The car gets blown up and after walking through the desert, they have to hide out in a small deserted Motel, with Mick on the brink of dying from sun exposure and thirst for blood to help him recuperate.


First we see Mick waiting, at the bus stop at ‘Victorville’, for Leni to arrive.

Then they sat down in the diner discussing the situation.

The assassin arrives in a police car, dressed like a cop. Mick and Leni escape through the restroom window and flee in the police car.

Later Mick and Leni find a deserted Motel to hide and rest.

This filming location for all these scenes filmed in September 2007  at the gas station, diner and motel is actually all located at the same movie set in LA, called Four Aces.

And if this filming location looks familiar to you, you are right. As far as we can see it was also the location of one and maybe two of Alex’s photo shoots later on.

Rodolfo Martinez photoshoot for TV Guide Sexiest April 2008:

Although the specific landmarks of the movie set can’t be seen in this photoshoot, the Joshua trees, the red seats of the booths in the diner (although they looks different with buttons in them), the yellow writing on the windows and the general landscape, would suggest that this photoshoot might be done at the movie set.

Maybe the US or LA fans can help us out on this one, to clarify if it is the same place.


Carlotta Moye photoshoot in April 2010

for Madison Magazine July 2010 issue:

Without a doubt this photoshoot was done at the Four Aces Movie set. We combined the picture at the same spot in Moonlight with the same spot at the photoshoot.

Some other mindless Moonlight trivia we picked up from that episode:

One of the buttons on the sleeve of Mick’s jacket, have the same ‘Fleur de lis’-cluster emblem on, as the one on the chain he always used to wear around his neck.

Hope you had some fun with Mick, Alex and us…… any excuse to study the pretty pictures. 🙂


We studied the pictures of the 2008 Rodolfo Martinez Photoshoot for TV Guide’s Sexiest Stars again and found the correct location for it. 

It was not shot at the Four Acres Movie Set in Palmdale like the Moonlight  episode or the Carlotta Moye shoot in 2010, but at the Club Ed Movie set in Lancaster California. 

The two locations are about 9km away from each other.



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15 responses to “Moonlight & #AlexOLoughlin Photoshoot Déjà Vu …..

  1. Sandra

    Victorville is a real town in the California desert and yes, they did those photoshoots in that same place where they filmed. It is a popular place for photoshoots. Alex always said he loved the desert. Remember when he told that interviewer from the UK when he was there promoting BUP that he would like to take a girl to the desert on a surprise date? LOL
    Good eye! 😉


    • Thank you for the confirmation Sandra 🙂
      So you are saying that the TVGuide photoshoot in 2008, was definitely also done at that spot?


      • Sandra

        You’re welcome. 🙂

        As I remember it, yes. Back then we discussed it exactly like you are now. I hope someone else can come along and help me confirm that. Have a great weekend!


  2. karen

    As far as I know “motel hell” is a real place somewhere east of LA, but not in Victorville.


    • Is ‘motel hell’ where all the scary movies are made? 😀
      I think Mick was talking about “no-star motel hell” and not refering to an actual place called ‘Motel Hell’, but talkng about the fact that there was nor real help there for him at this low class deserted place.


  3. It looks like “PARUMP” to me just Northwest of Las Vegas about 60 miles away. A VERY down scale town but with some wealthy mansions. Casinos and all the legal Brothels in Southern Nevada. Lots of retirees and Golf courses Louis and I got stuck there over night while taking a different way in to Vegas through Death Valley and Shoshone. WHOOPS!!!


  4. Have the ring, have the necklace….never had the chance to ‘have’ the man….but not for lack of desire. GREAT catch on the one button, wonder if that was the designer or if that was added. Did anyone know the designer?


  5. Loved that photoshoot, Alex sprawled in the booth is hot! 😀


  6. r1015bill

    You do have these Moonlight references, don’t you? I believe both were wonderfully put together by myimmortal.

    Google map with both shooting locations and addresses referenced in the show.

    An illustrated tour guide. The last couple pages include the episode 4 locations of the diner and the motel. These are really popular filming sites so you see them in many films, photo shoots, shows, and commercials. I know I last saw the diner on a Geico commercial with that motorcycle rider “shedding” money.

    Click to access MoonlightTourLowres.pdf


    • Sandra

      Thank you, R1015. I remember they did film in Victorville and like I said, they film there at the cabin all the time. Of course the street name is faked, But they are in Victorville. Great references!


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